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    Danny Drinkwater

    I’m sick to death of people lumping every single person in the world in together like we’re all exactly the same and anyone who happens struggle should be cut adrift.
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    Next window

    That explains the weak wrists.
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    What's that sound? Woosh, is it?
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Agreed. Kovacic had a very good game yesterday (MOTM according to whoscored.com), I don't very much care for the nitpickers here. Nothing would justify benching Kova or Kanté at the moment. About N'Golo; he scored against both City and Liverpool. We should stop looking for more goals from our midfield, because it's our attacking 3 that didn't score a single goal against the big sides in the league so far. They need to start contributing.
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    The whole loyalty thing works both ways too. You can't sack a manager or get rid of a player, then complain about disloyalty when they show up at a rival club. Do people expect him to go and manage Leyton Orient or something? We sacked Jose. Twice. As I recall, a lot of people on here were happy with that decision. He's entitled to look for another job and he got an offer from a Champions League club who also reached the final last season. No unemployed manager in the world would turn it down.
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    I I think we know there's two schools of thought on that. A. We were completely right to sell him because he didn't play amazingly in the tiny handful of appearences he made and because the young but already full international capped lad had the audacity to demand more playing time. B. We were idiots that had failed to notice the quality he'd already shown elsewhere and completely failed to nurture a young talent and give him some time to get his head straight. After all, we had a self proclaimed genius in charge who often spoke about his ability to get the best out of players. Personally I believe it was a monumental cockup by the club. Still, we've got Ross Barkley and we're still waiting patiently to see if he's any good.
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    3 points from West Ham, Villa, Everton and Bournemouth is shocking.
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    Wilfred Zaha

    I don't get the analogy people are drawing with Van Dijk. Apparently, the fact that many were opposed to signing Van Dijk who subsequently proved successful at Liverpool is an argument to sign Zaha, because his qualities are doubted just as much. Okay...
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    Scott Harris

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    I loved that statement from the club. It's nice to see the club stick up for itself again, it feels like it's been a while.
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    Scott Harris

    Wilfred Zaha

    I don't think he is the best dribbler in the league. Most of his dribbling doesn't look clean, the ball just bounces around a lot at his feet. I think the likes of Pulisic, Mahrez and Kovacic are more effective with their dribbling than he is. I also don't think he is any better than what we have either, 2 goals in 15 games isn't anything to get excited about. I think every part of Zaha's game is overrated, it has been since his Championship days.
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    What? Willian has been playing very well until the last couple of games and has been absolutely deserving of his place in the team. He's had a couple of poor games and as a result was dropped to the bench yesterday. This place is really weird when it comes to Willian. I just don't get it.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    So he has to score screamers? Midfielders don't need to be relied on to score goals, especially ones who play as deep as Kovacic. Goals aren't actually the problem, we have scored plenty, we're only 1 goal behind Liverpool who are 11 points above us. Don't get me wrong it would be nice if he hit the occasional screamer now and then, as it would be anyone, but it's really not something you criticise a deep playing midfielder for. Let's be fair here Just, you've been missing in this thread since he's been playing really well, and one game where we lose and he made a mistake you're straight on his case.
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    And Zouma who looked a lot more assured Yep, Rudiger is the mouth we have been missing, our other defenders are just far too quiet. Rudiger was constantly moving the others around last night, always cajoling them, and was also a link to Kepa too. His impact is far more than him being a good defender, hes our defensive leader.
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    Thought Willian had a very good game tonight. CHO was not the best when he came on.
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    What are you on about? This is Monday Night Football at its finest!
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    Scott Harris

    Wilfred Zaha

    I really hope not. I don't think either of them would improve us all that much, not enough to give a serious boost to our top 4 chances or set us on our way to catching up with the very best teams. Between them, they will probably cost around £100m, that seems like a colossal waste of money.
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    Me too, Wednesday is going to be so nerve racking, and I hate the 17:55 kick off games...
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    Mateo Kovačić

    You are genuinely a f**king idiot.
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    Scott Harris

