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    There appears to be too much hysteria and much of this is coming from new members to this board, I think there could be some fishing going on here. Yesterday’s game was disappointing. Let’s move on. Many people quite rightly feel that the premier league is the best league in the world. If we were as poor and hopeless as some people are writing, we would not be sitting fourth in the table. League table positions don’t lie. Is it a cast iron guarantee then we will end up in the top four? Of course not. Back in August with a new inexperienced manager and a transfer ban any true Chelsea fan would have taken a top 6 place. That would have been great given the circumstances. This team is going through a building process and Frank is still learning. People need to take a better perspective on things. It’s not as bad as people are suggesting. We are inconsistent but taken as a whole Chelsea have been good this season with many encouraging signs.
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    We can argue all day about the merits of who should be playing, where they play and to what system. The simple fact is with 71% possession there is no way we should be conceding three goals, that is carelessness. The first goal conceded was ludicrous, we'd had the warning minutes previously and to concede the corner in the manner we did was criminal. Go in at half time one up and this game was won, Spammers were deflated. Yet again just after the break we failed to start, gave away careless possession and we're a goal down due to a lack of awareness at the back. The third goal was borderline kamikaze, it could be argued that Rudiger would have been better letting Yarmolenko have a run at goal rather than showing him onto his stronger left foot with the perfect angle. All these goals were preventable and should have been. Moving onto our attack or lack of it, Tammy is showing a distinct lack of awareness. He fails consistently to make the right runs, isn't spatially aware and doesn't open space for others to exploit. Can this be coached into him or do we just have to accept that he isn't going to be the striker we all hope for? Willian is back at his annoying self, good positions wasted with poor final ball selection. Pulisic again looked the brightest on the ball. Midfield whilst dominant failed to open up the defence enough though Kovacic had a decent first half and Mount gave us impetus when he came on. Top four will be hard now with the remaining fixtures, we still have the two point advantage but we could be now praying for City's demise. One thing for definite is we have to cut out though is the careless mistakes that are costing us points.
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    Pulisic is easily a cut above any other attacking player we have
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    Scott Harris

    Antonio Rudiger

    I don't know what has happened to him. He used to be pretty decent, not perfect, but dependable 90% of the time. Now I'm biting my nails watching him play. He constantly looks on edge. It's like somebody needs to get hold of him and calm him down.
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    I think it's pretty simple, really. When we play teams from the lower part of the table they put everyone behind the ball and we have trouble breaking them down while our sh*t defence gets taken apart on the counter and set pieces. When we play the likes of City it's the other way around, the onus is on City to break us down and we hurt them on the counter while our fans salivate at how great Rudiger/Christensen are, forgetting that even average defenders may look impressive in a low block with a lot of help.
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    Considering how poorly we started, it's remarkable we kept a clean sheet.
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    If they can re-employ him after he gobbed at a car with a child in the passenger seat, I'd say Sky has pretty low standards.
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    We've got a new Kepa

    Just blame every goal on him And not goals too
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    ok. I haven't read through the thread. I'm sure many people are pissed and rightly so. That was a self-inflicted cock up on so many fronts. But let's not get full of doom and gloom. I've spoken to people and heard a lot of negativity just generally. Obviously some of it is justified. But let's keep some perspective/hope. All is not lost, yet., What did last night show? That the squad isn't good enough, particularly in some key positions. We knew that. We undid the good work by beating city, but we're still in a good position to qualify for the CL. A tough ask, but doable. It has seemed for a while that the final game against Wolves could be a potential decider. That is looking even more likely. So strap yourselves in, this is Chelsea, the ride is never smooth.
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    Tammy Abraham

    Calm yourself Iago. He is fine, hasn't had two great games but as any young striker will he will have some dips. He has good competition now coming in and will continue to have to lift his level. Particularly back to goal.
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    Andreas Christensen

    I thought during the game this is like a Drogba vs Senderos situation
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    No it does not. Ziyech plays on the right.
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    About time. I’m sick of people saying he’s good enough to play for us. Barkley is the most inconsistent player, hope we sell him in the summer.
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    I think Lamps figured out during the LOCKDOWN that Jorginho was just a passenger in the line up. He helps with the tempo but he is such a liability on defence. Lamps wants an energetic midfield like Liverpool and unfortunately Jorginho is not a high tempo player. I honestly don't mind if he leaves because we have Kante , kovacic and Gilmour who can play his position.. let's also not forget that we have won 5 games in a row with Jorginho not in the line up
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    Scott Harris

