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  3. Speedie was astonishingly good in the air. It's comical that he used to provide the flick-ons for Dixon, rather than the other way around, when he was about 6 inches shorter.
  4. Leicester away, Div 1, Feb '85. Great coverage of our pen on 4mins.
  5. Come back to it in a fortnights time with a different list, funnily enough I was going to add and then remembered I already did.
  6. f**king hell I forgot some very obvious ones... [emoji16]
  7. From 1990. Wearing a suit in the cow shed looks a bit weird.
  8. Kepa James Rudi Tomori Emerson Kova Gilmour Pulisic Mount CHO Tammy
  9. Puerto Anfi v Chelsea from May 1995. We won 8-6 ! Some game !! Wonder if just possibly, some of our players played with any after effects of alcohol ? Allegedly...
  10. Puerto Anfi v Chelsea Match Date: Tuesday, 30th May 1995 Competition: Friendly - Post Season Opponent: Puerto Anfi Venue: Gran Canaria Attendance: unknown Result: Won 6 - 8 http://stamford-bridge.com/match.php?mid=5826&opp=Puerto Anfi Some game !
  11. When the season resumes I think we will be back to our best. Over the season fatigue has seemed to affect our performances. Lackingn ideas but mainly lacking energy. The rest will have done us good and should get us back to the high tempo of the early season, and hopefully some strong results to finish the season and secure 4th too!
  12. What an absolute balls up the club has made of that situation. At the risk of being flippant on Kepa's situation we could all see Bulka was class in pre season. Reminds me of the summer we sold Chalobah for peanuts and needlessly bought Drinkwater for £35m.
  13. That is spot on. He is an intriguing player along with Eberechi Eze from QPR who has been linked with Spurs.
  14. From any fans of Scrubs out there Zach Braff & Donald Faison have been doing a rewatch podcast during the lockdown. Lots of funny and/or interesting stories about each episode, some trivia about the show, guests from actors to crew who worked on the show. They can be quite long because they tend to get side tracked talking about random sh*te but it’s still hilarious and worth a listen.
  15. 11/22....need to school myself I guess. Names are hard for me, faces I know.
  16. We all know LB is a problem right now. This guy looks mustard and maybe Ziyech has been in his ear to get him on board too.
  17. I like the cut of this guy's jib.
  18. He used to start his run up for an Eddie goal kick well out wide and run across the line- similar run up to a high jumper- don’t remember him scoring many headed goals but his speciality was the flick on- Gary Speed who was bit taller also had a great leap, as did Frank Sinclair ( the grey cells aren’t functioning too well, what was the controversial incident when he moved to Leicester- didn’t he accidentally lay out the ref or similar)?
  19. Indeed. A great player. Must have helped the younger players. Ray played for a few clubs and I reckon the two he had the most affection for are Chelsea and Rangers. He had great taste. Will always be fondly remembered for that cracking strike against Celtic in the 5-1 win over them at Ibrox on 27 August 1988.
  20. 'Ruud' for The Netherlands in Euro 88.
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