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  1. Zero Dark Thirty. What a great film this was, one of the best I've seen in awhile and im happy I didnt rely on most of the movie critics regarding this movie - must be so boring sitting there looking for plot holes and sh*t, I watch movies for entertainment and this one certainly had me entertained throughout the whole story! Watch it whenever you get the chance, thank me later.
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  2. There was a time, I think it was under AVB but could well have been during Robbie's all too brief spell in charge, when it was more or less accepted that Torres had lost his goal scoring touch, that he was more effective as a creator of chances than as a goalscorer. There were many comments to the effect that Torres could be better utilised in this way. The problem of course was that Torres was bought as a striker. And so having shown that he could be of use to the team, rather than continuing in this new more effective position, the over-riding opinion was that he was still a striker and so should be doing what he was bought to do, which was of course, scoring goals. Never mind that lack of goals was his major problem, he was bought to score goals, and if he wasn't scoring goals, then he was a failure. And so it was decided to persevere with him, as a non-scoring striker in the increasingly forlorn hope that Torres might somehow miraculously regain his goalscoring mojo. Ain't gonna happen. It was never going to happen. The fee is a millstone, not only around Torres' neck but around the club's. It's quite understandable. Pay £50 million for a striker, and you have every right to expect him to do the job for which he is paid that enormous salary. It's a shame really. If it were possible to somehow forget about the fee and the wages, and the unrelenting pressure, the enormous weight of failure, then we might have a decent player on our hands. Not a world class striker, not a world class midfielder or winger, but a player who could make a decent and effective contribution to the team, setting up chances and chipping in with the occasional goal of his own. Unfortunately, there's no getting away from the fact that nobody in their right mind would pay anything like that amount of money for that kind of player. And so, ultimately, Torres will be judged and found massively wanting, purely on his goalscoring record. Shame, but that's how it goes.
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  3. A good footballer, dynamic,intelligent, industrious, compliments Coley on the other flank.
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  4. moi

    Last Movie You Watched

    I'm just back from seeing Django Unchained which was absolutely brilliant. from the very first scene to the very last I was totally gripped. Don't want to give anything away about it, but there's humour, there's excellent dialogue, there's surprise and ... go and see it for yourselves!!
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  5. I'm sorry mate but I disagree in the strongest terms. Torres did not do "alright", he very rarely does "alright". As others have said, our expectations must have fallen beyond trace if we classify such a performance as "alright". We have a centre-forward that simply does not get into scoring positions. That is not, and never will be, "alright". We have a centre-forward who refuses to find a bit of space in the box and give the man in possession the opportunity to create a chance for him. We have a centre-forward that is hiding for fear that a chance might come his way. Watch any other centre-forward carefully. They're always pulling away from the defender or darting in front of them, trying to create that bit of space, trying to wrong-foot the defender, so that if their teammate puts that ball in exactly the right spot, they're there for it. These are how goals are scored. Watch what Sturridge does for the first goal .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByOiMM3Bxe8 Did you see that? He peeled away, he ran towards the back stick, away from the defender, giving his teammate something to aim at, because he wants the ball to come to him so he can score. It's the movement I'm talking about, ignore the rest. You will never see Torres do that. He runs towards the defender, he stays as close to him as possible, he doesn't anticipate and he stays on his heels. Every single time. He's hiding and it's a cardinal sin. Loss of form is one thing, all players suffer from it, hiding is quite another. I have never seen a player hide in the way Torres does and by no stretch of the imagination is it "alright". Mata, Hazard, Oscar and Moses are class players. They will create for fun, if you let them. Torres does not let them. Look at the difference when Ba is in the side. Even yesterday, he ran on to a Lampard through ball because he was looking for it, he was playing off the shoulder, anticipating the pass, and he nearly scored and should have got a penalty. That pass is seldom on for Lampard when Torres plays. Yesterday we were winning 2-1 and Newcastle were coming at us, leaving gaps in behind, gaps a centre-forward could exploit. Lampard never had the option to hit that pass, nor did Mata or anyone else. He plays for Chelsea, he earns 175k a week, he cost £50m, we sold Drogba, Kalou, Anelka, Sturridge (all of whom are far better), we have Lukaku out on loan, we sacked 3 good managers and we appointed a w**ker to try and get the best out of him, ripping out the heart of our club in the process, and you're telling me that performance yesterday was "alright"? Not once, in over 45 minutes of football, does he get into a scoring position or even remotely look like a threat and you're telling me that's "alright"? That's not "alright" mate. It's nothing of the sort. He's a centre-forward. He's supposed to get on the end of things. That's his job. Did you ever think he was going to get on the end of something yesterday? Not for a second. The thought didn't even occur to you. Not digging you out, as I've said, I'm just dismayed that anyone can accept that from our centre-forward, on such a regular basis. Ba may not be the greatest in the world but at least he understands how to do his job.
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    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    How much more tripe can this man blurt out.....
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