    Ben Chilwell

    40m, 30m, 20m, whatever the asking price is, it's too much for Chilwell. He's not good enough.
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    chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    All those years I stood in Shed and never realised it had an upper tier, or are they corporate boxes up there, bloody prawn sandwich brigade!! "We're the corporate, we're the corporate, we're the corporate of the shed"
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    Spammers are one of our bogey clubs ,generally crap but turn into barca when playing us,god I hate them.
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    I think you're overlooking the fact that Kante's best position can't be equated to an Italian word that ends with 'ista'. If it could then none of this dilemma would he occurring and there would be recognition that he is the thing the dog likes to lick. To try and resolve this I urge Lampard to lobby social media sites to back the creation of a role called 'BroOfKantesSista' That should resolve this complex issue.
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Barkley is hilarious, I suppose like a lot of players who had a lot of natural talent but didn't have the footballing brain to match. Great piece of skill to get us into a four-on-two situation... then dithers on the ball, makes completely the wrong decision and then almost manages to even completely f**k that up. Great finish for the winner though. Barkley is 27 in December and he's played under Sarri, Hodgson, Conte, Martinez, Moyes (etc.) - some high-level managers with clear ideas about how they want the game to be played, and none of them have managed to significantly improve him in any way (think Mourinho with Joe Cole). I don't seriously think he is going to develop into the player it seemed like he might as a 21-year-old - the Barkley we have now is probably what he's always going to be. Let's not kid ourselves - I don't seriously have any hope that he will ever be a player who is good enough to start for a side with top-level ambitions. He'll probably end up at West Ham or something (which would be the end of him) or somewhere odd like Lazio. I don't mind having him around as a squad player but also wouldn't be all that concerned if he left.
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    Billy Gilmour

    What a stupid argument, being out of position doesnt excuse a poor performance with some really bad passing. It's not like he was playing a completely unknown position like centre back.
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    The fawning is sickening. World record for a defender. World record for a keeper (before our little mistake with Kepa). The thing you can praise them for is spending their money well, but let's not pretend they spent nothing. I couldn't disagree with this more. This notion that the midfield did nothing because we weren't dominating possession and keeping the ball and pressuring City excludes the fact that Franks tactic was for City to have the ball. In fact they had about 65 percent of it. Watch the game back and critically watch what the midfield 3 did without the ball. City try and expose you by drawing players out of position to create third man runs for midfielders through the channel. They tried it all night with the interchange of players but created nothing primarily because Mount and Barkley were superb at tracking runners and not getting sucked in. With the ball, their role was simple, get the ball into the forward players quickly and then run to create space, which both did brilliantly. Particularly with their runs beyond Giroud into the channel. Helped by NGolo anchoring with his mobility to prevent the counter. All 3 in our midfield played their role in the tactics perfectly. Barkley has had his best games for the club over the last four and doesn't deserve criticism, particularly after playing a key role in a huge win and (again with his movement) playing a big role in the comeback against Villa.
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    We've got a new Kepa

