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  2. Allegedly we are going to make some sort of deal where we accept one window as punishment almost a plea bargain if you like. With that says can agree terms now and sign in winter wouldn’t be too tragic at all under those circumstances.
  3. Assuming the report is correct I am very pleased with this.
  4. Allegedly we are going to make some sort of deal where we accept one window as punishment almost a plea bargain if you like. With that says can agree terms now and sign in winter wouldn’t be too tragic at all under those circumstances.
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  6. Your suggestion is now a rumour apparently we want him so good intuition
  7. I must have been one of the few who was satisfied enough with the ending. Finales are ALWAYS annoying and rarely satisfy. I went in with such low expectations. It was pretty cheesy (Drogon destroying the throne etc), but at least MOST of the characters got some sort of wrapping up deal, with possible sequels as options for interested parties. I was worried it was going to end like the Sopranos or something worse.
  8. Big Petes coming home hes coming home, hes coming....
  9. They have, they said they will appeal, and that they feel the actions were within the rules. I would guess they cant say anymore under legal advice
  10. So you know for certain those 3 teams will improve, absolutely 100% definite. But you cant see how we can even finish 4th. Nice selective thinking there.
  11. I can't see Arsenal having Petr in goal for the EL Final now, can you imagine the salt if he was and we won...... Regardless I'm very happy that the club is bringing him back and hopefully he does really well in the role.
  12. Arsenal are losing one of their best players and have never looked like they can sign a world class player. The only reason anyone thinks they can improve is the same reason as neutral people think we will - second season syndrome. Man united by and large aren't predicted to improve, of anything get worse. They are going to spend lots of money but no one amazing is linked with them and they've still got an inexperienced manager who has broken records for losses at the wheel. Tottenham have been awful since January. They don't spend money and if they win the CL poch may call it a day. I don't see how they definitely improve. We can say the same about Chelsea, but there aren't going to be 6 teams in the PL who can get 80+ points and those are the reasons why. The rest of your statement is nonsense to me.
  13. Not me mate. It was DD a man mountain of a bloke from Norbury. ( one of Babs old lot) You can see this on the TV footage.
  14. You are very funny What is funny about that? I’d say it’s a fair evaluation of what Conte done
  15. Antonio's probably already drafted the text message 🙂
  16. Now that was a day, when school boy dreams came true, sunny, hot, the old Wembley, cup final day and your team won, when a youngster and watched cup final on TV, never thought I'd be there watching us win, the 94 cup final and getting home a drowned rat was a distant memory. Chelsea are back!
  17. The three teams that finished below us Tottenham, Arsenal and United will improve next season, I can't see how Sarri can motivate us to even finish 4th next season. By the time the group stages of the champions league would have ended, lots of us would have already been fed up with him. I will be happy with Lampard replacing him, though I prefer a much more experienced manager like Pochettino, Simeone or Allegri. To be honest I can't see us making top 4 next season with our current players, except the board are planning to replace Sarri with Conte or Klopp. Lampard will definitely be an upgrade on Sarri because he knows this league, and will know a better way of setting up our average and young players in order to get the best out of them. After a whole season, I still don't think Sarri has learned that the EPL is much different to the Italian league!
  18. Oh ye of little faith. Pass me that crystal ball when you've finished with it.
  19. http://www.bounder.friardale.co.uk/Programmes/1996-97/HTML/19970517.htm
  20. Agreed, Stevie Clarke has some task with Scotland.
  21. ex Blue David Hopkins has recently been appointed coach of his home town team, Greenock Morton. His first professional club. I wish him well.
  22. I remember supporters of the Scottish national team at Euro 92 and Scotland were playing Germany. (Germany won!) They were singing : " One Bomber Harris, there's only one Bomber Harris !"
  23. Abit odd having Commies leading both the major parties in the UK.
  24. Great you getting to walk around pitch with Poyet. Yeah can just imagine the 'howls of anguish'..at the dambusters arm wave nowadays. The 'tut,tut, tutters' would be emailing their MP...
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