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    Thoughts go out to Luis Enrique whose daughter has tragically passed away from bone cancer at the age of nine.
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    New inexperienced manager, lost Eden, transfer ban, a shed load of injuries to important players and we are losing to a very good team. There first goal was a free from a mistake by Christensen, the second was not a free. We have had a goal disallowed by a 2 inch offside decision and missed a couple of really good chances. its really not all bad folks. I don’t like the score either but some need a reality check here and realise this is what this season is going to be. I’m still enjoying a lot of the football we are playing.
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    Davey Baby

    Tammy Abraham

    I have no idea if Tammy will be good enough to be our front-line striker for years to come. What I do know however is that people have written him off prematurely, not just this season but for last season and the season before that as well. I have argued with these people, not because I necessarily believe Tammy will make it but because I know it's far too early to tell. He's 21. He has an incredible record in the Championship and he was prolific at youth level. He's got a chance. Lo and behold he has two goals this season in two PL starts. Playing under pressure as well, a whole new level of pressure. He won us the points on Saturday. Not bad. If you look back over the RLC thread you'll see so many posters writing off Ruben. It's incredible. He was captain of a youth team that swept all before them. He was easily our best youth player of that crop. He was clearly a special talent. People are so intolerant and impatient that they don't even afford a young player breaking through a period of adaptation. All we heard was that Ruben was lazy, or casual, or lacked stamina. We heard he wasn't good enough, time and time again. Go back and read that thread. It makes proper fools of people. They said he'll never make it here. Maybe, just maybe, the PL is tough, maybe, just maybe, it's a huge step up. Maybe, just maybe, a young player needs to find his feet. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be so quick to judge. We had people on here writing off Tomori because he didn't exactly dazzle in a pre-season game. It's completely ridiculous. By all means discuss their performances, but remember they're young and try and reserve judgement a little bit. With any luck we'll see Reece James, Tomori and Callum get significant minutes this season. Half our team could be academy graduates. We should all be bloody excited, and proud. Instead people won't even allow these kids a chance. It's embarrassing.
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    I can't imagine much worse than getting sent to prison, only to find out your cell mate is Dean f**king Saunders.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    I think his assist to Abraham was pretty significant considering it won the game.
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Its just a penalty, not a royal marine assault course.
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    Tammy Abraham

    Imagine when this lad has a few years of PL experience under his belt and continues to get stronger physically. He’s going to absolutely destroy defenses, even more so than he is already.
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    Scott Harris

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    We didn't sign a superstar, we signed potential, that is something we need to remember. He wasn't a regular scorer or somebody that dominated games in Germany, so we shouldn't expect that here with us right now. He's showing flashes of his talent so far, we just need to hope that he turns those moments into a regular thing as time goes on.
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    It was enjoyable, but I must confess that I also enjoyed the first 2 months or so under Sarri. Nobody compained during that unbeaten run. Unfortunately, it didn't last... Having said that, I'm pining most for the return of Rüdiger. He may not solve all our defensive problems, but he'll surely improve us.
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    What a cross from the man who apparently can’t cross and a world class finish from the boy who’s not good enough!! f**king get in!!!!
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    Don't know what the feeling is here guys but I think we've been decent.
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    Mason Mount

    Your watching a different tackle to me, he absolutely 100% followed through unnaturally watching that video. Who kicks a ball like that?
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11793779/is-jorginho-winning-over-the-chelsea-supporters-under-frank-lampard Fantastic read and gives alternative perspective to the ignorance of people who say he has no assists.
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    That was strategic, we lulled them into a false sense of security.
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    Welcome Ross Barkley

