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    If you don't like your tv channel, stop giving them money. I can't believe Chelsea fans are more upset about media coverage than celebrating a great win. Looks like the media are not the only ones obsessed with that lot. Don't make us look like bitter obsessives, rise above it , Our club matters more than the the media, show a bit of class. Come on Chelsea !
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    *WARNING* doesn't contain w**kfest. Watching this can indoctrinate the viewer into believing we actually took part and won a good match with a great performance.
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    Don't care about Liverpool. Them winning the title was a mere formality. What makes me happy today is seeing the strong progress we're making under Frank. I make no qualms in saying that we'll be contending in years to come, and we've been improving since the United loss in February. Pulisic has been a revelation since the restart. A fantastic prospect for the club, and someone who is very reminiscent of Hazard in his style of play. The match could have gone either way, but great to have some luck on our side. This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons in a number of years for a multitude of reasons. We have Frank coaching us, we've blooded youth players and given them proper game time, we've exceeded the expectations of most people and there's finally a sense of optimism that we're heading in the right direction as a football club. Securing CL football is the top priority. If we can somehow win the FA Cup that would be the icing on the cake.
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    It’s not really that simple when they’re the only channel that airs the chelsea game is it? It has zero to do with Liverpool winning the league. I couldn’t give a f**k. Congratulations to them, they were by far the best in the league all season. It’s a broadcasters job to be independent and cover the game they’ve literally just shown. Not act like a clubs fan channel. It is possible to be delighted with a result and unhappy about something at the same time - they are not mutually exclusive emotions. What a strange opinion.
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    Christian Pulisic - Official

    I remembered when he was written off before he even kicked a ball for us...
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    There appears to be too much hysteria and much of this is coming from new members to this board, I think there could be some fishing going on here. Yesterday’s game was disappointing. Let’s move on. Many people quite rightly feel that the premier league is the best league in the world. If we were as poor and hopeless as some people are writing, we would not be sitting fourth in the table. League table positions don’t lie. Is it a cast iron guarantee then we will end up in the top four? Of course not. Back in August with a new inexperienced manager and a transfer ban any true Chelsea fan would have taken a top 6 place. That would have been great given the circumstances. This team is going through a building process and Frank is still learning. People need to take a better perspective on things. It’s not as bad as people are suggesting. We are inconsistent but taken as a whole Chelsea have been good this season with many encouraging signs.
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    We can argue all day about the merits of who should be playing, where they play and to what system. The simple fact is with 71% possession there is no way we should be conceding three goals, that is carelessness. The first goal conceded was ludicrous, we'd had the warning minutes previously and to concede the corner in the manner we did was criminal. Go in at half time one up and this game was won, Spammers were deflated. Yet again just after the break we failed to start, gave away careless possession and we're a goal down due to a lack of awareness at the back. The third goal was borderline kamikaze, it could be argued that Rudiger would have been better letting Yarmolenko have a run at goal rather than showing him onto his stronger left foot with the perfect angle. All these goals were preventable and should have been. Moving onto our attack or lack of it, Tammy is showing a distinct lack of awareness. He fails consistently to make the right runs, isn't spatially aware and doesn't open space for others to exploit. Can this be coached into him or do we just have to accept that he isn't going to be the striker we all hope for? Willian is back at his annoying self, good positions wasted with poor final ball selection. Pulisic again looked the brightest on the ball. Midfield whilst dominant failed to open up the defence enough though Kovacic had a decent first half and Mount gave us impetus when he came on. Top four will be hard now with the remaining fixtures, we still have the two point advantage but we could be now praying for City's demise. One thing for definite is we have to cut out though is the careless mistakes that are costing us points.
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    Pulisic is easily a cut above any other attacking player we have
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    O how I missed match day moans and neltdowns [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Timo Werner

