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  2. So easy for Sevilla - pressing us like the Saints did on the weekend and we are looking uncomfortable..
  3. Jorge and Kante are doing nothing though, the games passing both by and one is going to get sent off. We really need to find a decent combo and stick with it because this chopping and changing every other game is ridiculous.
  4. Stop Accommodating Mount, Put Pulisic On The Left And Get Ziyech On Instead Of Mount
  5. Sounds like the sky is falling out there. Is it really that bad? Sounds like we've had some chances.
  6. Kovacic and Kante don’t do well together though.
  7. Blame that on Frank. He's not doing Mount any favor by playing him all over the pitch. Mount is not an attacking winger. Lamp just like to mess sh*t up too much, and this team suffers as a result of it.
  8. Really stepped up his game in recent weeks. 👏
  9. We need to put Kovacic and Ziyech from the beginning of second half take Jorginho and Mount out.
  10. Okay, Commentators Let's Only Talk About Mount Holding The Other Guy's Shirt But Completely Miss The Sevilla Player Doing The Same To Mount
  11. Mount yellow, forgot he was on the pitch until then because hes done nothing
  12. The more Mount plays on the left, the worse his performances become.
  13. Ffs Frank, going to do something to change this or what? Our midfield is atrocious, we look non league compared to theirs
  14. Mount's been awful today. No other way to describe it.
  15. Both pulling sh*ts, only Mason booked and penalised, welcome back to Europe Chelsea.
  16. We have Cech, they have the tea lady, fair's fair.
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