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  2. Yep felt just before the stoppage we were starting to find some form yet that does not mean we will start that way.
  3. That's an interesting one, could it be the golden boot....... Kerry, Gary Lineker and who is the other one. Looks familiar yet just can't put a name to the face.
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  5. Both those keepers played for Saints at some time. Couldn't have happened to too many pairs of goalies!
  6. It’s only the second isn’t it? Milan first who he impressed at until he mouthed off at Gatusso and was bummed off. Monaco this season.
  7. Anyone else feeling a bit nervous about the restart? My thoughts are, with not many games remaining, that the teams in 3rd / 5th / 6th place will want to be fast out of the blocks, and start racking up the points. I hope our lot don't fall asleep and get left behind, especially with Spurs and Utd at full strength now. It will certainly be a dog fight for 3rd and 4th place.
  8. That comeback game v Bolton at The Bridge. 14th Oct 78. Top Photo Chelsea players celebrate the winning goal to complete the comeback from 0-3 behind to win 4-3. (Photo by Hugh Hastings/Chelsea FC via Getty Images) bounder.friardale's match report.
  9. August 1978, Chelsea staff in The Shed, with summer repairs underway behind. (Photo by Hugh Hastings/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)
  10. Bolton at The Bridge. I think it's the famous 4-3 'comeback game'. 14th Oct 1978
  11. More Greyhounds at The Bridge. http://greyhoundstar.co.uk/remember-when-3/
  12. Surprised when we got Harford as he was not a big name and a bit older, his 9 goals in 28 games was not a bad return and some of them were good goals.
  13. Jones did alright for a while certainly made teams fear us a bit more and yes against Sheffield Utd he got the fastest booking in FA Cup history though lets not forget with us a goal up and the opposition number trying to knock him out Jones ducked and weaved with his hands clearly behind his back, he had a footballing brain. His goal up at Anfield helped us get our first win up there in decades. Football technical skill perhaps 6/10 though commitment wise 9.5/10, IMO.
  14. Jim Montgomery was reserve keeper for Forest in 1979/80. So won a European Cup and European Super Cup winners medal.
  15. Yeah that’s it - you find this item 1, then you need find item 2 to build item 3. It’s just goes on. My last few games haven’t really worked out. Zombie trilogy and NMS have been disappointing. Desperately need something new to play
  16. 12th February 1977 a 1-1 v Milwall at The Bridge Photo Caption at top.'Trouble erupts at Stamford Bridge, as both teams battle for promotion from the Second Division. '
  17. evissy

    Timo Werner

    This dude is pretty pacy.
  18. I believe Hall sat on the telegram for a few weeks while he concocted a story for the Americans. When he did hand the telegram over, Woodrow Wilson sat on it too before releasing it in the middle of a Congressional debate where it served to "freeze out" the anti-intervention faction. At the time, there was a possibility that America would remain neutral but not much of one as the path to joining the British and the French had already been embarked upon.
  19. Tommy Docherty leads the team out for the 1967 FA Cup Final. To be fair, Bill Nicolson is doing the same for Spurs.
  20. Brooklyn Funk Essentials https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_n3ixEavA4KvEre5TvVAHOgBVb9arHBHPo
  21. Our game against Bayern was a huge wakeup call imo, we are a long way behind top level, although we had so many good players missing for that game.
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