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    Tammy Abraham

    Both of them are better than most on here think. Hopefully Tammy is given a real chance.
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    Greatest NON Legend Chelsea XI (EPL)

    Im going to give Carlo a slap now,when i see him.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    At The Bridge v Man City, Late 1960s.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Eddie Mac leads out the team at The Bridge v Everton. Original caption states its from 1965
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    1. Cech 2. Ivanovic (do do, do do do) 3. Ashley Cole 4. Makelele 5. Essien 6. Desially - (sorry Ricky but nobody beats the big man himself) 7. Kante 8. Super Frank 9. Jimmy Floyd 10. Joey Cole 11. Dennis Wise 12. RLC just for the home grown feel. 13. Ballack 14. Le Saux 15. Didier Drogba (first shirt number, I pulled a sneaky!) 16. Robbie (player manager for another CL trophy) 17. Hazard (sneaky no.2) 18. Eddie Newton 19. Tore Andre Flo (half a season Diego can go f**k himself) 20. Paulo Ferreira (shout out to Frank Sinclair) 21. Crespo (could have had Kalou or the German Messi) 22. Eidur (Willian makes a mockery of his shirt number) 23. Carlo (just to keep @Valerie in my good books) 24. Big Gaz ‘He’s won it all’ Cahill 25. Zola (David Lee was a shoe-in here until the little magician signed) 26. JT (c) 27. Sam Hutchinson 28. Dave 29. Demba Ba (for services to starving the scousers/Gerrard of league titles) 30. David Luiz 31. Ambrosio (kept goal on another glorious night) 35. Belletti (made me make a Gary Neville styles orgasm noise once with a belter away in some sh*t hole like Stoke) 39. Anelka Maybe we can do a worst player to ever wear the shirt number next?
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just realised that in the front row with the ball at his feet is George Graham. He's wearing what looks like a Scotland away top.
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    That's why he worked well with Matic and Drinkwater (even Bakayoko when he was allright at the start), whenever his proactive nature gets him wiped out there's sitting cover in behind him. When he's the last line before defense there's a risk getting him to play his complete natural game as whenever he's wiped out of the game opponents have clear overloads on our back four (the biggest case in point was the 3-0 loss at The Emirates under Conte and even more specifically Ozil's goal in that match, Kante tried to win the ball high up, failed and Ozil and Sanchez were 2 on 2 Vs our CBs). To get the absolute best out of Kante a 343 or 442 is the way forward however that doesn't happen under most modern managers so it's about finding him the best position in the new system. I don't really think Kante was that big a problem in that position, he finished the season with 5 goals and 4 assists which for perspective is better than all bar 2 of Essien's total in 8 season's for us. The issue came to the lack of goals from LCM, for the brief period Loftus-Cheek was fit, firing and scoring we had the perfect midfield balance and not even pundits where peddling Kante being out of position. Regardless of the system playing Kante furthest back is counterproductive one way or another. You either restrict him by telling him to hold his position or play his natural game which risks leaving gaping holes in behind that almost any press resistance team will take advantage off.
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Kante's played twice as a DM since he's arrived in English football. Once was in Euro 16, it went so well he was dropped before the quarters. The second time was the start of Conte's reign here, it was such a success Conte overhauled the entire system after six games. What gives anyone the idea that a player who's main attribute is his engine is best in a restrictive sitting DM role (and that's before we factor in the fact any attempt to play him there has backfired badly), I will never know.
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    All the qualities I want for my high visibility player 😁 For me, it's the hands getting thrown in the air a dozen times per game... It's showing up two different managers in consecutive seasons when he's been subbed off. It's the quotes in the press following Conte's eventual dismissal. I've said on here a couple of times. His place in this team both on the pitch and the marketing/media off of it, is oversized compared to his contribution (or lack there of) The ego of a Galactico, without the production.

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