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    Random Rumours

    What fact? How do you know the club doesn't have any ideas? Perhaps there are negotiotations going on, perhaps the identified targets aren't available in January, perhaps it's a conscious choice not to sign anybody: we just don't know what's going on.
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    chi blue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Have kids? He's got to lose his virginity first!!!
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    Fedor Chalov

    So you've never heard of him but you know he's not good enough for Chelsea. That's absurd.
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    Huge win. Not a great performance, but what a massive win that is. Lampard was criticised, but his changes got us that win. Hudson-Odoi played more like himself when he came on, a mature performance too. He did the things we needed him to do.
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    He may have got it wrong with the line up, but by god has Lampard had his finger on the pulse with his subs today. Hooked Emerson early for Jorginho, and then turned to his two teenagers to turn the match around ... Blue Balls of Steel 🙂
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    Arsenal are sh*t. They were down to 10 men for 3/4 of the game. They had their best player out. We were at home. We were 1-0 up. We should never have drawn that game. If it was a freak result, okay, but deep down we all know in our hearts it was anything but. Sadly it was entirely predictable.
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    But it is the same people who wanted Conte out, who wanted Sarri out, and who now are saying Lamps isn't good enough. It is like a broken record and I cannot see it improving if we just keep changing managers, How about we show some patience for once? Lamps hasn't even been given the backing of any signings unlike the previous 2.
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    Liverpool fans will be 10 times worse.
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    Frank isn't learning his lessons and it will end badly if he doesn't start addressing the glaring problems this team has
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I still see plenty to like in young Callum. Also the fact that Loz doesn't rate him is a massive plus in his favour.
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    Tariq Lamptey

    Chelsea FC‏Verified account @ChelseaFC 1h1 hour ago More The boss praises his assistants Jody Morris and Joe Edwards for their faith in Tariq Lamptey when considering our full-back options with Azpi carrying a knock and James and Alonso out. He says he has seen Lamptey train a lot and he adds a different dimension. #ARSCHE This is the major plus side of having Morris and Edwards in the first team backroom staff. They know the character of the young players, if they're mentally strong enough and how best to use them.
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    So why wasn't it used to see if kane was offside? Why aren't the fans at the ground shown what's happening? It was supposed to get rid of subjective decisions but blatantly hasn't. Why do they take so long to see if a devision was clearly right/wrong, if it rakes that long then it obviously wasn't f**king clear. Why aren't the pitch side monitors used? Refs now use it as a reason not to give decisions, they can step away and let var do it. There's no way it should be used to see if someone's armpit is 1mm offside. It's ruining the entertainment side of the sport, which is the most important part.
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    FFS, can we just stop this bollocks? Willian is doing what he does, and has always done
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    And we are currently trying a similar project but its been 5 months and people are getting angsty 🙂
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    We've got a new Kepa

    Agreed. That said, the point of being a keeper at a top club is when the moment arrives you make the save. The differences at this level are very small between first and last. For Kepa to have suuuuch a low save percentage (15th in the PL) is not good enough. The only thing elite about him is the price we paid.
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    Who the hell regards Duff and Cole legends? Both better players than Willian and all 3 are not legends.
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    RIP Mourinho

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Go back to the Jorginho-Kovacic pivot in future. Mount just in front. kante is world class, but is having a poor season and doesn't offer anything atm.
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    Tariq Lamptey

