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    Big Pete Retires

    Don't care that he's been with Arsenal last few years, he's always been and will remain CFC legend. The man won everything at the club, put his body on the line, and was pure class on and off the pitch.
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    Updated version of a photograph.
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    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Devastatingly sad news, for his family and friends especially, but also for the extended Chelsea family. We truly have lost one of our own, another link with what many older fans will always think of as "our" Chelsea. Ray was the same age as me, lived next door to my uncle way back when. Not that I knew him well, more of a friend of a friend, same goes for his brothers. You'd often see Ray on the Underground on a Saturday morning on his way to the match. At the time he was already a first team regular, our youngest ever Captain, and a full England international - somehow I can't imagine meeting any of the current crop of players under similar circumstances. Not a dig at the modern game, just an indication of how much things have changed. Described as a footballing nomad, no matter where he went, no matter who he played for, at heart Ray Wilkins was Chelsea through and through. RIP Ray Wilkins 1956-2018
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    R.I.P. A great club stalwart over the years.
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    f**king unbelievable by professional players.
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    There isn’t anything knee jerk about it. The mans lost the dressing room, he doesn’t look interested and if it carries on then we’re gonna be in danger of losing players like Hazard & Tibo. End of the day this is a culmination of the way he’s been acting, sh*t arse tactics and results.
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    Alex Sandro

    Breaking news: Juventus submit 70m bid for Marcos Alonso as they seek an upgrade at left back.
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    Jose Mourinho thread

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    That Sterling Incident

    My take on this; - As every other Chelsea fan on here, and everywhere else, has already said, if he is proved to be guilty then he deserves a life ban and criminal prosecution. - "IF" is the key word though. I have watched the clip many times and still couldn't say for sure whether he said "black" or "manc". Both are completely possible. On this basis I find it very disturbing (but entirely predictable) that so many former players & pundits (and Piers Morgan) have jumped in and acted as judge, jury & executioner. Trial by twitter is in full effect and the pitch forks and sharper than ever. - I personally think the reaction of Sterling (both at the moment the incident occurred and later on social media) are more in keeping with someone who didn't hear exactly what was said. if he did you, you would think he would make that clear on social media (if he chose to post about it, which he did) rather than leave it open to interpretation. - I also think it's unlikely (but not completely inconceivable) that anyone is stupid enough to shout racial abuse to a player in 2018 whilst siting in row one and quite obviously in the capture of live TV cameras. - Ultimately, the club and authorities should be allowed to do their job and with genuine lip readings experts (not Rio Ferdinand or Piers Morgan) in order to confirm what he said. In the meantime, 'innocent until proven guilty' should really apply (but I know there is no such thing on social media). - The "Raheem Sterling, he runs like a girl" song is completely harmless in my opinion, and if anyone finds that genuinely offensive (including Raheem himself) then I give up.
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    I have been saying all along that it's a combination of things. It started with the board - They were a shambles during the summer transfer window. Bidding on Lukaku just as he had agree to join United, it made us look like a joke. Going all in for Morata after missing out on Lukaku. Taking so long to bring in Bakayoko (i wish they hadn't bothered but you get my point), waiting until the last day of the transfer window to sign Drinkwater (another we shouldn't have bothered with) selling Matic to a rival before we had a replacement in place and settled. Buying Zappacosta (i can't believe our options were that thin) Oxlade-Chamberlain being one of our big targets, which they still missed out on. The pathetic attempts at signing Alex Sandro. The only good thing they did was get Rudiger quickly, and i don't think its a coincidence that he turned out to be our best signing. Then it was Conte's turn - Bitched and moaned throughout the whole season because the board didn't give him what he wanted. But he should have just got on with it. Most managers in the business are dealt a worse hand than him and they have got on with it because it's their job. He still had a Premier League winning side, it wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be every week. Yes, it may not have been good enough to win the league, but it was more than capable of securing a top 4 finish. His tactics, his formation, his substitutions, his overall attitude, it's been awful. He's supposed to be head coach, not some sulky kid. And finally, the players - They may have had to put up with a sulky manager all season, but they have once again downed tools when things have gotten tough. When things go bad with this lot, they rarely recover, they just deteriorate more as the season goes on. Their performances have been lazy for months now, they jog their way through games. The opposition put more effort in than our lot, you can see it. When we concede a goal, heads go down and there isn't much communication between the players, there isn't much of a reaction at all. People always say the coach can't motivate the players so should be sacked, but i don't think anybody can motivate this lot. They are grown men, they shouldn't need to told they are amazing just so we can get some damn commitment out of them! They are paid enough, so put in the work, no excuses! I'm sick of our players giving their all one season and then switching off the next, it's been happening for too long now.
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    It's seems like some people have short memories when it comes to Costa. Conte didn't push Costa out at all, Costa wanted out before Conte arrived. He even said before last season started that he wanted to return to Atletico Madrid. Things only started to go wrong with Conte and Costa when Costa himself tried to force a move to China half way through last season. When Costa didn't get his move, his performances went massively downhill and he was almost useless for us for the rest of the season. Costa was the reason why Costa left, not Conte. He couldn't settle in England and wanted out, he would have left no matter who was in charge.
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    Davey Baby

