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  2. Bluehaze great list ,I never knew qpr had an open end ,I guess the Lego stand was being built and so no roof for a time ,love the memory we have for certain things. Palace was open ,I seem to recall highfield Road Coventry was open,gillingham ,Bristol rovers ,I will be thinking about this all night ,great stuff
  3. Good points, but I think the difference here is that William & Pedro are not world class at this point in time, and the team arguably looks at least (if not more) threatening when CHO & RLC are on the pitch. The reason this is getting so much attention is that he has done well at National level which gets national attention. Combined with the media's overall enjoyment of poking Chelsea whenever possible, and the coverage is over the top.
  4. Well it's not just this occasion is it? The year before last Conte and the club were criticised for not playing Chalobah and Loftus despite the fact we were walking away with the league with Matic, Cesc and Kante sharing the roles at CM and by in large playing well throughout the season and was also criticised for not playing Ake despite the top form of the first choice back three. Ancelotti was criticised for not playing Kakuta and then selling Stoch despite the fact they had one of the most potent attacks in PL history Infront of them. Jose was critised for not playing Loftus and Baker when he had Matic and Cesc in the form of their lives. So yes the media have slated us before for not playing youngsters despite bonafide world class players being in their way and I have no doubt they would try and paint us as villians in the situation of Odoi even if Messi, CR7 and Mbappe were the three wingers Infront of him.
  5. We all know the script for this, hopefully its a Happy Ending !
  6. Good point: No neither do I, now you mention it !
  7. Notts County, Luton, Coventry, Cambridge, Orient, Charlton (everyone went in their end though),
  8. Today
  9. Fascinating article about De Gaal's time at Utd: short excerpt - "It is not true," he argues. "You say it was boring. Why was it boring? Maybe it was boring-attacking but that was because the opponent parked the bus. Then you have to play at a higher tempo, which is difficult. Then you have to see what kind of players you have. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47704834
  10. Really? They got a 40% discount on their fine because...they were co-operating with the investigation? To me that's pretty much saying - "They paid a bit to some people in the European Commission so they got a lesser fine."
  11. That is where Hazard plays...........
  12. Sometimes yer gut can read a young players potential/ ability. Every time CHO Plays he looks tasty on the attack, especially cutting in from the left. He splits opinion on here, some say he's not ready and Sarri is doing ok handling him, others like me say he is ready to start a prem game - like the next one. I doubt even after impressing on his England debuts (sub then full) Sarri wont utilise him fully, if the transfer ban is somehow lifted he'll likely be off in the summer along with that Berk Sarri and well be left with Willy & Pedro (not slagging them just think at 18 CHO has bags more potential and hes an academy product - a rare thing indeed).
  13. Just seen this, wasted my time writing the previous post now
  14. it was not a slight on hazard but at times I do think he slows the game down too much when he doesn’t have to. As for being predictable, everyone knows Robben is going to run at them and go on his left foot, yet he’s been a terrific footballer for 10/15 years. If you’re fast enough and skilful enough, it’s one thing to predict what they’ll do, it’s another thing completely to stop them. Same when you look at Ronaldo etc. Different types of play of course, but as i said in my original point - Hazard is prone to slowing the game down.
  15. I assume you meant MS rather than AC, which I thought was Conte? I think a major factor would be what clubs come for what players and can we let them go with cover from our existing squad and loan players. Now it would be good if they all came in at the end of May though expect this will rumble on to August.
  16. I find it slightly amusing in an earlier period pre-Roman we had a lot of younger players making the first team, I guess the difference was we were not competing for the top, more survival or mid table mediocrity. Some I recall, Damien Mathew, Graham Stewart, Jody Morris, Andy Myers, David Lee, Scott Minto.
  17. A very lively and freezing cold day. Here's one how many open terraces did everyone stand on off the top of my head Fulham, Orient and for one season QPR. Oldham, Cambridge, Brighton, Forest, Arsenal, Newcastle I'm sure there's many more
  18. My own opinion is why didn't CHO start every single league cup and Europa league game and CHO was probably thinking the same. He was in the squad from the start of the season and probably knew he was backup, these two competitions are for the backup players and if CHO wasnt starting consistently in these two competitions then his just not getting games. He started playing more once the rumoured bids came in and then was back out again after January.
  19. There's no reason Roman can't direct and manage this club from Russia, from Israel, or from wherever his yacht happened to be. He just can't physically work in the UK. So if things are not currently going to his liking, he can fix it or change it with a phone call, an e-mail, or a meeting at a location outside the UK. If he still has the passion for Chelsea, he can still make sure things get done to his liking. If it seems like he has stepped away and left in Marina's hands, then he either is happy with the way things are going, or his priorities now lie elsewhere.
  20. Every team we have played in the Europa would be lucky to play in the championship, so no it doesn't have a better quality than the PL.
  21. No, I agree with you absolutely. People keep pointing out the bias with Guardiola and although that does exist you need to put things into perspective and the comparison is bogus anyway, because Foden actually has similar game time to Cho despite playing in a much more competitive team. I don't see how people bringing that up in defence of Sarri are thinking that it's a good point.
  22. Well in all honesty, the clubs we had to play against in the Europa league so far this season are at the level of mid table Championship teams most likely if we see their budgets or value or whatever. We'll see if Sarri puts CHO to play now when we are at the late stage of the competition, if he doesn't get to play at all, you just know he's not the right person for the club.
  23. Cardiff vs Chelsea 3-3 in 3 parts with other stuff in the back ground!
  24. He played on the left for most of the games i saw him play in the youth, he's got a good left footed cross from what i remember.
  25. https://youtu.be/E-9-folWUlE https://youtu.be/KJa5N6rw2U4 https://youtu.be/kISG08I9Xuc
  26. I'd be more than comfortable doing that .....
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