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  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12691/11723498/claudio-pizarro-signs-werder-bremen-contract-extension-at-age-of-40 Claudio Pizarro is still going at the age of 40....
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  4. Steve Bruce, Alan pardew, Harry Redknapp..
  5. So if Sarri goes Juve who would want this sh*t show of a job knowing if they don't perform fans will call for their heads in six months
  6. Ashley Cole interview after the CL Final 2012 . Brilliant !
  7. Reaction to Drogba Penalty CL Final 2012 Alianz Arena Reaction on Drogba's Penalty in CL 2012 Pls after 16 Seconds make the volume quieter
  8. Champions League Final 2012 - Chelsea vs Bayern Munich climax of penalty shootout Last two penalties of 2012 Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Schweinsteiger and Drogba need to convert to win. Go on Drogba...
  9. Well, 1983/84 (that season) certainly doesn't seem that long ago to those of us of 'a certain vintage' mate So May 2012 is positively recent.
  10. 7 years to the day. Wow ! Get nervous , still, watching the penalties !
  11. 7 years to the day. Hard to imagine us getting near this again anytime soon.
  12. The only difference between us and City is the people running the club - the scouts, the board. With better personnel on board here we wouldn’t be so far back. We have the resources here, we have just not used them correctly the last few years.
  13. First cup final I have switched off before half-time...you knew it was over once city went in front...they've tonked watford several times before and you just knew watford would fold if they fell behind. A dismal advert for the English game.
  14. Agreed, but I think like Cech eden can chose his own fate
  15. I would rather have no one then Batshauyi back, genuinely. If it weren't for his ability to take chances when they come I would genuinely consider him the worst striker to have played for us in the modern era his all round play is that bad.
  16. Confused, yeah, he's probably confused why he was playing a friendly at such a stupid time of the season in the first place. I really wish I could find a way to stop reminding myself of this because it really pisses me off every time I think about it. I just can't think of a single reason why Loftus-Cheek of all players would be risked after everything that has happened to him in his career so far. Picks up injuries easily, and we play him in a friendly, thousands of miles from home, on a sh*t pitch, less than 4 days after the final game of the Premier League season and 13 days before the Europa League final. I don't care what anybody says, that is beyond stupid. One of the most ridiculous decisions the club has made in my time as a fan.
  17. If our ban sticks then we should let them go, bring back Batshuayi and Abraham and promote somebody to take Kovacic's place in the team. I don't see the point in wasting money on these two when that money could be held back for next season to spend on decent players. I also wouldn't let Hazard go either. I don't care if we end up with nothing and he leaves on a free. If we have a transfer ban, then we simply can't afford to lose him. With no way to replace him, we would be selling the only player that is consistently scoring or assisting goals.
  18. Yesterday
  19. For me, it's the way City are winning that is concerning. 100 points last season was insane, that is something you see in a video game, not real life, and then the next season they get 98 points. Both of these seasons they got 32 wins, you just can't compete with that. My worry is that this is going to be the standard set by them for years to come. Liverpool played a Premier League winning season this season, but they still lost, I can't see them or any other team managing that consistently. If City were winning without destroying English football records, I would just see this as phase, but their position in English football is something I have never seen before and something I don't think the rest of the country is capable of stopping. The only way I see things changing is when Guardiola decides to leave and if City get in the wrong man to replace him.
  20. Ahem! The word you are looking for is imbecile!
  21. Chelsea and Arsenal both likely to return some of their ticket allocation. The atmosphere will be like a pre-season fixture in some far flung place. https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2019/5/18/18630257/chelsea-arsenal-set-to-return-half-of-already-meagre-europa-league-final-ticket-allocation-report
  22. ...... and the lack of goals from midfield.
  23. supposedly in the know story circulating that 70% chance Sarri goes to Juve - source Alfredo Pedulla https://www.alfredopedulla.com/esclusiva-juve-nel-casting-ce-anche-sarri-contatti-recenti-e-indiretti/
  24. You can't play devils advocate for him when he has all the tools at his disposal to win that league consistently. If we hire Allegri we're going backwards.
  25. Doesn't say a lot for Contes achievements then, and he didn't do bad here, not saying i want MA, just playing Devils advocate..
  26. City will find it harder each season to motivate themselves, especially domestically, so i don't see them dominating the league for as long as utd did for over 20 years. I can't see Pep staying in the country more than 5 years. I remember John Motson saying after we beat Everton 5-0 in Nov 2016 (win number 6 in the straight 14 win record) that was "the best performance I've ever seen in the history of the Premier League." People were saying we would dominate the league for some time.
  27. Spot on. Over the years I've seen some great teams in the making. Some dominated for a short period others prolonged. Some won many honours others never quite reached the heights expected. The point is football throughout the ages has been cyclic. Great teams have come and gone, who foresaw that when the Liverpool domination ended that they would be still looking for a title 29yrs later in the same way they used to mock United in the 80s before their period of dominance. City will enjoy this period but other great teams will follow and take their crown. That's football.
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