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  2. Martin Buchan and Ivan Curkovic lead the teams out at the Geoffroy-Guichard, 14 September 1977. The ECWC 1977/78 saw St Etienne play Man Utd . The 2nd Leg was played at Plymouths Home Park because of hooliganism in France at the first leg. This was a UEFA ruling. It was 'beamed' back to Old Trafford on big screens.
  3. Bestie said to the ref “ you are a f**king disgrace” Afterwards he reckoned he was talking to himself not the ref!
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  5. Jokes, jokes. Yes, it's the top division in the US. It was created as part of the deal to bring the 94 World Cup to the United States. It's the longest lived professional league in US history.
  6. 'Wee Pat' and 'King Kerry'. I'd imagine photo taken in either that season or the following one...
  7. Blundell Park, Grimsby. That away day in May 1984 A crowded bench: Norman Medhurst, John Neal, Paul Canoville, Colin Lee, Derek Johnstone, Tony McAndrew and Joey Jones (Photo: Hugh Hastings/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)
  8. He is a special talent no doubt about it. He would fit Liverpool so seamlessly. Dortmund play Klopp-football no matter who their manager is. Super-quick passing and always forward... Thankfully Frank's football is very close to that so he would fit our system as well pretty nicely... I have always felt he is going to somewhere else than Chelsea.
  9. Tony McAndrew lines up and then scores a penalty at the Baseball Ground. The Baseball Ground in all it's muddy surfaced glory ! Photo:Hugh Hastings.
  10. Happy Birthday to Dennis Rofe, who is 70 years young, today, 1st June.
  11. Today 1st June 1977 in the Spartan Stadium San Jose. We played the magnificently named San Jose Earthquakes We won 2-1 Our scorers: Bill Garner and Steve Finneston. Attendance: 11,167 https://www.nasljerseys.com/Friendlies/Teams/Earthquakes Friendlies.htm
  12. 'Ossie' and 'Hutch' v Everton in the Charity Shield of 1970. Chris Mears on Twitter.
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  14. I'd never have remembered that and back then, I could pretty much tell you who was in the Chelsea side. All right, confession time. I have relatives in Clapham, most of whom were Chelsea fans, and still are. My aunt (mum's sister) married a London lad in the war and they settled in Clapham, though he was originally from Hounslow.
  15. MOTM in the 1968 European Cup final. Broke his leg at Maine Road in the following season and never regained his place and was sold to Luton.
  16. Championship season set to restart on 20th June
  17. John Aston of United. His name has always stuck with me because on one of his football cards back in the 60’s he had a really big head.
  18. Joe Kirkup 5th November 1966 Chelsea-1-3 Man Utd. Hollins - John Aston (2) George Best
  19. Still say this Coventry City brown strip from the late 1970s is a contender...
  20. The 'legendary' Coventry City away strip of the late 1970s ! On the cover of a Birmingham City programme.
  21. It's looks like a sea of orange . Marco van Basten celebrating his goal v Eire, during the Euro Finals back in June 1988
  22. This Barcelona one looks as if they ran out of yellow !
  23. AC Milan 1981/82. Funniest ever sponsor ? POOH Jeans
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