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    Alright lads, anyone fancy a drink
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    Oh, you again He's coming back from a major injury. No, he's not immediately the king of the pitch, but neither is he the disaster on legs you make him out to be. He's finding his way back. I can't wait to see how you will burn down Loftus-Cheek when he's back.
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    I've just had the best night of my Chelsea life. Just spent an hour talking to Bobby Tambling ! I have pictures. i'll put them up later, my phone won't do it. Also, I shouldn't drink alcohol with my medication, but yeah....
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    Davey Baby

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Well, you have to consider many factors. Firstly his demeanour, which is unassuming and charming. Secondly, his medal haul, which you can't argue with. Thirdly, his humble origins, which only add to the legend. Fourthly, his fitness, which was questionable. Fifthly, the fact that he chose to sign for us when he could have gone anywhere. Sixthly the fact that he hasn't agitated for a move, despite being far too good for us. Seventhly, the fact that he used to drive a Mini Cooper, or used to. Eighthly, the fact that he was playing alongside Jorginho, whom we've already established is grossly overrated. Ninthly, the fact that he's such a credit to our great club, and tenthly the fact that he made Danny Drinkwater look a player, when they were both at Leicester, so much so that we spunked the best part of 30mil on him. Given all that, I think it's only fair to give him a 10.
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    Matthew Harding 23 Years Today

    A fitting tribute really but I bet he wouldn’t love seeing away fans in The Shed though!
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    For Lords sake the kid is just overcoming a severe injury, when he's fully match fit i'll accept that sort of nailing............. expectant fans eh!
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    Mason Mount

    So your basing this on one game and ignoring the last several games where them players have all been very good and have battered teams?
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Or too much, or just enough. "look at him celebrating just right, disgraceful"
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    I like Jorginho! RJBOfficial does not! He also does not like players in Everton. Is there a pattern here?
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    You've been a member for 5 weeks and you already know about "always" on this forum? That is impressive! And you know wrong, by the way, about "nobody" and about "the staff" (you probably mean the moderators). There are quite a few people who like him. I'm one of them. If you and Andy North can post your comments, so can Yorkley. And you were the one to use "c**t" in your posts, so who is the most offensive person?
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    Davey Baby

    Marcos Alonso

    On a general point, it shows you how much performances improve when there's genuine competition. Dave has improved of late, knowing Reece James is fit. Willian has improved, knowing Callum has regained fitness. Every player in our team knows there's competition, and you have to be on your game.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    You always did get excited watching young men "develop".
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    People have different personalities? People feel and react to emotions differently? Maybe he just didn’t give a sh*t? Who the hell cares?
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    Davey Baby

    Reece James

    Fitness permitting, there is absolutely no doubt this boy's going to make it. He has everything, skill, speed, strength, shooting ability, crossing ability, passing ability, power. You could go on and on. Put him in midfield and he could be Michael Essien.
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    Billy Gilmour

    Love this pic from that article ! Billy Gilmour in 2005
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    Marc Guehi

    19 years old and built like a brick sh*t house. In conclusion I'm guessing Bernardo Silva won't be tweeting him cartoon pictures.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Best performance I've seen from him, he was outstanding. His vision, pace, delivery and trickery are incredible for somebody of his age already. Almost every ball he put into the box was a good one, he actually reminded me a bit of Hazard today whenever he got that ball on the left hand side, he caused problems.
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    Fikayo Tomori

    Just listen to it. Brilliant young man. Future captain perhaps.
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    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Smashing the Premier League and winning the FA Cup in two seasons is taking the piss? Would have liked to see us if he wasn't taking the piss!
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    I think it was also great to see that we didn't look as vulnerable from set pieces as we have been looking over the season however that may have been down to us being a more physical team than Southampton. At times we did seem to have a mix of Zonal and man for man marking which I think is a lot better than having a purely zonal system. On a separate note as someone who appreciates the talent that Southampton has provided to the global footballing community it is sad to see how poor Southampton appear, they are easily the worst side we've played this season and unless we see some dramatic changes they could be headed down to the championship, this is not purely based upon the game on the weekend but in general they have been well below par especially when they lost to a 10 man spurs team last weekend.
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    Scott Harris

    Mason Mount

    His performances are patchy, but he has this knack for being involved in the most crucial moments of our games. I also think he is the most effective player for when it comes to pressing the opposition, he's really good at it.
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    You expect nuggets of wisdom from Souness?
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    That's what I meant about fitting right on in,mate. So many mind-readers who know exactly what player X or manager is thinking. Makes us mere humans feel inadequate and uninformed. It's a bit like all the world-class soccer experts who know exactly how and why top club managers don't understand the game,tactics, or the requirements of their specific hate-figure player of choice.
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    Mutley was watching the Spuds game v Bayern and his reaction...
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    Crucial result, but i thought it was a gritty but average performance in a below average quality CL game. Kepa my man of the match. Tammy did well, considering the awful service given to him. Mount disappointing. As others have said, Timori played well but made unforced errors. I'm sure this won't affect him like it did Christensen. James looks a bit overweight to me. Was told he'd walk into the team once fit, but doesn't look ready atm. Kante looked nowhere near fit, so why risk him? CHO. Pass for the goal but nothing else. Commentator said William goal was a bit lucky. See Willians head and body shape when he hit it and you can see he defo meant to hit the shot into ground exactly where he hit it knowing it would bounce sharply and awkwardly for the keeper. Again, not the best quality performance but a crucial, grritty away win was more important than lovely football today!
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    Reece James