    male pattern baldness abuse will not be tolerated.
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    And how quickly they turn. Manager goes from "Sir Super Frank, club legend, gotta get behind him, this season will be a marvellous roller-coaster of a ride", to "Lampard....bizarre......cost us 3 home wins already this season" in the first month and a bit. f**k knows what it will be like for some if we are in the bottom half of the table in December.
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    I don't particularly want Willian beyond this season but what did he do wrong today? He has been our best player.
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    Ok David we still love you, keep up the good work
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    This side ATM feels like a cross between a stereotypical Zeman and Bielsa side. When we get it right we can cut through opponents, but we are just as likely to be cut through ourselves. Frank switching to a 3-4-2-1 formation at the last minute worked very well because it meant that we could outnumber Wolves in midfield when necessary (as Willian and Mount could track back to create a 4-man midfield) and create a 3 vs 3 situation against their defensive line whenever Willian and Mount advanced forward. Additionally, our 3 CB's were able to smother their two strikers - obviously that would not have been so easy if we retained 2 CB's at the back. Plus, Alonso is definitely more suited to a LWB position than an LB position, even though Troare could and did scorch him. Other thoughts: 1) That goal from Tomori was a bit of improvisational brilliance that could put Luiz to shame. An absolute belter. Nice run into the box to set up Tammy's first as well. 2) Tammy Abraham again chewing a lesser-ranked opponent up, He didn't really strike me as anything special in the air last season, but this season he's been a real aerial presence. His headers, here and against Sheffield United, were accurately targeted towards the corner. We did know, however, that he was quite strong and he proved it again when he shrugged off Coady before slotting it in the corner. It's not yet clear whether or not his movement/ball control is good enough against the very best defences, but we've been crying out for a striker than can put away goals against the lesser sides, and it seems that Tammy is that man. Great to see. 3) I knew that Jorginho had those Xabi Alonso-style long passes in him; I just wish he would unfurl them more often. His long ball to Tammy for his hat-trick was spot on. 4) Mason Mount proves yet again that he's a real offensive threat, what with his movement and his bombing runs into the box. His goal was a dead-ringer for the one that Hazard scored against Man U back in October 2016 - one-on-one with the opposition center-back, completely wrong-foots him, and then slots the ball into the right-corner. Brilliant. 5) Again individual defensive lapses cost us. It appears that Saiss wasn't man-marked properly for the first goal, For the second goal, it seems that our defence over-committed, and Kepa not properly deflecting the ball did the rest. Still, a very good win against a side that could have caused us a lot of problems (and did last season). I hope to god that Kante is right for Liverpool, though. Keep the blue flag flying high, and all that.
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    Tammy Abraham

    He’s one goal shy of catching our powerhouse striker from last season - Higuain.
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    I blame this guy for putting that thought into people's mind
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    We've got a new Kepa

    For ffs give the guy time to he still young, some fans are so spoilt. De Gea was labled as rubbish weak shot stopping not strong enough imagine if United listen to the media and fans they would have sold one of the best keepers in the world.... Kepa has all the same attributes and even more to be better than De Gea.
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    Tammy Abraham

    Fully agree with this. Tammy has not "done it" at every level, and looked poor and out of his depth at times during his Swansea loan. But, that was a few years back, and his scoring record in the youth and championship mean that he deserves a chance. As I have said in other posts, I am keeping my expectations low, as since watching him at youth level, I have worries about his overall game, particularly his hold up, positioning, and strength. But he deserves his chance, and if he keeps playing and scoring like he did yesterday, I will be happy to eat my words, indeed, have them shoved down my throat. 2 good goals against Norwich, which won us the game. But then Morata scored a hatrick against Stoke that won us the game a couple of seasons ago - so I will temper expectations until he is doing it over a prolonged period against a variety of teams, not just those likely to be battling relegation. Long may his hard work and upward trajectory continue.... KTBFFH
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    The only time Jorginho and Kovacic have impressed this season is when Kante has been on the pitch with them. Kovacic was immense today. Tomori was outstanding. What a player. We are in dreamland. Unfortunately Christensen is not good enough. He has had ample chances. Physically weak. Look at their second goal. All he is worried about is being hit. Willian was good in a Willian sort of way. Played well but lacks a cutting edge. We need Callum badly. Alonso and Kurt played well. Frank couldn't make the changes second-half that he would have liked to but we benefited from that. We battered them in that last 20 minutes. Maybe he's learned a lesson. Tammy was poor. Didn't win a header all game. Poor movement. Fluffed his chance. Should have got his head up and seen Mount. He'll have better days. The ref was an absolute c**t. Their goalie time-wasting, what does he do? Delays the game even further by chatting to Henderson for about a minute. Gave them everything first-half. Not the first time we've been screwed over by him. Thought we were great. Very positive showing. Tomori was the big plus. We need to keep Kante fit.
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    Disappointed with the chances missed by Mount and Abraham but its understandable, with youth you always get a level of inconsistency in performance. Hopefully they learn from this and come back stronger
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    Why are you all slating VAR? It was the correct decision.
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    Real Madrid remind me of how they were between 2003-2010, lots of talent, but not much of a team. They are just individuals.
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    Andy North

