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  2. Normally we would discuss the prospects of new acquisitions in the offing though this season due to the football authorities it might just consist of Pulisic and whatever loanees we think will add value.
  3. I think the revenge thing depends, things like playing an old unpopular manager certainly apply for me. I don't think revenge will be the motive for this match though do think at times players play better against certain opposition.
  4. Well, @Bisright is a big fan of Gracia so you just never know.
  5. Whoever the new manager coming in is, if he shows a lot of promise with his tactics in his first season, he gives youth and some of our loan players a chance in the first team. And he was able to get the best out of the young and average players in the team without the board investing massively in the team, even if we finish the season 7th, majority of the fans will back him and he will be given time. Now let's go back to the discussing about the current best manager in the world Maurizio Sarri, some of the things I have observe about us this season is that Sarri's tactics won't work effectively in the EPL because he is too predictable. If you are to win the league, you have to be tactically good or else the other teams will find a way to neutralize your tactics and beat you. That's why we have struggled after our early winning run of games. Another thing is Sarri is reluctant to give youth chance in the team, that's no surprise though as we were warned about that before the board officially signed him. The form of CHO during the preseason alone is enough to have convinced Sarri to give him games right from the beginning of the season, but unfortunately he had to wait until when things were going bad and the fans were calling for his head before he remembered CHO used to be a good player henceforth started giving he and RLC time in the team. Another issue is, he can't motivate the team so as to get the best out of them. Apart from Cardiff, I can't remember any other team we came from behind to beat in the EPL this season. I don't know how to check the stats for that, but several times this season, I have season Arsenal, Liverpool, City, United and Tottenham go behind in games but they came back and won the game. On some occasions, there managers even made substitutions that proved vital to the comeback. The substitutions of Pochettino in there comeback against Ajax is still fresh in my memory. One of the sub that change the game and put more pressure on Ajax was that of Trippier for Lamela. If that was Sarri and we were chasing the game from a losing position, if Azpilicueta was going out, you definitely know it's another defender coming in which is Zapacosta. I don't hate Sarri, and i kind of feel emotional when any manager gets the sack, but it's just unfortunate that Sarri can't improve us even if we give him time. His system of play will require incredible investment in the team which we all know won't happen with our board.
  6. A Basic question: with CAS are we looking to freeze the ban so we can sign players this summer or to lift the ban for good? I have read a couple of articles over it and no one really seems to know what the ban is what it means in terms of Kovacic and Higuain.
  7. I think you missed @General's point. If that owner makes poor decisions that adversely affects the club we support, should we just shrug our shoulders and say "ah, that's just Roman being Roman. He paid the money so he can do what he wants. We are lucky to have him". I'm sorry but I don't share that view either.
  8. Maurizio has to continue his work in London. It's totally crazy this situation. It's totally crazy discuss him despite of the targets reached and the hard work done. Le'ts discuss the players, not the coach ! The roster as individuals is definitely not up to your expectations. This is no longer the Chelsea of Drogba and Lampard ! Wake up !
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  10. I dunno, ask Real Madrid. Love this narrative that we’re this uniquely demanding club and fan base. Meanwhile in Manchester the chants of “Ole’s at the wheel” have grown deafeningly quiet.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12691/11723498/claudio-pizarro-signs-werder-bremen-contract-extension-at-age-of-40 Claudio Pizarro is still going at the age of 40....
  12. Steve Bruce, Alan pardew, Harry Redknapp..
  13. So if Sarri goes Juve who would want this sh*t show of a job knowing if they don't perform fans will call for their heads in six months
  14. Ashley Cole interview after the CL Final 2012 . Brilliant !
  15. Reaction to Drogba Penalty CL Final 2012 Alianz Arena Reaction on Drogba's Penalty in CL 2012 Pls after 16 Seconds make the volume quieter
  16. Champions League Final 2012 - Chelsea vs Bayern Munich climax of penalty shootout Last two penalties of 2012 Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Schweinsteiger and Drogba need to convert to win. Go on Drogba...
  17. Well, 1983/84 (that season) certainly doesn't seem that long ago to those of us of 'a certain vintage' mate So May 2012 is positively recent.
  18. 7 years to the day. Wow ! Get nervous , still, watching the penalties !
  19. 7 years to the day. Hard to imagine us getting near this again anytime soon.
  20. The only difference between us and City is the people running the club - the scouts, the board. With better personnel on board here we wouldn’t be so far back. We have the resources here, we have just not used them correctly the last few years.
  21. First cup final I have switched off before half-time...you knew it was over once city went in front...they've tonked watford several times before and you just knew watford would fold if they fell behind. A dismal advert for the English game.
  22. Agreed, but I think like Cech eden can chose his own fate
  23. I would rather have no one then Batshauyi back, genuinely. If it weren't for his ability to take chances when they come I would genuinely consider him the worst striker to have played for us in the modern era his all round play is that bad.
  24. Confused, yeah, he's probably confused why he was playing a friendly at such a stupid time of the season in the first place. I really wish I could find a way to stop reminding myself of this because it really pisses me off every time I think about it. I just can't think of a single reason why Loftus-Cheek of all players would be risked after everything that has happened to him in his career so far. Picks up injuries easily, and we play him in a friendly, thousands of miles from home, on a sh*t pitch, less than 4 days after the final game of the Premier League season and 13 days before the Europa League final. I don't care what anybody says, that is beyond stupid. One of the most ridiculous decisions the club has made in my time as a fan.
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