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  1. General Chelsea FC

    OK we are a crooked, we buy kids in a way that puts Gary Glitter to shame and we are as big on equality as Hitler at a bacon buttie party. That aside we are charming...and at least not scouse. All Chelsea chat is in here that isn't covered in the forums below. Chelsea player topics, any news at Chelsea FC, this is your go-to!

  2. Chelsea Match Chat

    The game is over, we have 98 problems and a left back is 58 of them, the other 40 are something to do with pivots - I really wish I had paid attention at Excel courses. All Chelsea match chat is in here. Can't get to the game and want to follow what is happening? You have something to say on a Chelsea match? This is the forum for it!

  3. Chelsea Tickets, Travel & Memorabilia

    Want a ticket? Flogging one?  This is the very place for you.  Face value only though - this isn't f**king Liverpool and there are only so many seats in a stadium. 

  4. Chelsea Rumours

    Sweet, we can buy players again - now to get rid of all these damn kids - it's been like an episode of Byker Grove at the Bridge recently.  

  5. Chelsea Vintage

    Chelsea pre Roman - when we were nothing more than a flower show and a poor alter-ego name for your 'cousin'

  6. Chelsea Reserves, Youth Team & Chelsea Womens Team

    Aargh the youth team...it has only taken us 114 years but we've finally remembered we have one.

  7. Butch's Prediction League

    The Shed End's long running prediction league. It used to be easy to win it in the Mourinho days (though I never did) - bit harder now.

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