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2023 Running Costs

Here we go again to cover Hosting and Renewal costs for 2023. Donations are not required to post, but do help out massively to keep the site going. As the website has more demand on traffic, so does the hosting package we require and adverts only scratch the surface. Coupled with renewals on software, plugins and themes, things can get pricey.

Donating via this way will give you a Donator badge to show you support the site and thank you for your continued support.

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Well, this is awkward!

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The Shed End Forum relies on revenue to pay for hosting and upgrades. While we try to keep adverts as unobtrusive as possible without pop ups, we need to run ad's to make sure we can stay online and continue to keep the forum up, as over the years costs have become very high.

Could you please allow adverts on this domain by switching it off. Some of the advert banners can actually be closed to avoid interferance of your experience on The Shed End.

Cheers now!

Sure, let me in!