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  2. I think the thinking here is that the transfer ban could give someone like Lampard time to work. It would take the pressure off completely for this coming season which would give him a year to develop his team and style in the premiership while giving the youth proper chances to find out who’s good enough for us.
  3. BREAKING: Chelsea have decided to hire Frank Lampard and sack Maurizio Sarri. [via @DiMarzio] I would be surprised if this happens. Surely they would more likely go with Allegri than Lampard?!
  4. And the rest is history, winning that corner was the begining of the greatest night in our history, he was worth every penny just for that.
  5. Torres and it isn't close, when you think of the talent and managers he had around him and wasted, and that it was mandatory to trot him out for 75 minutes every game. There were times when he visibly didn't want to be anywhere near the ball or goal. Then you factor in the opportunity cost, imagine if we'd spent that money on Aguero or Suarez instead, or had at least given Lukaku a fair shake. That being said if we end up with Morata back up front next season he could have a contender. If we ignore all context and you're asking solely about the worst signing in terms of talent, Benayoun looked like a make a wish foundation kid on the field.
  6. Milan probably will not buy him. Even if they reach Champions league next season i think that his "f**k off" to Milans manager was to much for Milan to take. In my eyes Bakayoko is a player that easily becomes a good player in a poor team. But in a good team he becomes average.
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  8. Was about to post exactly the same. Debt paid.
  9. Didn’t mind this ending...Starks win huh? The last two seasons were rushed with lots of plot holes, but it was still a great show and I’ll miss it. Hopefully we get a prequel series that stands up to the the earlier seasons of GoT.
  10. We won't hear anything until after the Europa final, but by then Derby's playoff fate will also be known. Whether or not Frank leaves Derby it is very possible that Sarri would leave for Juve. It is one of the top jobs in football, and would allow him to return to Italy.
  11. I'm 99.99999999% recurring certain he won't choose staying at Derby over taking the Chelsea job if he had the option of one or the other.
  12. If Derby lose to Villa makes sense. If they win who is to say Frank would even want to job. Of the top jobs only being manager of Real Madrid is worse than being Chelsea manager imo.
  13. Dont think he will be sacked. Think Juve will take him.
  14. Even Di Marzio is reporting that we will sack him and go for Lampard =/
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  16. A lot of the talk also makes it sound like it's a mutual decision. We don't particularly want him to stay, and he doesn't particularly want to be here. I don't expect there to be a compensation package for a straight sacking as he's planning on walking straight into another job in Italy.
  17. It would be more of a joke if we reverted back to the pragmatic manager, my big fear was if Sarri was sacked Roman would say f**k the evolution and revert to safety first football, especially now Alegri is a free agent, atleast with Lampard we will be carrying on the commitment to the new style of play.
  18. Seem to be a lot of rumours that he's going to be sacked and replaced with Lampard. As much as I've disliked some of the football this season, he got top 4, he got to 2 cup finals and may still win one. Why on earth would they spend all summer trying to get Sarri, go out and spend 100m+ on players for his system, and then ditch him 1 year later, after he's achieved his objectives, and replace him with someone with 1 year's mangement experience in the f**king Championship?!?! If this actually happens, it will be absolute peak this Chelsea board and we'll be the laughing stock of world football, once again.
  19. Correct - my bad. Doubt it was Mou though. Probably the club via some analyst and/or scouts. Made a decent profit on him, which makes it fairly reasonable.
  20. https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/news/chelsea-arsenal-uefa-europa-league-16304549
  21. Djilobodji was signed for Mourinho, not a Koulibaly replacement for Conte.
  22. 20 goals in all comps. 12 in the league, 3 or 4 in the Champions league group stages and a few in the other cups. Not too unrealistic.
  23. Giroud - 6 - Bonus point for the likeable way he carries himself. At least he has the good grace to look disappointed every time he misses a sitter. I imagine he'll live a long, fulfilling, happy life. NOBS - French - Only they can pull off self-satisfied without looking smug.
  24. She is wonderful, utterly wonderful. My brothers regularly ask after her. ❤️
  25. You don’t follow Phoenix Rising too? Drogba is one of the owners!
  26. exactly my thought, I would kinda agree sacking him if we have Pep or Zidane or the likes on the line but it doesn't make sense to sack him and then hire a manager with minimum credential in Lampard, at least not yet however if Sarri himself wants out, that's a whole different question
  27. See, there’s a sensible contribution.
  28. If Sarri takes over at Juve I know who I would have my money on.
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