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  2. Some of the diving to floor by them is truly acrobatic.
  3. We look tired I think, they're pressing us much better.
  4. You’ll get banned spouting that kind of heresy...
  5. 80min of poor football by us but it's against a great opposition and we are still a new team.
  6. Would help if we could get the ball beyond the half way line.
  7. Controversial opinion, but we have not looked massively better since Mount went off and Pulisic switched to the left.
  8. Someone text Frank, remind him he’s got three subs left...
  9. It is a disgrace the way Chelsea treat Giroud. Especially with him dragging us over the line last season after the restart.
  10. Sevilla are pressing well, but it's something we should be coping with a lot better than we are. It's something teams work on in training every day. Touch, passing and movement is the best way to beat any press, and we have failed in all 3 areas so far tonight.
  11. We don't press well and we struggle against the press.
  12. He’s been getting a lot of praise this season but I haven’t been convinced. This game and the last one are showing his true self.
  13. We have been better in the whole second half till now but we can't really do much with the ball anyway... Have a feeling this might be a bore draw.
  14. Why do we go long on goal kicks when we’ve got nobody up top to win the ball?
  15. This is dire. We have no shape or plan, it's just a mess all over the park.
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