    He did well but lets not get carried away after one game. He isn't going to be in the senior side often this year. Will head on loan most likely It's great to see them do well when used but some of our fans want them playing week in week out if they simply pass a ball 5 yards with a backheel
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    It all went downhill after we dropped the Jorginho and Kovacic pivot
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Lampard is learning the hard way never mess with a winning formula, the moment he broke up Kova- Jorginho we went down hill and the harsh reality is even if we but them back together we may not improve again
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    David Speedie in goal, v QPR at The Bridge, on 16th March 1986 David Speedie takes over in goal for the injured Eddie Niedzwiecki. Match ended 1-1.
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    That suggests he's some kind of fraud, he's just a young manager on a learning curve, made difficult by the clubs previous transfer cock ups Baka zap drink morata kepa emerson..., plus the transfer ban. I dont think Pep or Klopp would of done much better with these players. But we can't forget our earlier successes in the season, our youngsters scored the first ten goals if i remember right, then Pulisic chipped in when he got his chance. But the seniors have come up short, we cant keep relying on these kids, Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, Kepa, Emerson, Rudiger, Pedro, Michy, Giroud,....none of the seniors have shown up this season, were just paying them a living for zero back. When Frank has replaced those players, then we can truly hold him to account, but not until.
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    Lots of crap performances tonight but none worse than frank and his backroom staff. For experienced ex pros, frank and Jody’s game management was terrible. What was that against 10 men? Why no subs until after the equalised? Who set up that defensive set-up from our own corner where an opponent can run the length of the pitch unchallenged...what happened when Tammy is clearly injured and no-one is shouting to the players to kick the ball out? Fcuk me. Amateur hour
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    Chelsea v Arsenal (PL) Tue 21st Jan 20:15 GMT

    That was the obvious f**k up. Any one can slip. Its just sh*t luck. But to pile everyone forward when your 1 up against ten men is just the stuff of schoolboys. I don't believe Lampard was telling at everyone to pile forward. That was a lack of awareness on the part of the players. We played with no intelligence, discipline or calm heads today and paid a deserved price. Even after undeserved getting back in front we were a total shambles at trying to see the game out. Yes we need more quality in a number of positions but also, importantly, we need a leader on the pitch. There was none of that on show from any of our more experienced players tonight. Azpilicueta, Jorginho, Kante and Rudiger in particular should be providing a sh*t load more control than they did tonight. It was 11 players all playing as individuals. Nobody took any responsibility for getting the team to settle down and not panic.
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    The breaking up of the Jorginho/Kovacic partnership is a bit of a mystery. Though I do wonder why Kante is keeping being picked in matches were you expect the opposition to'park the bus'. He has his qualities but technical ability isn't high up on his attributes. I do wonder if his perceived unsettled status reported in the press is behind keep picking him in games like this. As for Mount I think Frank likes his energy in being the first to the press. One thing I do hope is Kane gets fit for England. I fear opposition fans and the media may destroy Tammy if he misses some of the chances he has for us. Far better at this stage in his career to be the player who comes in under the radar than the one who the unrealistic hopes of the fans is pinned on.
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    Makes you wonder what the f**k they do all week in training
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    The title was over about 2 months ago at least.
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    Reece James

    Chelsea pay ‘the living wage’ now so he’s on at least that.
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    Our New Stadium

    This is very much the point.. When Arsenal embarked on their rebuild match day receipts were very much the highest of the income streams but commercial and indeed TV monies now are the top two money makers Its impossible to know if Arsenal would have been more successful since their rebuild but repayment of interest and capital payable more than accounts for the extra gate receipts. When you factor in that most replica shirt sales etc aren’t sold to match going supporters then it gets harder to justify the monies required to add capacity When you factor in their Business Rates are in excess of £3 million ( ours are around £1.25) and they pay far more security, insurance, utilities etc than we do then the financial justification is not so clear cut. Take a look at clubs in the England that have self financed a full stadium re build. Rarely does it work out .
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    Reece James

    here is a video of James' touches vs Nott Forest
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    Scott Harris

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    To be fair, I have been saying that Kante has been playing well in the big games this season. I remember saying Kante's performance against Liverpool in the Super Cup was up there with his best ever performances, he was amazing. It's not the big games I have a problem with, it's the games against the defensive sides I feel he is struggling against.
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    In what way are they all over us, they have barely crested a single attack while we have had dozens of chances. Stop making stuff up.
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    Love the kit...reminds me of the good old days
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    Oh yeah let’s just ignore what people are saying and call it a vendetta, it's so much easier to silence the critics that way. You got to love it, most people criticising him have been huge fans of his for 4 years, expressed it highly on the forum, and coincidentally when the performances drop fans are picking that out. That's an amazing coincidence don't you think? Nope, it must be a vendetta, I believe those fans have just grown to hate Kante, altogether, out of nothing, it must be a vendetta, it can't be anything else surely? Look at me, I’m smart.
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    Fedor Chalov

