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  2. Think the photo on the cover of this Middlesbrough Programme on 14th May 83 is us v Crystal Palace.
  3. Agreed and that's why , or certainly one of the main reasons we of a 'certain Chelsea Vintage' (Old Gits !) look back with such fond memories.
  4. Daily Express FA Cup Final Report from 1970.
  5. Evening Standard FA Cup Semi Final Special from 1970.
  6. The final whistle at Bolton on 7th May 1983. Chelsea players run towards the Chelsea support.
  7. Clive Walker celebrates after scoring that oh so vital goal away to Bolton on 7th May 1983.
  8. Amen to that. But it's highly entertaining to see quite a few - at the merest slight of a subculture - scrambling to earnestly overenhance the historical importance their precious gem, with the obligatory "you don't know what you're talking about" thrown in 😄
  9. Ray Wilkins in action at The Bridge. Photo caption states it's a match in 1976/77.
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  11. Hello there! Welcome I am new too.
  12. Hi everyone I am a Chelsea fan from Croydon!
  13. Eden starting for Madrid.number 50. The nightmare is real.
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  15. Don't know anything about the subject. All I know is, people who button the top button on their Polo's look ridiculous.
  16. Norn Iron is not really know for its Mod culture but I was on the boat from Belfast to Cairnryan during one of the May bank holidays and was surprised to see at least 50 mods on their scooters drive on board. So there must be some sort of revival. They did look cool I have to admit.
  17. MOD? Master Mod Stark? Modulicious? American?? Awa an wash yer mooth oot wi coal tar soap , ye wee bampot!! Ah used to hae a scooter when I wis a wean!
  18. Right foot, header and left foot. The perfect hat trick.
  19. And me!!!!!! Regarding the transfers, with Micky Thomas signed at Christmas that was seven new players in the side! Colin Pates, Johnny B, Joey Jones and Colin Lee were the major used current players during the season. Such a massive clear out after nearly getting relegated.
  20. Not really a mask though is it, Conte’s always been a prickly character and gets frustrated by transfer activity because presumably it’s out of his control. If he was told he could have a new striker because the club intended to get rid of Icardi but he’s not close to being sold you’d be annoyed. Difference with Conte is that he doesn’t put on a show for the media. If he’s unhappy then he says it. His passion and emotional extremes are both his biggest strength and biggest weakness as a coach.
  21. Mod, Soul, Scooters is huge in England at the moment, and has been growing for the last 15 yrs year on year.. The away kit is tapping into that. Are you American ?, if not you just don't know better, if you are, well culture of any sort really isn't your forte is it now !!
  22. ---Kante--- --Jorginho Pulisic------RLC-----CHO ------Abraham
  23. If Mount doesn’t turn in to a complete bellend like Alli that’d be good enough for me.
  24. So Hazards thread is moved in with the riff raff but this one is fine. Double standards!
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