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  2. Yep, unfortunatly the table stays the same so far! Hows it looking down there @Munkworth
  3. Look beyond the teamsheet Argo. He played deepest and allowed Pogba and Matudi to get forward. He was also regularly involved in the first phase of play which he is apparently incapable of. This is the heatmap from the semi against Belgium. Kante is 13. Deep and central. You'll find it replicated regularly throughout the tournament. This idea that Kante can't play that role is arguably one of the worst hangovers of the Sarri era.
  4. To the people calling him lazy. He isn't lazy. He just does things so effortlessly which gives the impression of said laziness. Kai alongside Kovacic are very press resistant and are able to twist and turn cleverly to create space when receiving the ball. Doesn't take too many touches, moves the ball quickly and his decision making is exceptional. Can't remember any brain farts or over/under hit passes made in the final 3rd, something Barkley is guilty of (for those comparing the two). He made some very good runs but unfortunately Kante was not able to spot them. I know Kante is a fan favourit
  5. I think there are some easy fixes that even Frank sees which will improve us overall - first off getting rid of players who don't fit his system like Alonso. Then there are bigger issues like our pressing. We did dispossess WBA a few times but more often than not they played through us with ease and they're not the only ones who have done this. I will reserve my judgement until after the international break when players' fitness levels should be at 100% I'd love to see a set back 4 and midfield 3 with occasional changes to give players rest.
  6. Exactly. Same as Hazard who could never be accused of working hard with out the ball...

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  8. No one knows where they stand now with team selection and fitness without the preseason... Completely arbitrary results are to be expected. Even with us 🙂 I suppose everything will settle down in a couple of months.
  9. You keep putting WBA, Chelsea and Brighton on the same level. Have I said a word about Liverpool? Nope. But yeah, Chelsea needs to 1) get result, 2) perform well against these scrubs. If you don't do it it should be pointed out. You are the one using double standards. I specifically said the performance against Brighton was sh*te, which it was, and the result against WBA was also sh*te, which, it also was. You are telling me - but we did beat Brighton and we did perform against WBA. Can you please explain how this sort of excuses does not put us on the same level with these bottom teams?
  10. He has been our best defender every season for the last 5 years, its been unfortunate that we haven't been able to bring in equal level of quality to compliment his abilities. Hopefully with a defensive back line of Chilwell, Thiago, James & Zouma we have a good mix to allow Azpi to be rotated and give him sufficient recoup time to keep operating at the incredibly high standards he has set for himself.
  11. May 1987. Napoli won their first League Title. With a certain Diego Maradona in their side.
  12. League). Front Row and centre. With the ball at his feet. Eddie McCreadie😀
  13. League). Hope nobody minds me posting this picture. Front Row centre, with the ball at his feet is a young Eddie McCreadie.
  14. Blimey at full time it was zero points and when the whistle blew a point can’t ask for more of your # 9
  15. Pep has had 5 years at City, bought new centre backs and full backs every season and spent about a billion pounds on those players but tell me more about what a terrible job Lampard is doing defensively when his defensive signings have *checks notes* 73 minutes of Premier League football to their name.
  16. Hitting the post with a decent view of goal is unlucky but still a miss. Werner missed a couple of others late in the second half too. Strikers will do that. Anybody who remembers Kerry Dixon will remember he missed a fair few despite being a prolific scorer. Tammy scored when it counted at the end so not sure it is fair to hold him accountable for his misses, unless you hold Werner to the same standard.
  17. I first noticed that under Conte when Matic's face looked in sheer panic as he faced two attackers coming at him, funny though we still won more than we lost.
  18. The poor fitting uniform might be due to Southern Police going up there for overtime and needing a change of clothes due to getting uniform damaged due to the action at the pit protests.
  19. In the world cup he played in a pivot. He did however play lone DM at Euro16 and it went so well he was subbed at half time in the RO16 game and wasn't seen again for the rest of the tournament.
  20. Dkw, some could say your answer is also...........opinions hey. Argo is it Gareth Southgate ?
  21. I didn't see West Ham 4 Wolves 0 coming. Some weird results this weekend.
  22. He's well connected in the football world and gets almost every transfer correct.
  23. Arteta’s first year reminds me a lot of what Sarri did his year here. Get the basics correct first (passing out from the back, short distances between defense, midfield and attack and teach the players how to press properly) before playing the expansive football both of them aspire to play.
  24. We have issues at CFC and getting into top 4 is our bench was top 4 as in 3rd or 4th ,but after that city defeat today and most important looking at Peps body lanuage pitch side during the game he knows there is problems within his team/squad that most of us never saw untill after todays showing ,unless your a city fan some of those would have seen this comming . If only Frank had paid just as much attention to our back four ongoing issues just maybe CFC could have played in that TWO horse race for top spot > i now think Arsenal will be the team that will push lpool this season
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