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  2. I'd move Pulisic left, Ziyech on, and Mount back for Jorginho
  3. Yeah, Mount is starting to irritate me now. That’s down to Lampard for constantly playing him out of position, and judy playing him every single match. Give the lad a break Frank.
  4. Tough game against good opposition. Anyone who thought this would be a stroll clearly underestimated Sevilla
  5. I get that - chances probably even but Sevilla loads more possession - they look comfy, we don’t especially - that said two decent saves from Mendy and he’s been competent and capable - I’m not have an episode every time the ball gets into our area. if you read the posts you’ll know Mount is a hard done by, never to be picked, franks love child , on the left, on the right and anywhere he really wants to cu’t of a player, James is doing ok , Jorginho has been booked as has the bloke we can’t talk about anymore, Werner has had a couple, Kia is average, kante is running about a lot and zouma
  6. We can't even use the excuse that he is playing there because of injuries anymore. We have a perfectly capable winger in Hudson-Odoi on the bench. Mount just isn't involved enough on the wing, and his movement and decision making is poor. He's not a winger, and there is no point shoehorning him into the side for the sake of it. He's a midfielder, so play him in midfield or not at all.
  7. Lampard playing Mason Mount all the time will be the end of his Chelsea managerial career you can say Mount will be the nail in his coffin he better learn fast and put Ziyech on for Mount in beginning of second half.
  8. Yes doncaster rovers 7 reading 5 and dixon got 4 for reading . When he brought the donny team into the local pub for a race night which helped bring in money for DRFC and the players were used as staff selling the bets on whatever horses , i was sat having a few ales with Kerry and he mentioned that 4 goal game in question
  9. Take Mount off and chuck in Kovacic, that’s what I would do. Need more bodies in midfield. Kai can do whatever he wants to, Pulisic and Werner up top.
  10. Nibs and ddr thank you for your input. Not sure about Paul Heaton though thought he loved the North yet that was a London Bus in the video?. Loved the good,the bad and the ugly. Quality. Agree with the Jam energy was fantastic, it was like One Step beyond by Madness. Fantastic fighting music. The memorys.
  11. Joe Cole say Pulisic should be the one running at 34 year old Navas and not Mount. Couldn't agree more.
  12. Against a 3 men.. Kante and Jorginho are struggling.. Kai needs to drop deeper to help put .. a little disjointed so far
  13. To be fair I didn't think we were great. But we were much better at the back so can't complain too much.
  14. We seem to be a 45 minute team - so the only way is up!
  15. I think kepa turns defensive errors into goals conceded and makes mistakes himself that lead to goals conceded. Kepa puts a lot of pressure on the defence at set pieces because the only confidence he brings is that he won't collect the ball. I think we would concede 30-40 goals in the PL under Mendy with the same defence as last year. I think add in chilwell and silva and that turns into a number in the 20s. I cannot overstate how bad I believe kepa to be. I think he is the worst goalkeeper in PL history. I think he's not even championship standard. I am baffled he gets games for S
  16. We are playing exactly the same way like we did against southampton. I have no idea why Lampard think that we played well against Southampton because he is making exctly the same mistakes with our team formation. Only difference is that we have a capable midfielder and an experienced defender to sort out this mess.
  17. I think Jorginho has played well besides that misplaced pass that got him the yellow. However, it's probably a good idea to take him off, he's probably on his last chance. It's a shame because I think Kante has been the worst out of the two.
  18. Werner, Pulisic and Kai have all been on there heels and appear flat footed when receiving the ball. Mount was anonymous and confused between defence and attack and hasn't offered much in either aspect. On a positive note we haven't conceded and we can't play as bad as we did in the first half. (famous last words).
  19. I mean if Sevilla is just booting it around the yard, like the Spanish kinda worthless possiession game, then it sounds like we are doing OK agaisnt that attack.
  20. Well only one team in it that half ...and it isn't us. Disjointed, dysfunctional football from Frank; no cohesiveness that I can see. Sorry but playing 2 in the middle when the opposition are playing 4,3,3 or 4,4,2 never works because we are not strong enough and our two are always seemingly being pulled from one side to the other. On the positive side we haven't conceded but we are not exactly looking threatening either. Let's see what the 2nd half brings.
  21. Does anyone on the team know how to pass a ball ? And please sub mount and zouma
  22. The forward players have been piss poor in possession.. not using their body to protect the ball at all.. not a single one in 4 as been able to hold off.. also Jorginho needs to be dubbed he has already made a couple of fouls after his yellow.. I would also take off mount and put pulisic there..
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