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  2. If having the top button done up on your polo shirt is uncomfortable you’ve bought a size too small and you must have disillusions about your size.
  3. we'd be due £5-10m in compensation (amount decided by a tribunal) if he left. he's going nowhere on a free. but i'm pretty sure he'll sign a new contract. i don't think he'll get more money elsewhere (from the sound of it we're offering silly money), and he's gonna be in our first team plans. that'll be enough.
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  5. Still can't believe how the f**k he did that
  6. Yep, he was the one who kept going on and on about how Kante should be playing in Jorginho's position. And he was incredulous that RLC wasn't starting (he was injured at the time). Talked up Higuain like he was a Ballon d'Or candidate. Complete garbage, no preparation, no homework done ahead of time. It was before my time, but I know he was a Chelsea player at one point, so you'd think he wouldn't be such a prick with his opinions about the club and actually care a little bit. But like you said, he is definitely a sour faced f**kwit.
  7. one thing is for sure - Bayscum won't give up trying to sign CHO
  8. Although it was refreshing to see likes of Mount and RLC sign new deals, they were rather expected. I think we can all agree that if CHO signs on, this will be the biggest relief and will be the biggest success in a transfer window where we can't make any transfers.
  9. I don’t think many are in that much doubt he will sign would be silly not to I think the issue is more stringing it out, we have no new players coming in can’t blame fans for getting a bit edgy on signing a top young talent to a long termcontract under the circumstances. Add in the aggravating factor that his brother seems to be angling his Bayern connection to get a better deal, yes that’s his jobs, but you can understand fans frustrations.
  10. To be fair have you seen juves line up and depth for the upcoming season, they have to be in with a good chance of a CL final
  11. Redan has been sold to Herta Berlin
  12. Absolute money grabbing mercena..... Oh, I told you he was a true Blue from day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The backtracking on this thread when the five year deal is announced will make for some amusing reading. Not Cesc Fabregas leaked signing photos funny but maybe a close second.
  14. That spot wouldn’t have been so slippery if I’d completed the pre-match ritual. It stopped working after that.
  15. The Chelsea Loan Army is playing against Stade Rennais today - here is the starting line-up for Chelsea
  16. I like seeing Super Frankie imparting knowledge to Ross Da Boss I really hope Super Frankie will make Barkley a better player
  17. Can tell you're from England sentimentalising a long lost subculture when the rest of the world has moved on, leaving England with its false sense of a glorious past far behind
  18. Agreed, stopped wearing shirts to games when i turned about 14. Can tell you aren't from England and understand the Mod culture.
  19. The song i'll miss, the player not so much
  20. Looks like their fans are about to revolt btw I just realized that Arsenal Fan TV has recently returned - the youtube site shutdown after their Baku failure
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