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  2. Best part is Pulisic and Mount haven't even swapped, that was just Pulisic wandering for a bit...
  3. Please Don’t Swear, It Ruins Your Whole Uppercase Madness.
  4. He is still that player. Just watch him play for France. The problem is we dont have a Matic to cover him while he roams around for the ball. France have Nzonzi/Rabiot to that job while we have Jorginho/Kovacic who are not defensive midfielders.
  5. He’s a pansy for such a big man 😂.... I would be telling my daughter to get on with it, just a scratch
  6. Jesus of Nazareth just got clobbered for them during that corner
  7. It's so refreshing to see good corners going into the box
  8. Just for his son Lampard was playing Pulisic out of position lol.
  9. We do look more dangerous at set-pieces for the first time in a long time!
  10. That's what happens when you put players where they belong. Now do the same thing for Mount and put him in midfield.
  11. Chilwell has probably taken more good corners since he arrived than Willian managed in a full season.
  12. Frank baffles me at times but he’s paid the big bucks
  13. Pulisic on the left, and instantly looks more comfortable.
  14. Pulisic pops up on the left and is a million miles better
  15. Frank still plays this 4-2-3-1 but with the only player who really knows his role is the 1 - this kind of 2 holding midfielders not worked for weeks now. let’s hope for a better second half
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