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    He was my man of the match today. He didn't always win a tackle, but he was everywhere. He was setting up attacks and getting into good defensive positions when Villa were on the attack. That block in the second half is why we need him to play deeper. That extra defensive presence is crucial. He can't help us defensively when he is playing the attacking role of our 3 midfielders.
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    Big disappointment, we weren't even close to play for a comeback. There wasn't a player that played good enough tonight. West Ham did well in protecting their goal and taking the points from our home.
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    James was at fault for the goal, he did what Emerson did against City, he let the attacker cut inside and get a shot away. I thought he was really poor in the 2nd half. He put a few decent balls into the box in the first half, but didn't produce any bit of quality in the second half. Jorginho was very poor by his standards. He was too slow with his reactions and played a few loose passes, he never got into the game. Emerson was the same as ever, ineffective. Hudson-Odoi didn't do much when he came on, our attacking didn't improve a single bit.
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  24. 4 points
    VAR check for kick off time ? Sorry, couldn't resist !
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    Davey Baby

    Mateo Kovačić

    Ladies and gentlemen, the video you've all been waiting for. His best bits from this season. This is what a proper midfielder looks like. Take a bow Mateo. You are definitely my kind of player. As the title says, world class.
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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    got an update on RLC today:
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    @erskblue that was pretty much my reply to my old man when he told me The good times are over at Tottenham and they weren’t that good anyway
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    Tammy Abraham

    When we sing Super Chelsea ..."by far the greatest team, the World has ever seen" do you go around the ground correcting everyone ?
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    Lamps does have a real dilemma as I've touched on elsewhere. I too would like to see us stick with the youth but that's a gamble if some of them are struggling to regain the form they showed earlier. It would be better if CHO was already showing signs of being the player we hope he will be or if RLC was fit & available and raring to go. But right now, we are struggling and the squad does look a bit thin, so I would be all for replacing some of the players I don't see having a future at CFC (Giroud, Pedro, Barkley, Christensen) and signing better quality players in those positions. Not saying discard the youth, but rotate them when needed and just give ourselves a better, stronger looking squad.
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    Goalkeeper inconsistent, doesnt command area. Full back areas just dont seem right to me. Centre backs are all good but not great, although i like the promise of zouma/tomori with rudiger. Centre midfield is okay, but i would only ever start 2 of the 3, unless it was a tough fixture against a top side. Attacking midfield is really poor. Mount will probably go on to be a very good footballer, but right now, he doesn't offer enough. Very rarely produces a killer pass and his finishing isnt clinical. We need a better number 10. Wingers, bit like the centre backs, some good players, but none have proven to be consistant match winners, pulisic looks promising. Strikers, i think abraham has done brilliantly, and has been the best one to step up. Just needs to work on his heading. The squad is lacking quality all over the pitch.
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    the special one

    Wilfred Zaha

    Goals/assists 19/20 Werner 1.32 Sancho 0.84 Zaha 0.25 Would Man City buy Zaha? Or Liverpool? We can do better.
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    So we can open our wallet again...

    Can't believe some of you want Izzy Brown involved. He's nowhere near good enough for this level. Just because we've got some youngsters in the team now doesn't mean they are all good.
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    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    WTF is WalterwhiteCFC when you need the bloke ?? btw turned out I was right, City got a paltry fine and FIFA f'd over our club (tried but failed thanks to RA & SFL), I could start an antisemitism conspiracy theory, but I'll leave that sort of thing to the Daily Fail for now.
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    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Yes. Great statement that highlights the corrupt and vindictive nature of football's governing body. This is the second time they have been found to have treated us unfairly. It's interesting that, now the majority of their findings have been thrown out, there is no longer the discrepancy on the number and scale of our alleged transgressions between us and Man City. It was this discrepancy that was the basis of FIFa letting City off with a warning.
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    Poor marking, but once again keeper has to be coming for that. It's cross in the six yard box that wasn't exactly whistling in.
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    Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*

