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  2. hit him on the head ,hit him on the head ,hit him on the head with a baseball bat, on the head,on the head ps not his fault but it always annoys me how Greaves is seen by the press /media arses as a sp*ts legend yet his goal scoring record for us,at all levels, was staggering
  3. Used to smuggle in my air horn at the age of 13 81/82. stopped bringing it around 85/86 Great for getting everyone singing, especially waiting until everyone had got off the train walking down the platform. The acoustics were fantastic! really made the locals stop and look at what had just arrived!!
  4. I think it will be Tammy (given he gets the game time, crazy theory I know). But if he doesn't I think it will be Pedro/Batshuayi
  5. I don't see any of them causing problems anyways, perhaps Christensen, but don't think it will be much of an issue with the amount of games we will have.
  6. A handful of EPL clubs would have him in their teams, then he would be at EPL level, and yes he is guaranteed to score goals in the prem, the question is how many.
  7. Far from the truth, in fact Mod culture has had a huge resurgence in the last 5 years or so. There are other cities than London in England.
  8. More times than I can remember. Never seen anything Moddy. Totally irrelevant today. The reluctance to admit something is in the past is typically English.
  9. Frank says he wants Zouma to stay with us this season. So centre backs of Luiz, Rudiger, Christensen and Zouma for the season? Going to be difficult to keep all of those happy this season surely?
  10. Lampard says Kenedy is making a case for himself to be kept around this season in the first team squad. Can only see that happening if Willian were to be allowed to leave, which I just can't see.
  11. Batshuayi or CHO depending on how soon he returns.
  12. long lost subculture? Guessing you've never visited England either.
  13. I still cant get it to donate through google chrome and paypal mod.
  14. Difficult, i don’t know. Our attacking players are the biggest worry.
  15. Its never bothered me wanting a striker to be top scorer, I`d much rather see the goals spread through the team. Its how it was in Mourinho`s first stint, with midfielders chipping in plenty of goals, especially Lamps.
  16. Today
  17. Absolutely agree with all of this. Ive been involved in pre seasons where we played terrible teams winning every game by 10+ goals only to then struggle all season. Like wise Ive been involved in some where we lost every game and had a great season. My favourite was being pasted 8-0 by a team, but we had double training all the week before so were shattered. 2 weeks later we got the same team in a cup game to start the season and battered them 5-0. And we werent smug at all......honest.
  18. Right now I'd back Pulisic to be top scorer. He's likely to play most matches whereas everyone else in the forward and wide positions is likely to rotate a lot because of having no stand out players in those positions.
  19. Sometimes a bad result/performance can tell you a lot more about your team and players than any number of wins ever could. As nice as it would be to cruise every pre-season game smashing in tons of goals it wouldn't be a true reflection of the quality of the squad. Hopefully Frank will have learned a lot from today's game and have a better idea of how he wants us to line up and which players he does and doesn't want to work with.
  20. our worst moments were both last 5 minutes of the regular time. beside that we couldn't create any decent goal chance at all. kawasaki are 3rd in the league with only 1 defeat.
  21. Jimmy Greaves carried off the pitch by Chelsea fans after his final game for the club
  22. It might be a bumpy ride to start the season; especially since there will be no CHO, RLC, and Reece James - I think will do a lot of folks good to keep that in mind. Plus with it being pre-season, I like seeing the way Frank has messed with the squad and how he changes his playing style based on who he has up top, in the center of the pitch etc. Not just demanding that we play style X regardless of who is on the pitch or who we are playing. It will be a nice change of pace IMO. I have positive feelings
  23. assuming he stays I think it will be Bats... he was something like 6 in 11 for palace (happy to be corrected) so he knows how to score in the prem
  24. Jimmy Greaves scores one of his four goals for Chelsea in his last game before moving to AC Milan for £80,000, Played on Sat 29th April 1961. We won 4-3 and Greaves scored in 10th, 37th, 53rd and 90mins.The last one a penalty. Crowd given as 22,775 ! Looks a packed Bridge from the photo.
  25. Tammy is a championship level scorer as of now.. there´s no guarantee he will even manage to score in in the Prem. *fingers crossed*
  26. Great story mate. Cheers. When you see what some of todays strikers earn and they haven't anywhere near the goal scoring talent of Jimmy Greaves...
  27. Brilliant ! Imagine trying to explain your way in today to The Bridge with a baseball bat though !
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