    Prime Cech would be conceding lots of goals in this team. The defence is absolutely awful.
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    I wasn't blaming Frank for not knowing his team, wasn't a criticism about him. I dont know our best team either.
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    Usually after a bad result has particularly annoyed me I eventually look at it in a bit more context and feel a bit better on refection, not today, if anything it's got me even more wound up. The main reason being it was totally avoidable, I have got a bit of stick for being critical despite the three wins last week but I was doing it for a reason and that was because I could see a night like this coming from Mars. Even if we got away with it last night (which we nearly did as Giroud should have scored near the end) I still would have felt worried as it was only kicking the can down the road, make no mistake this was coming, if it didn't happen tonight it would have been Bramal Lane or Selhurst Park (possibly even Watford at home), still could be if no lessons are learned! If that was our best line up I'd suck it up until there's a chance to change things, but it wasn't, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER who was part of that incredible smashing of Everton (which was probably our best and most complete performance since the same fixture in Conte's title season) have been available since the restart, why haven't we seen that lineup (exception being Pulisic in instead of Pedro) again? and worse than that, why has the catalyst for that display only been seen in 50 minutes out of position in 4 games? That game (and the Liverpool game) were beautiful, it looked like we finally found our best core of players, best system, the style of play was mesmerising and it didn't even last another game, ripped up for sh*t on a stick football where a player that wasn't even playing for us that afternoon is now having to bail us out constantly, just how? Another thing really annoying me are the CB issues. I'm not Zouma's biggest fan but him and Rudiger were slowly forming a really good partnership before the break, WHY THE HELL HAS THAT BEEN TINKERED WITH? I'm one of the minority that think while our CBs will never be world class (apart from potentially Fik) they've been dealt a bad hand with Kepa's form and constantly being rotated about, pick Zouma with either Fik or Rudi keep them there and all off a sudden things won't look too bad. Don't get me started (again) on Kante always being picked AND playing 90 minutes no matter what, it was bad enough earlier on in the season but Frank still hasn't learned his lesson. The fact he's still being selected means either Lampard genuinely thinks we're actually better with him in the team despite all the evidence and metrics saying otherwise or he's playing him because of what he was/is at his very best. I hate being critical of him (Kante) as he's one of my favourite all time players for the club and I'll always appreciate the difference he made when he arrived but that's one thing with me, I'm so club/team orientated that I don't have trouble letting my head rule my heart (Drogba is my all time favorite and i was against him returning in 2014). Also with Mount in the side, we don't even miss Kante's engine as much as we use too. Then there's the regista issue. Some people don't seem to want to embrace the idea of a regista because they're all on the "traditional DM" idea and can't be moved, but it's actually one of the most important positions in the modern game, having players who can dictate from deep at a high level are absolute gold dust in the modern game, we've got not only one but two and neither are being played, and in favour of putting a box to box player there (therefore neglecting his best attribute), that's Mourinho lite. Frank's a young manager so I will give him the time to fix this sh*t especially as I have seen serious promise with him (if this was an experienced manager pulling this I'd be going full Claude) but if these tactics and selections are the "new normal" then *yikes*.
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    Antonio Rudiger

    Rudiger always struck me as someone whose attitude doesn't match his ability level. He is meant to be this quality centreback and a veteran, sort of a mentor to our younger players, the leader at the back, whose commanding presence is supposed to instill confidence in those around him. He's nothing like it, really, both in terms of his character and his natural ability. He's nervous and hesitant on the ball, can't pass worth sh*t and has poor instincts when it comes to actual one-on-one defending. He cannot organize things at the back because he himself is clueless and gets caught out of position time and again. How can you organize anything and why should anyone listen to you if you're just as prone to errors and poor judgment as the rest of our backline? Players like Terry, Carvalho, Ferdinand, Vidic, Cannavaro or Van Dijk commanded respect because they lead by example and pulled others up to their level. They could demand an absolute best from their teammates because a)they were world class players and b)they consitently performed at the highest level. I watched Everton vs Leicester game right before ours. Michael Keane was MOTM and I liked the look of Soyuncu from the Foxes. They just looked like the centrebacks from the past, confident, tough, no-noncense, always n the right place, good in the air and strong in a tackle. Now I'm not advocating us going after those two, I'm just using them as an example. Our centrebacks don't seem to grasp the absolute basics, the fundamentals of what makes a solid central defender and Rudiger is way too old to improve in that department.
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    Sounds odd when he got two goals but did Willian really show up. Two set piece goals but offered very little otherwise. A shed load of half breaks then a blind pass or cross which was nothing more than hopeful. I thought he was poor tonight bar taking advantage of the set piece opportunities.
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    This team is a mirror of Derby last season
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    He was to blame for all three goals by not being on the pitch to do anything about them! Bloody useless this bloke.
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    Hope Lampard tears those defenders a new arsehole after the game. If he’s happy telling youngsters they’re not good enough he needs to bollocks these so called veterans. Let the badge down tonight, not good enough to wear the shirt.
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    More shocking defending from Rudiger, still no cover from Kante. Same mistakes again and again. This performance from Rudiger has been far worse than any of the youngsters last game that got hooked at half time.
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    f**king pathetic performance, I can't think of one good performance here, it's only Pulisic who looks up for it and is actually a threat, everyone else has been garbage.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Is the sign a request to the fans?
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    "Christian felt a bit of tightness in his calf when he came off against Leicester. We’re managing him. I haven’t got an answer for him yet, it feels better than it did at the end of the game, so we’ll see by tomorrow. "Andreas Christensen likewise is in the squad, but we will have to see with another 24 hours because of the tight turnaround." Joining tomorrow ahead of the game will be Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech
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    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Can I just say that Azpilicueta has been fantastic since the season restart.
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    big blue