    All in all i think he did decent for an entirely new position. Got sharper as the game progressed and put in some lovely crosses.
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    Oh it's happened alright, on a much more spursy scale then we could ever have hoped....
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    Even the cattle are celebrating Bayern's victory.
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    Good overall performance, we do though need to finish more of the chances we are creating. Not too many chances given in our box, so a satisfying afternoon. Tomori is looking very good, reminds me of a young Des Walker...You'll never beat Tomori!
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    There's a couple Liam that would be a bit more supportive if Frank smoked a fag, wore a baggy track suit, had a face like a slapped arse and came from Italy. I tend to ignore them.
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome. Are you a normal Canadian or one that thinks they’re French? Sorry.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I honestly don't understand the resentment towards Callum regarding the contract. If the club held all the cards they would have stuck him on a 'modest' wage without thinking twice but it happened to be in this situation he held the cards and played them accordingly. Anyone who says they would have done differently in his position are lying to themselves.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Oh piss off
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    I love the lineup but I actually think it’s far too many changes, I mean 11. Only experience in the team is Pedro and Caba, I wouldn’t class Barkley as a calm experienced player or zouma they both flap. Could of done with kovacic or Jorginho. Bench is fairly strong though but I’ve got a feeling we might still be looking for our first home win after tonight
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    We've got a new Kepa

    He always had that short memory...When he complained about Conte celebrating, as if he never ever overreacted just to steal the spotlight from his players...Or when he mocked us for winning Europa league for the first time saying that he would be ashamed winning that because it's only for small clubs, but then he was so over the moon when he won it with Manutd...
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    There’s a vicious rumour going around that @Valerie is going to be at this match. It’s strange because she’s not mentioned it once.
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    The only time Jorginho and Kovacic have impressed this season is when Kante has been on the pitch with them. Kovacic was immense today. Tomori was outstanding. What a player. We are in dreamland. Unfortunately Christensen is not good enough. He has had ample chances. Physically weak. Look at their second goal. All he is worried about is being hit. Willian was good in a Willian sort of way. Played well but lacks a cutting edge. We need Callum badly. Alonso and Kurt played well. Frank couldn't make the changes second-half that he would have liked to but we benefited from that. We battered them in that last 20 minutes. Maybe he's learned a lesson. Tammy was poor. Didn't win a header all game. Poor movement. Fluffed his chance. Should have got his head up and seen Mount. He'll have better days. The ref was an absolute c**t. Their goalie time-wasting, what does he do? Delays the game even further by chatting to Henderson for about a minute. Gave them everything first-half. Not the first time we've been screwed over by him. Thought we were great. Very positive showing. Tomori was the big plus. We need to keep Kante fit.
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    Rangers 2019/2020 Match Day Thread

    Slightly off subject but the latest Rangers badge from Poppy Scotland. https://www.poppyscotlandstore.com/poppyscotland-charity-pin-badges/scottish-league-football-pins/rangers-football-pin-badge-poppyscotland.html @carrickblue @Upsetter @Scott @Larky Blue One to add to your collection?
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    By the way surely Pulisic can do better than Pedro, he's had a string of stinkers now. Pedro is amazing on his day but this season more often than not he's not doing well
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Sloppy today, seems to be struggling to keep up with the other players in the team. The moment kovacic came on there was a clear difference.
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    I love this "playing out from the back" malarkey!
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    yesss!! Get in Jorginho!! Brilliant pressing from Mount, unreal that he’s our difference maker this season
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    That was a great game to be at the Bridge, especially in the second half. But, how on earth do we let a Grimsby player get behind our defenders and score? Great goal for them, but can’t we get a clean sheet against a lower division team? Other than that, I was impressed by the youngsters. James, Gilmour, Guehi, Maatsen, Anjorin were very good. CHO was good as well but I was expecting s bit more from him, given all the hype about the contract. great game and first victory for Lamps at the Bridge. Let’s hope we can get a continuation this weekend against Nrighton. Can we play some more youth?
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    Haha w**kers Was especially happy to see that our very own Frank 'even sh*tter than Carlton Cole' Nouble played 90 minutes for Colchester last night. This is a man who scored 3 goals in 15 games in the Chinese First Division. Unsurprisingly Colchester failed to register a shot on target.
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    I text my mate Lee to clarify dodgy decisions when I’m at The Bridge. I call him Lee Assisted Video aka LAV.

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