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  2. We had a 70,000 crowd (not at all bad eh) at The Bridge, for our game v Newcastle Utd on Mon, 27th Dec 1909. We won 2-1.
  3. On the attack v Sunderland, at The Bridge, 1909-10 League. We lost 4-1. So much for the programme cover ! And were actually relegated at the end of the 1909/10 season.
  4. Sept 1912: Mid-field action as we play Sheffield United at home, (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)
  5. 'Chelsea v. Liverpool, Stamford Bridge 9th Sept 1912, Chelsea centre rushes in and beats the Liverpool defence, Stamford Bridge.' (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Mon, 9th Sept 1912 with a 17:00 kick off, We lost 2-1 in front of 25,000.
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  7. George Best: Greatest NASL Goal Ever thecelebratedmisterk George Best then of the San Jose Earthquakes, scored this fantastic goal against the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers on July 22, 1981 at Spartan Stadium in San Jose. It's often called the greatest goal in NASL history.
  8. NASL: George Best Scores for the LA Aztecs against the Dallas Tornado at the LA Coliseum in 1977.
  9. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/when-nasl-rocked-america-elton-john-jagger-and-age-excitement When the NASL rocked America: Elton John, Jagger and the age of excitement 04 March 2016 Sensible business models? Pah! Two decades before MLS finally did it properly, soccer Stateside was run by rock stars, movie moguls and music execs. Oh, but it was fun... This article gives some good background to NASL in the 1970s.
  10. Match detail: Los Angeles Aztecs v Chelsea We played the Aztecs today back in 1977 Match Date: Friday, 3rd Jun 1977 Competition: Friendly - Post Season Opponent: Los Angeles Aztecs Venue: Los Angeles Attendance: 5,000 Result: We Won 1 - 3 http://stamford-bridge.com/match.php?mid=3423&opp=Los Angeles Aztecs Goals: Swain 2, Garner
  11. Classy team and classic strip too.
  12. So season ticket holders and people who don't want to see Liverpool win the title are against the restart. Understandable really. [emoji16]
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  14. No caption necessary, as we all know what football ground this is...
  15. The betting industry has been affected but if you're a committed gambler there's ways to have a bet online virtual racing, bingo, poker, blackjack etc. Bookies are empty most of the time the betting machines are there lifeblood if they hadn't been brought in loads of high street bookies would have shut instead of striving. Racing came back first but the bookies will be shut for another two weeks so all bets will be online there's been random sports like badmington and table tennis in the far east you could have had a bet on since lockdown. Football will be getting a lot of pressure from far bigger companies than Fun88 who sponsor Newcastle and are based in the Isle of Man. If football restarts companies like McDonalds, Coca Cola, all the major phone and broadband companies will be able to have there logos plastered all over the ground with no fans getting in the way and they'll have those really annoying ones that move and your eyes are drawn to them
  16. 9 of us that go, are all season ticket holders, none of us think season should finish, and want it to finish, it should of been voided weeks and weeks ago, and then, proper planning and thought gone into the new season, with this and VAR, football I hope, (the premier League) will receive a huge nose bleed.
  17. Loved watching this squad play. Zenga, Maldini, De Napoli, Ferri and Bergomi. Baresi, Giannini, Donadoni, Schillaci, Vialli and De Agostini.
  18. Ersk is the caption needed we all know where it is 😆
  19. Its nothing to do with that mate, its all about the betting industry, the government want their taxes from them, the EPL want their sponsorship payments from them, the clubs want their shirt sponsors payments from them ..half of Premier League clubs have gambling sponsors for 2019-20 season https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/19/half-of-premier-league-clubs-to-have-gambling-sponsors-for-201920 That's why horse racing came back first, and Cheltenham festival pushed back the lock down announcement, all that gambling money, 12 weeks worth, has been sat in peoples banks, online shopping has gone through the roof, its like christmas everyday for online retailers, because punters money isnt going to the bookies. Thats my take on it, money talks, lots of money shouts and gets its own way.
  20. Tommy Law our left back who made his Scotland debut that day played only one more game for Scotland. In the 1930 game v England at Wembley, England gained revenge by winning 5-2. So in the two England v Scotland games he played in, a total of 13 goals were scored.
  21. Just feels like they don’t want Liverpool to miss out on their first title in decades. Restarting isn’t going to deliver a fair set of results, and as people above have said it’s going to screw up the start of next season. They should just give the scousers a trophy to shut them up and wrap it all for the season.
  22. Hence the 'bring him back'. Should never have let his contract expire. Think he only has a year left at PSG now. Mental. Looks very good in pre season. Whats the point of youngsters impressing if they then don't get a chance, at least as back up. Maybe PSG will want him off their books and we can get him even cheaper then.
  23. A bit different. An interesting article about the Wembley Wizards. The Scotland team had one current Chelsea player and two future players. England 1-5 Scotland: The day the Wembley Wizards were born - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52089989
  24. 29th April 1961 and a 4-3 win v Nottingham Forest at The Bridge Jimmy Greaves is on the pitch before taking part in his final game for the club. He scored four goals in the match.
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