    Great time to be a blue

    I'm with you Dan. Remember how we all felt about JT and imagine having a team with 3 or 4 JTs. We have had a terrific trophy run over the last 14 years and now we have a completely new era approaching. I'm happy if we blood a few quality youngsters into the team this season and avoid relegation. I don't expect we'll finish in the bottom half but to have so many good young players and manager lets us all dream that little bit more.
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    Attempts at goal in the Premier League this season: Arsenal 8-9 Newcastle Arsenal 15-18 Burnley Arsenal 8-25 Liverpool Arsenal 7-31 Watford
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    Luiz ha ha, how did the goonies think sticking him in there terrible defence was a good idea...
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I think the club would give these great news swiftly and with Joy. Haven't seen anything official. Didn’t you know the club are waiting for the right moment to get a good bit of PR out. Edit: Or for the release of some new training kit in January.
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    I love the perspective some of you older fans have but at the same time the club is different, the world is different the expectations are different. This is a different club. Roman changed it, no ways around it. Our aim is to be Real Madrid and not Leicester. We can't drop a level either, the business is tied into growth. This season things have taken another turn with the ban and with Marina and strickt budget. We are run like a proper business now which is great. The competition in England itself is massive. Reality is winning the title is going to be extremely hard even if we brought in the joses, Conte's, ancelottis of this time period. I like the current situation where we have new guys in, Frank at helm and a vision to win the title in a couple of years with mainly our own boys. Exciting times.
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    The Swan

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Joey Jones, Joey Jones when he gets the ball he scores a goal, Joey, Joey, Joey Jones. He always played with such passion and always gave 100%. Met him and Micky Droy once whilst they were still playing and shared a few pints in a pub. Top blokes and so in touch with the fans. Both as hard as nails and both really respectful about the commitment fans showed in supporting the club.
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    With all the drama yesterday nobodies mentioned we’ve shipped Baka back out on loan to Monaco with a rumoured £35mil future fee. Let’s hope he doesn’t insult the manager and gets a move this time!
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    Bloody hell Tomori starting and Gilmour on the bench, this is the sort of thing you’d expect to see on fifa career mode not real life. Bold move by Lampard. Hopefully Gilmour will get a few minutes.
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    2019/20 Champions League draw

    https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/08/29/champions-league-group-stage-draw Includes dates for games. First game is home to Valencia on Tuesday 17 September. Away to Ajax on 23 October @Valerie
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    2019/20 Champions League draw

    People will think this is an easy draw. Valencia and Lille in the third and fourth pots were a bit tough for us. There are easier clubs in the third and fourth pots than Valencia and lille. Ajax in the second pot is tough, they reached the semi final in last year's competition. They beat Christiano Ronaldo's juventus, they beat almighty Real Madrid, although we didn't get Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund or athletico Madrid, we still got a tough team in pot 2. if we had gotten benfica or sharktar Donetsk in pot 2, maybe that could have been an easy draw. We didn't get the easiest draw. Man city had the easiest draw. They had sharktar Donetsk, dynamo Zagreb and Atalanta. Who knows all those names? That was an easy draw for them.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    If only Scotty Canham was here so they could all reap the benefits. 😛 (No disrespect to Canham, tbf, it wasn't him in that conference.)
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    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    I don't think he is a left back. With Fiorentina wasn't he being used as a third centre back? He's better than Emerson in the air and his finishing/ goalscoring ability is better. I don't know... I don't like to criticise Alonso because he does try and he's scored quite a few goals even as a defender. It's his lack of pace that's the issue. I wonder if he'd be better off as a central midfielder. A bit like Beletti - who was hopeless defensively but pretty good offensively and played centrally sometimes.
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    Jorginho is a Blue

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    I normally record Match of the Day and then fast forward past all of the platitudes, anti Chelsea sensationalism, and general facile comments between games. However last night i watched it in real time and in fairness to Danny Murphy, who normally, i don't have a lot of time for, his analysis of Kovacic highlighted elements that i wasn't even aware of whilst watching the game. Kovacic was superb, you're right, and far more aggressive, dynamic and productive than the previous Scotty Parker-esque turning round in circles with the ball, that he was like under Sarri. Much more of this Kovacic please, this guy is worth the money.
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    Mason Mount

    RLC has competition on his hands! Fantastic footballer.
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    That nonsense about attacking phase of play is exactly what’s going to piss off fans this season.
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    Let's get Tammy up to Headingley now ... 🙂
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    You’ve posted some seriously weird stuff lately. We get it, you don’t like Lampard as manager, you feel Sarri was so terribly treated by us. But Jesus Christ you’re a chelsea fan, why are you wanting it to play out like AVB and us he unsuccessful and eventually sack the manager? How miserable it must be to not be able to be positive about a club legend managing us and integrating the youth in to the side.

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