    RB Leipzig are trolling spuds with this transfer
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    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I think, in his time with us, that he's been a wonderful addition to the squad. Always acted as a true professional, played the game as if he enjoyed just being on the pitch with a smile of his face, and contributed some really meaningful goals and assists in clutch moments for the club. He joined us in the twilight of his career, but was always a real pro and I think the club benefitted from having him here. Hope he sees out his career in good way at Roma and he'll be fondly remembered, at least by me, for his contributions at the club. The lad has won literally every competition in world football at least once, which is how you can tell he's a top top player, cheers Pedro, and thanks for your time at Chelsea!
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    Lampard has won the title for Liverpool more than Gerrard has.
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    Black Lives Matter deal with it!!!!!
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    Barry Bridges

    Battle of the Bridge

    I'm sorry that is just rubbish....his mentality was, I don't want to get blamed for costing Spurs the title (he literally said exactly that in the interview), so I'm going to not do my job of officiating if a legitmiate call might cost them the game by losing a man or giving away a penalty. He didn't care about Spurs digging their own grave. He just wanted to shirk any part of his job that might hurt Tottenham's chances of winning so he couldn't be blamed for it. In what world is letting a team keep 11 players on the pitch when they should be down to 9 or 10 "letting them dig their own grave"? Nah, he let them try to kick Chelsea players off the park....... He gave them a massive advantage by keeping them at full strength when they should have had players red carded......I'm sorry, but I just can't fathom your logic ... it's like saying Overbo was really favoring Barcelona over Chelsea, he was just letting Barcelona dig their own grave but not giving any of the penalties they committed. Really? How is it hurting them to let them play recklessly/dangerously if the referee isn't going to penalize them for reckless/dangerous play?
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    Scott Harris

    Antonio Rudiger

    I don't know what has happened to him. He used to be pretty decent, not perfect, but dependable 90% of the time. Now I'm biting my nails watching him play. He constantly looks on edge. It's like somebody needs to get hold of him and calm him down.
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    Ive just replied with a "*" whenever anyone sent me a message on social media or text, whatsapp etc, its winding them right up, its so f**king easy the bunch of wet wipes 😅
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    BT Sport is a f**king disgrace. They should be doing the analysis of the game and interviews with managers before they started the Liverpool w**kfest. They even spoke to Pep before Lampard, embarrassing.
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    Drive-in Football Chelsea

    Thats not proper Drive in football, this is drive in football
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    Timo Werner

    It’s not close until it’s 48 hours close...
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    I think it's pretty simple, really. When we play teams from the lower part of the table they put everyone behind the ball and we have trouble breaking them down while our sh*t defence gets taken apart on the counter and set pieces. When we play the likes of City it's the other way around, the onus is on City to break us down and we hurt them on the counter while our fans salivate at how great Rudiger/Christensen are, forgetting that even average defenders may look impressive in a low block with a lot of help.
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    Considering how poorly we started, it's remarkable we kept a clean sheet.
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    If they can re-employ him after he gobbed at a car with a child in the passenger seat, I'd say Sky has pretty low standards.
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    big blue

    Van Ginkel to Chelsea

    Think we are just doing right by him in the current climate. He might have struggled to get a new club, given his injury record and inability to prove his fitness. The club are just looking after him, gives him chance to prove his fitness and hopefully find a club he can gain some momentum with. He only cost £8m which we have probably already made back in loan fees, so financially i dont think its an issue to keep him around. We looked after Sam Hutchinson aswell throughout his injury hit career.
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    Do I detect the faint odour of open bins and mourned chickens?
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    My brother in law is a Liverpool fan, and he can go f**k himself if he thinks I am even going to mention this....ever.
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    Pulisic showing us exactly what we’ve been waiting 7 years for Willian to show. Think we have a good player on our hands here. I was cautious at first but looking a real talent.
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    Pulisic scores and they show a live stream of Liverpool fans celebrating, you couldn’t write it
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    Jesus f**king Christ why is every coach we’ve ever had been blind to how bad Willian is at corners? I fail to believe that all these elite managers can’t see his consistent ability to not beat the first f**king man.
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    I don’t actually know why they are doing this, it’s not like it’s the last game of the season and they need help. I’d prefer to win it whilst my team was playing tbh, not on a day off. Praying that we do at least enough for the title to be decided tonight. That will put the icing on the cake of the biggest football anti climax ever. Open top bus parade - Nope Trophy presentation in front of a packed Anfield - Nope Win it whilst actually playing - Nope. This season will be remembered first and foremost because of the Covid impacts, not what the dippers have done.
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    Important win. Also, Grealish is an overrated w**ker with sh*t hair.
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    Good, f**k off then.
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    Fair play to Frank, those subs have changed the game.
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    That's just nonsense.
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    The Marina Granovskaia Thread

