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    Tammy Abraham

    Imagine when this lad has a few years of PL experience under his belt and continues to get stronger physically. He’s going to absolutely destroy defenses, even more so than he is already.
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    Tammy is the youngest ever Chelsea player to score a hat trick.
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    Ok David we still love you, keep up the good work
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    This side ATM feels like a cross between a stereotypical Zeman and Bielsa side. When we get it right we can cut through opponents, but we are just as likely to be cut through ourselves. Frank switching to a 3-4-2-1 formation at the last minute worked very well because it meant that we could outnumber Wolves in midfield when necessary (as Willian and Mount could track back to create a 4-man midfield) and create a 3 vs 3 situation against their defensive line whenever Willian and Mount advanced forward. Additionally, our 3 CB's were able to smother their two strikers - obviously that would not have been so easy if we retained 2 CB's at the back. Plus, Alonso is definitely more suited to a LWB position than an LB position, even though Troare could and did scorch him. Other thoughts: 1) That goal from Tomori was a bit of improvisational brilliance that could put Luiz to shame. An absolute belter. Nice run into the box to set up Tammy's first as well. 2) Tammy Abraham again chewing a lesser-ranked opponent up, He didn't really strike me as anything special in the air last season, but this season he's been a real aerial presence. His headers, here and against Sheffield United, were accurately targeted towards the corner. We did know, however, that he was quite strong and he proved it again when he shrugged off Coady before slotting it in the corner. It's not yet clear whether or not his movement/ball control is good enough against the very best defences, but we've been crying out for a striker than can put away goals against the lesser sides, and it seems that Tammy is that man. Great to see. 3) I knew that Jorginho had those Xabi Alonso-style long passes in him; I just wish he would unfurl them more often. His long ball to Tammy for his hat-trick was spot on. 4) Mason Mount proves yet again that he's a real offensive threat, what with his movement and his bombing runs into the box. His goal was a dead-ringer for the one that Hazard scored against Man U back in October 2016 - one-on-one with the opposition center-back, completely wrong-foots him, and then slots the ball into the right-corner. Brilliant. 5) Again individual defensive lapses cost us. It appears that Saiss wasn't man-marked properly for the first goal, For the second goal, it seems that our defence over-committed, and Kepa not properly deflecting the ball did the rest. Still, a very good win against a side that could have caused us a lot of problems (and did last season). I hope to god that Kante is right for Liverpool, though. Keep the blue flag flying high, and all that.
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    I don't know, I've been too busy counting our goals.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The game can be watched for free on the app or the official website if anyone’s interested.
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    Great time to be a blue

    We have 11 goals this season, all scored by 21yo or under. Tammy 7 Mount 3 Tomori 1 On transfermarket.com they have the Alps next to their names, its the players market value. Masons has trebled from the start of the season to now.
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    Attempts at goal in the Premier League this season: Arsenal 8-9 Newcastle Arsenal 15-18 Burnley Arsenal 8-25 Liverpool Arsenal 7-31 Watford
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    Luiz ha ha, how did the goonies think sticking him in there terrible defence was a good idea...
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    Our Jody

    It's not all Super Frank ya know.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I don't think that kid qualifies for the what we wore to football thread that's a weird get up I bet he still dresses in shorts, socks and sensible shoes now 😀
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    And all by academy products. Who would have thought. Need to keep our focus for the second half. Really need the win here.
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    f**k me Abraham, proving me wrong this season for sure. Certainly knows where the net is.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Charlie Coke and Eddie Mac at Butlins. 'Chelsea Scots' who knew how to enjoy themselves...
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    Best football images