    An unheard of bum who's been heard of, and regularly watched by one of the many Russian premier league aficionados on the forum. Get it now?
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    Split hairs much 😂
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Is simple Hazard is gone and he often got moaned at for not pulling a rabbit out of his a$$ every game. Now Kante is our only World class player left so he gets the grief. Problem is Kante cannot pick up the mantle hazard left. He does a job so someone like Hazard has freedom. None of our attackers are anywhere near Hazard levels.
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    So we are playing a young team with a number of players in key positions experiencing there 1st season in top flight football, it is absolutely no surprise we are hugely inconsistent. We could have any manager in the world managing us and I wouldn't expect anything different, Klopp struggled with an experienced Liverpool side when he came in and in comparison what Lampard is achieving is nothing short of a miracle especially considering we've lost Hazard, Kante and Rudiger have missed a large part of the season so far and RLC hasn't even seen the training pitch yet.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Coco was actually one of the few people being positive so yeah he probably did, and he was right. But to get beat 3-0 or 4-0? Are you mad?? Yes we've been struggling but that's an insult, as soon as we changed formation Arsenal were no longer in the game, they had a good 30 minutes and that was it. Also, we were the better side for the last 60 minutes, look at the 2nd half stats Arsenal couldn't get the ball out their own half, we are the away side, what we did was impressive we deserved that win. Why try to undermine that just because Leno made a mistake? Emerson also made a horrible mistake and some of the worst defending I've ever seen for a Chelsea "defender", there's no need to downplay our victory, it was a well deserved win.
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    All I see are 12 points and a pass to the next round of the champions league
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    Uninspiring? Frank in charge, youngsters coming through and showing talent and potential, 6 points clear in 4th, and over 4k away fans going to Hull on a Saturday evening in January with no trains, the team and club inspire me.
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    I said in few weeks or maybe a month back that am worried about Franks ability to effect the game from the touch line and he's proving me more often than not right more than wrong. I thought we turned a corner on him making tactical adjustments and have a PLAN B but he clearly hasn't because barring the Tottenham match which is a Derby he has shown very little signs that his tactics can work consistently so far. He looks absolutely clueless on how to deal with a low block time and time again it’s becoming so easy for teams to beat us, just get two bags of 4 stay compact , organised they won’t break us down and we will ABSOLUTELY get chances as they can’t defend either. It's still early days in this project and he needs to be given time, but until he can come up with A PLAN B expect more of these defeats this season. We have still in 4th because the rest are just as sh*te as us at the moment. Also let's see him mould his squad to his liking and then see if we still have these problems after 3 years because getting better players aren't going to fix tactical ineptitude, that player will save you so often ala Hazard,but when that fails then what??? It's also worrying that he still believes Kante is playing excellent it's like he wants to prove a point that he's going to stick with this no matter what.
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    We've got a new Kepa

    Bringing him back to the top. Another game with a weak GK performance when we needed him. I don't think we'd miss him if he left - think there are 10-15 better goalies in Premier League playing weekly. What does he actually bring? Sorry but hes done for me. Not a winner, and too weak.
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    The midfield trio of Jorginho, Barkley and Mount has been played twice before this season, in the 2-0 home win against Brighton, and the 1-0 home win against Newcastle. Definitely a statement of attacking intent from Lampard.
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    Oh don't be such a dick. Even Stevie Wonder can see you posting the same argumentative sh*te as at least 2 previous banned incarnations with your Oscar Wilde level of humourous user name selections. Off to ignore you go.
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    RIP Mourinho

    Fedor Chalov

    Aaaaaaand he's reincarnated.
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    Scott Harris

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    I thought the decisions to bring him off at the time was a poor one. He wasn't looking brilliant, but he was the only player looking likely to get beyond their defence.
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    Let me blow your myth out of the water. Most successful managers have played football professionally.
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    Danny Drinkwater

    I’m sick to death of people lumping every single person in the world in together like we’re all exactly the same and anyone who happens struggle should be cut adrift.

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