    The point is that a thread about a woman's business acumen mentions her looks after 4 posts. That never happens when it's about a man's business qualities. And it gets defended by innocently claiming nothing bad has been said. To get a feeling for how that can be viewed, read this (commenting on female looks isnt'mentioned in this article, but it gives you an idea how it can be classified): https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20180406-the-tiny-ways-youre-offensive---and-you-dont-even-know-it
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    Timo Werner

    I've forwarded this on to my local police station just for future reference.
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    Timo Werner

    Wow this came out of nowhere
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    This entire post just confirms that you don’t want to like him or see him succeed and I doubt that you would love to be wrong. “Why are we treating him like a youth player” then proceeds to compare his level to the greatest basketball player ever. Ok. We’re not “stuck” with him. He’s a ridiculously promising young talent and a big part of the present and future of the club. You’re the one jumping to conclusions. Why is your conclusion solely that he must have done something to make her say she was raped? Can you not agree that it is possible that he was falsely accused? You are so quick to crucify the kid, even after an investigation. My point is, I’m willing to believe our player who has been investigated, no further action taken, and by all accounts has put his head down and worked since that night.
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    Lots Road power station, Stamford Bridge in the background 1936
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    chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    All those years I stood in Shed and never realised it had an upper tier, or are they corporate boxes up there, bloody prawn sandwich brigade!! "We're the corporate, we're the corporate, we're the corporate of the shed"
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Barkley is hilarious, I suppose like a lot of players who had a lot of natural talent but didn't have the footballing brain to match. Great piece of skill to get us into a four-on-two situation... then dithers on the ball, makes completely the wrong decision and then almost manages to even completely f**k that up. Great finish for the winner though. Barkley is 27 in December and he's played under Sarri, Hodgson, Conte, Martinez, Moyes (etc.) - some high-level managers with clear ideas about how they want the game to be played, and none of them have managed to significantly improve him in any way (think Mourinho with Joe Cole). I don't seriously think he is going to develop into the player it seemed like he might as a 21-year-old - the Barkley we have now is probably what he's always going to be. Let's not kid ourselves - I don't seriously have any hope that he will ever be a player who is good enough to start for a side with top-level ambitions. He'll probably end up at West Ham or something (which would be the end of him) or somewhere odd like Lazio. I don't mind having him around as a squad player but also wouldn't be all that concerned if he left.
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    Never give up! Keep the faith! 😎
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    This. He made a good reaction save and was faced with THREE Villa players to hit the ball. Where was everyone?
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    Mod Stark

    The Marina Granovskaia Thread

    Thank god we've got a game again this weekend!
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    The Marina Granovskaia Thread

    Have you not seen Olivier Giroud?
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Not even I think Willian is a legend. Have a word with yourself.
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    The Marina Granovskaia Thread

    This is why progress against sexism (and racism, and antisemitism, and homophobia, and transphobia) is so slow. Not only because of those that are outright sexist (or racist, etc.) still get a platform, but also because some people still deny, ignore, belittle it, or explain it away as innocent (“It’s just my opinion/a joke and I mean no harm”). And a comment on this behaviour elicits no moment of introspection whatsoever, only a defense of their remark.
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    Timo Werner

    That is too many. You are a Chelsea-fan, right?

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