    Billy Gilmour

    Such a small sample size though. 20 mins against hull, 45 minutes against liverpool, until jorginho came on, and about 60 against Everton until james came on. He has played all over midfield through the youth ranks, what he was asked to do today was not out of his comfort zone, and who knows he end up further forward, its impossible to tell at this stage of his career. Fantastic talent, sh*t 45 minutes today though, but he is young and its his first game in 3 months.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Should be the first name on the teamsheet.
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    example of Super Frank pulling the strings In Super Frank's first season, he has guided Chelsea to Wembley. That has to speak for something special IMO
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    Kovacic was for me the biggest difference in midfield when he came on, his press and aggresive play was something was lacking in the first half. Barkley and Azpilicueta also improved on this when they came on. Pulisic still the MoM for me, positive, very direct and a superb close control at a high pace. I was a bit annoyed at Barkley at the end, even after scoring that great goal, because he killed 2-3 of our counterattacks with his passing. I think someone like Havertz would give us something extra in our counter attacks, if we manage to land him. I've been critical of Christensen after the restart, but I was missing him today. His passing compared to Rudiger and Zouma would have made a big difference in the first half today.
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    Well that’s 5 in a row and not easy games we have beat all 3 teams above us in the table
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    Emerson’s been a disappointing signing for me, not shown any of the performances he had at Roma. Such a negative player now, when the ball comes to him you know it’s going straight back to the CB. It’s like he has no confidence here.
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    Finishing in the top four is the most important goal for us at this point. FA Cup would be a nice bonus, but qualifying for the CL is the number one priority.
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    If we could stop doing it on our own forum that’d be great Last time I checked they’re not in the FA Cup, some fantastic team knocked them out last round.
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    The City game was a really difficult game but you really have to give credit to Frank, he got it right. I slated him, many of us did, I wanted us to try and outplay City like we did last time, not give them any respect. And I think he took way too long to make subs but he just won a MASSIVELY important game for us and that has to be one of his best tactical performances. That and the Spurs away game against Mourinho, that was sheer brilliance from Frank. If he manages to get top 4, my, what a job he's done. Amazing how so many people are forgetting this. I keep hearing "why isn't Frank getting the same criticism as OGS", the same OGS that has spent over 200 million and is still 5 points behind us while having a well established team. Frank has come in at the hardest possible time, I don't care what Mourinho says about that, Frank has the hardest job of any Chelsea gaffer right now. A transfer ban? Losing Hazard? Ageing squad? There's a reason why Sarri ran a mile when he could. Frank came in and really did the impossible, that's no hyperbole. Because remember before the season kicked off, how many of us and especially rivals were predicting our season? Everyone was saying outside of top 6, it was going to be a disaster, Mourinho 3rd season vibes. That couldn't be further from the truth, we've had all our best players injured and Frank has still managed to keep us in the top 4 all season.
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    big blue

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    What game did you watch. Half way up the net? look at the trajectory of the ball. No keeper saves that.
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    It's one of those myths that, if repeated enough, everyone believes. Especially given the circumstances under which Liverpool emerged from second division irrelevance... For what it's worth: Courtois £8m Azpilicueta £7m Luiz £34m Cahill £7m Moses £10m Kanté £32m Matic £21m Alonso £24m Pedro £21m Hazard £32m Costa £32m ================================ Total £228m Alisson £67m Alexander-Arnold Free Gomez £3m van Dijk £75m Robertson £8m Fabinho £39m Henderson £18m Wijnaldum £23m Salah £38m Mané £37m Firmino £37m ================================ Total £345m
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    Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Suffered bomb damage during the war and never reopened. I remember in the 70s and 80s before passenger trains were put back on the line, you'd see a rattler going past the back of the East Stand hauling carriage after carriage of aggregate; massive long thing that would take ages to go past. It was more interesting to watch than some of the dross football being served up.
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