    Away from home were fine, the opposition come out to play, and we find the spaces. But at home we have to play teams who get everyone behind the ball, stay compressed and concentrate on defending, then we struggle to open up teams and leave ourselves vulnerable, when the opposition wins ball we don't have all the players behind the ball. For me the home problem can be overcome with improving our dead ball game. At the moment we have virtually zero threat coming from dead balls (bar pens). Corners we may as well take from the centre circle, then you have dangerous free kicks, again we just don't seem to have a threat, its all a bit comfortable for the opposition.
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    Just got back from the game, i don’t get to live games very much these days after being a season ticket holder for 32 years so big deal for me. I am gutted, one of my top 5 hates as a team along with Spurs, Liverpool, Leeds and QPR anyway I am still refreshed and optimistic this is a team and manager on a very steep learning curve, performing In General above expectations. We need a top centre forward. I don’t think Tammy being fit would have made big difference today even though I think he has huge potential. We still have Rudiger and lofthouse-cheek to come back, add a transfer window we will be up with the best. Until then we will learn as a squad and a young manager so looking beyond my short term frustration with today and trying to accept these types of set backs, just a shame it was to the pickey’s ....... that would have hurt Frank more than anyone
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    I think it's a bit unfair on Willian, who was one of our better players this season. The other two would have been gone already if it wasn't for the transfer ban.
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    Time to retire Giroud, Willian and Pedro, they were just getting in the way today.
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    Tammy Abraham

    Be nice if Batshayui learned the offside rule at some point this season.
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    Oh my, what a pitiful display of refereeing a match. Most shambolic display since when, that Barcelona UCL match at Stamford Bridge? Obviously a lot less riding on this one, but unbelievable nonetheless. Did everything they could to give Valencia the match. Dreadful. The style of officiating other European leagues bleeds into these UCL matches and it ruins so many games. And not to mention 7 extra minutes!! The 4-4 draw with Ajax that has several goals and VAR reviews and a pen only had 4. These two games were reversed of what they should have been. Very fortunate Valencia could not finish there many sitters. Really struggled playing out from the back. Kepa pulls a few stunners here and there. Zouma is shaky as well. Kepa with an awesome save on the Pen. Second Valencia goal was just one of those goals you cannot do much with. Pulisic with a terrific flick. Kovacic had an awesome game and glad to see him score. Very nervy, but got the result we needed. Just need to win at home vs Lille. Come on you Chelsea!!
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    That’s a f**king disgrace. He’s won the f**king ball!!!
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    Always disappointing to lose but it's City away. We march on. West Ham (h), Villa (h), Everton (a) and Bournemouth (h) We have 4 very winnable games coming up.
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    Chelsea quiz

    @coco @mad_mac @Imran_CFC 1. First - Gudjohnsen Vs Fulham. Last - Anelka Vs Villa. 2. Jimmy Greaves 3. 28 4. 8 5. Highbury 6. True, it's always been one win and one draw/defeat Vs Burnley ever since their last promotion. 7. Loftus Cheek and Christensen - Mourinho Abraham and Tomori - Hiddink Hudson Odoi - Conte Mount and James - Lampard 8. False, it fell one game short of being a joint record and two from being an outright one. 9. Michael Essien, signed in 2005 and wasn't involved in a home defeat in any competition until Fernando Torres's Chelsea debut Vs Liverpool in 2011. 10. Liverpool (10/11 and 11/12) and Charlton (00/01 and 01/02) 11. 12 (1990-2002) 12. Jussi Jaskellinen
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    Jose Mourinho thread

    How does that work then? Sorry, it can't be done!
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    Roman Abramovich

    Agree. I love discussing politics but this is a football forum for goodness sake.
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    Best football images

    This AC Milan side of 1988 wasn't bad either.
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    Davey Baby

    Jose Mourinho thread

    They're both thinking, "What a prat".
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    Roman Abramovich

    Come on, now we all want to know what was said. Bloody mods!
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    I know this is tongue and cheek but to be fair he made that Spurs side the most threatening side they've ever been. They've arguably just sacked their greatest manager ever, stupid decision and will definitely haunt them. There isn't a long term manager who doesn't have a rough patch, Spurs don't have the luxuries of flipping manager to manager, I actually think Poch would've stayed for a lot longer, like Simeone did with Atletico. I'm honestly baffled at the decision, and it's even more amusing given that Poch is likely to go manage a better team.

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