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    Good point on that. It looked like Pool were the homeside with the amount of calls they were getting. Looks like the refs have a clear mandate to get them to win the league this year.
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    You raise a point there I notice about physical challenges I also thought a few of their challenges were too strong yet nothing given, I've also noticed similar things with City last season. I thought with Arnold at one point whether he was playing rugby with his hand-off while running with the ball.
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    No. You're wrong I tell you. Wrong. Pure humility. 😛 Yeah. I know. But I still can't really remember him celebrating any of the goals he scored. Kind of just gets mobbed by the players.
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    so true - sometimes I got confused because I was thinking it was Zouma moving too far up the pitch but it was #7 & not #15
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    Fully agree, it was so bizarre (And still is) that people constantly whine about his lack of assists as though thats the only reason a midfielder has for being on the pitch. He has a specific job to do and does it well, I bet his team mates absolutely love that he is always available for a pass to take pressure of them for example. Its always amusing when fans and pundits see things in black and white nowadays, there`s no allowance for nuance, Someone is either the bestest ever or utter garbage.

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