    George Best the day he played for Scone Thistle FC
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I think the club would give these great news swiftly and with Joy. Haven't seen anything official. Didn’t you know the club are waiting for the right moment to get a good bit of PR out. Edit: Or for the release of some new training kit in January.
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    I love the perspective some of you older fans have but at the same time the club is different, the world is different the expectations are different. This is a different club. Roman changed it, no ways around it. Our aim is to be Real Madrid and not Leicester. We can't drop a level either, the business is tied into growth. This season things have taken another turn with the ban and with Marina and strickt budget. We are run like a proper business now which is great. The competition in England itself is massive. Reality is winning the title is going to be extremely hard even if we brought in the joses, Conte's, ancelottis of this time period. I like the current situation where we have new guys in, Frank at helm and a vision to win the title in a couple of years with mainly our own boys. Exciting times.
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    Boston Blue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    With all the money out there, the blatant public tapping up of players, and all the members of their entourage telling them how much they could be getting elsewhere, payers heads are spinning as if they were in The Exorcist. Reasons he hasn't signed are nothing more than straw grasping. PR Reasons? No. Release of the 3rd kit? No. Waiting for him to come back? He's close enough where it could be announced. Hope I'm wrong, but it's more likely than ever that his brother/agent will steer him to Bayern once BM see that he has totally rehabbed. This will all kick up again as we get closer (and into) the January window.
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    If I may compare the appointment of Frank to the England manager Mr Waistcoat GS. When Southgate took the job after the Big Sam debacle, it was in my mind a case of he's definitively not qualified to manage the senior team not thought out & knee jerk reaction appointment. He had failed at Boro, got relegated there and then had success at the Youth level of the national side. I mocked the appointment as did a lot of others - it was sure to falter. Wind on 3 years and the England team looks better than ever, a crop of Young players are breaking through and changing the whole dynamic and vibe of the set up, giving optimism for the future to all of us and more importantly we have entertaining matches to watch with Young players that are up for it (last WC being the pinnacle so far). A few of those Young players to get call ups and even game time in the last 12 months - RLC, Tammy Abraham, CHO & Mason Mount. Have to admit egg on my face re Southgate. I know CFC is a completely different animal to England FC but there are some glaring similarities - an inexperienced coach appointed to senior level & young hungry players with potential. It hasn't come off at Chelsea yet, but given enough time & patience it just might do. None of us have a crystal ball so just sit back and enjoy the ride as for once in along time its gone off script. I do get that its no fun losing or drawing on a regular basis if you've been spoiled like us lot for the best part of 20 years (90s success to date). But be patient, imagine being a fan of the clubs that finish 8th-20th- a trophy once every 40 years and each season's target is to just avoid relegation, yet their fans don't moan they love their clubs, a few more Chelsea fans could do with that context right now.
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    Lampard mentioned him afterwards as having a very good game. Still the iffy passes in the final third but it was much better generally.
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    I like that 3 at the back, Kante back to add a bit more in midfield, i think we could do them.
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    he had a superb game. 2nd and 3rd are due to his work rate in this game.
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    What a very strange attitude that is.
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    Fikayo Tomori

    Still think we need 1 great CB to get us to the top next season but if Tomori is going to play well every weekend we may not need one come May. Idk if Lamps will continue to use 343 when he sees fit but having a CB that can put it on goal will come in handy. He doesn't get in that position if we are using a back 4.
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    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Been following shedend for almost a decade, never registered though. Used to do CFCNet 10-15 years ago. This post changed that. Love a joke as much as the next guy, but poor taste here given events of recent years. Would expect that kind of stupidity from a Tottenham fan.
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    f**king hell, get a grip Kepa.
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    I will put Giroud up there for putting three past the gooners at Europa Final.
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    Right now Pulisic wouldn’t be my first choice. Sub him on for CHO or Mount after an hour or so.
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    very good.. Especially from Azpi.. Alonso looks like a player in his natural habitat
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    The young guns are firing!
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    Oh my f**king God. What a goal. Absolute screamer from tomori
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    Rangers 2019/2020 Match Day Thread

    To mark today's Armed Forces Day at Ibrox. Class.
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    Best football images

    Not sure which part of Ibrox this is. Sometime in the late seventies or early eighties.
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    There you go. No windscreen stickers...
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The first league season after the end of World War 2 and large crowds flocked back to watch football. 56,484 saw us beat Leeds 3-0 Always nice to remember beat Leeds 3-0 at anytime. Tommy Lawton with goals and Tommy Walker were our goal scorers that day back in Sept 1946.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Jackie Robertson ,a Scot. who was our first ever manger back in 1905. Player / Manager in fact. Scots having an interest in Chelsea FC goes back a long way... To our clubs very beginnings.
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    Well what a depressing read this thread has become. 😞
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    Boston Blue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The club announced an extension for a highly regarded youth player today: Billy Gilmour. I guess Hudson-Odoi will be announced in 48 hours then.
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    As long as they don´t sign Di Matteo as interim coach
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    Reece James

    Some great news, Reece's back to training: https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2019/9/11/20860899/reece-james-returns-to-chelsea-first-team-training
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    No, actually no idea to be honest !
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    Ewell CFC

    Sitting and standing at the Bridge

    Benches ave 3 times a year 75-78. Whitewall 78-81, anywhere there was a bit more elbow room in the Shed 81-82 but not down the front. First time Gate 13 Wolves September 82. West Stand 84-97. East Upper 98-2001. Went in the middle flanks once can’t remember against who, the temporary Shed “ Sway” a few times. Since new stands MHL Upper and Lower. Never been in Shed Upper. West Stand Lower and Upper. Once in a West Stand box courtesy of a mate who won a competition on Talksport. Exited at full time pissed as a fart in the lift with pockets full of chicken drumsticks.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Yeah, bet it was you who bloody helped them fall in the first place....
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