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  2. Willian = 2109 minutes, 3 goals, 6 assists. 30 years old. Pulisic= 924 minutes, 4 goals, 4 assists. 20 years old. (Almost identical goal assist / minute ratio to RLC) (Pedro, 1781, 8 goals 2 assists). Let's not use Willians stats in vain. They are on another level. Also, Pulisic like Willian prefers left but usually played on the right. So that argument doesnt wash either. ^purely used league stats.
  3. Not really, it makes sense to keep him as he gives us a different option with his play.
  4. Effectively the window is always open at the end of the season whenever. Given we have no competitive game for three months after the Europa final it doesn't really make too much difference if we officially get it frozen now or in early July, especially if it's looking likely to happen.
  5. We booed Sarri and Jorginho almost all season and we had a banner calling Hazard and Fabregas rats a couple years ago, I don't think we are much better
  6. The new contract for Giroud really suggests we are not planning to get a freeze on the transfer ban. We have been linked with plenty of younger options in recent months (e.g. Icardi) so it would make no sense to extend Giroud unless we expected no new signings.
  7. It seems odd that we haven't already requested the freeze in the ban through CAS, if we intend to. The current window has already been open for a few days so we are effectively serving our ban. As far as I know the punishment applies to full windows. So if we applied for the freeze say a month into this window, and CAS were unable to reduce our ban, we would still have 2 windows to serve afterwards. So in effect our punishment would have been more than we started with. The only logical explanation I can think of is that we are considering taking the ban now, and hoping CAS can reduce it to one window so we can make signings in January. Or am I missing something?
  8. To be fair receding lips are a known side effect of meth abuse. Well done Liam, it's good to know there is still some wit on the forum.
  9. You know what will happen, right? Come next Wednesday we'll all be shouting at the television urging Chelsea along, hoping with every fibre of our body we win this.
  10. Produces Willian level numbers, i expect nothing more from him.
  11. I remember being nagged at the coffee machine for the entire week about "Chelsea not playing proper football", and enjoying retorting every time "Who's won the cup?" 😆 "Yeah, but...." "Who's won the cup?" "You'll have to agree that..." "Who's won the cup?" "It's anti-foo..." "Who's won the cup?" Still grinning at the memory
  12. Ah ok fair enough. Like i said, would never happen but would make it more interesting if it did.
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  14. The fact he is 20? His stats will likely improve. He has scored 4 and assisted 4 in 20 this season so if he plays nearly every game and his stats get better 15 isn’t too illogical.
  15. Nope league cup gets one as well. Just isn't an easy way to organise saying "if league cup and fa cup comes from top 6, then we run a playoff system.
  16. There's more chance of Wenger returning to Arsenal and winning the title than Sarri ever winning the league with us. There's more chance of both than Ancelotti winning the league with an underdog against Juve and a pre sulking Conte.
  17. Sarri is making the plans for chances to be created, its who we have on the pitch that can't finish. Reminds me a lot of Pep's first season at City.
  18. Please don't put your money on that!
  19. I thought it was 5th and 6th were guaranteed and 7th depending on who wins the FA Cup? Even so it is usually (not always) one of the top 6 that wins the 2 domestic trophies.
  20. There's more chance of Wenger returning to Arsenal and winning the title than Sarri ever winning the league with us. Doubt it.
  21. The issue with that is that there would be no European prize for the cups! Otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did it. Only 5th at the moment is guarenteed Europa League
  22. Nice idea, but just more games in an already hectic season.
  23. If Leeds were the better team, they should be able to beat Derby easily over two legs.
  24. There's more chance of Wenger returning to Arsenal and winning the title than Sarri ever winning the league with us.
  25. Saw an interesting suggestion similar to this but for the Premier League, it was: Teams 1-3 qualify for the champions league Teams 4-7 play in a championship style play off to determine the 4th Champions league spot. Who ever doesn't win the play off go into the 3 europa league spots. Obviously would never happen but would make teams less likely to settle for just finishing 4th, and gives the likes of Everton, Wolves, Leicester an added incentive for the end of the season.
  26. Lets just pretend it finished before season 7?
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