    Eden Hazard

    I think it's ridiculous that you should consider him anything other than a legend. Think about the goal against Spurs for starters, that one that denied them the title. He came on in the second-half and completely changed the game. He's by far the most talented player we've ever had, he's a genuine game-changer and match-winner, he's driven us over the line in two title-winning campaigns, campaigns where he was easily our best player, campaigns in which other big names faltered as the pressure increased. In fact, for many of the years he's been with us, with Mata sold and Torres leading the line, he was the only player that gave us an attacking edge and we were toothless without him. Furthermore, just in case you're still unsure, this is his sixth season with us, which is a hell of a long time these days, particularly when you're as good as he is and you can sign for whoever you want. He could easily force through a move but he hasn't. Lastly, he gets kicked all over the park every single match, whereas if he played for another club or in a different league, life would be far easier for him. I expect he'll leave in the next year or two and good luck to him if he does, but I'm still praying he chooses to stay. Whatever, you seldom get the opportunity to see a player like him play for your club, especially for so long and during their peak years, and we should all be grateful that we have.
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    Okay, here are the final results for the MOTM awards and player stats for the season. GS (Games started) S (Sub appearances) G (Goals) A (Assists) MP (motm points) MW (motm wins) Kepa Arrizabalaga - GS = 54 | S = 0 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 123 | MW = 6 ( plus 1 shared) Willy Caballero - GS = 8 | S = 0 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 8 | MW = 0 Robert Green - GS = 0 | S = 0 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 0 | MW = 0 Cesar Azpilicueta - GS = 52 | S = 4 | G = 1 | A = 7 | MP = 39 | MW = 0 Davide Zappacosta - GS = 11 | S = 6 | G = 0 | A = 2 | MP = 9 | MW = 0 Marcos Alonso - GS = 38 | S = 0 | G = 4 | A = 5 | MP = 67 | MW = 3 ( plus 1 shared ) Emerson Palmieri - GS = 24 | S = 3 | G = 1 | A = 3 | MP = 38 | MW = 1 Antonio Rudiger - GS = 43 | S = 0 | G = 1 | A = 0 | MP = 49 | MW = 4 David Luiz - GS = 46 | S = 3 | G = 3 | A = 2 | MP = 95 | MW = 4 Andreas Christensen - GS = 27 | S = 2 | G = 0 | A = 1 | MP = 11 | MW = 0 Gary Cahill - GS = 6 | S = 2 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 3 | MW = 0 Ethan Ampadu - GS = 3 | S = 1 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 4 | MW = 0 Joginho - GS = 49 | S = 4 | G = 2 | A = 0 | MP = 83 | MW = 1 ( plus 1 shared ) Cesc Fabregas - GS = 9 | S = 6 | G = 1 | A = 3 | MP = 25 | MW = 1 Danny Drinkwater - GS = 0 | S = 0 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 0 | MW = 0 N'Golo Kante - GS = 47 | S = 6 | G = 6 | A = 4 | MP = 175 | MW = 6 ( plus1 shared ) Mateo Kovacic - GS = 36 | S = 15 | G = 0 | A = 2 | MP = 38 | MW = 0 Ross Barkley - GS = 29 | S = 18 | G = 5 | A = 7 | MP = 80 | MW = 3 ( plus 1 shared ) Ruben Loftus-Cheek - GS = 17 | S = 23 | G = 10 | A = 7 | MP = 159 | MW = 8 Willian - GS = 43 | S = 12 | G = 8 | A = 13 | MP = 61 | MW = 2 ( plus 1 shared ) Pedro - GS = 35 | S = 16 | G = 13 | A = 5 | MP = 106 | MW = 3 ( plus 1 shared ) Victor Moses - GS = 1 | S = 4 | G = 0 | A = 0 | MP = 0 | MW = 0 Eden Hazard - GS = 40 | S = 12 | G = 21 | A = 17 | MP = 331 | MW = 12 ( plus 1 shared ) Callum Hudson-Odoi - GS = 11 | S = 12 | G = 5 | A = 5 | MP = 53 | MW = 2 Alvaro Morata - GS = 16 | S = 6 | G = 7 | A = 0 | MP = 31 | MW = 1 Olivier Giroud - GS = 21 | S = 24 | G = 14 | A = 10 | MP = 50 | MW = 1 Gonzalo Higuain - GS = 15 | S = 3 | G = 5 | A = 0 | MP = 34 | MW = 0 Eden Hazard is the runaway winner with a massive 331 points and 12 MOTM wins ( plus 1 shared ) Hazard finished 156 points ahead of Kante who finished 2nd with 175 points and 6 MOTM wins ( plus 1 shared ) Ruben Loftus-Cheek snatched 3rd place in the final stretch finishing with 159 points and 8 MOTM wins in only 17 starts all season. If Loftus-Cheek had started the season ahead of other players and didn't pick up injuries, I think he would have challenged Hazard for top spot. Eden Hazard picked up the most points since my last update ( 106 points and 4 MOTM wins ) Cesar Azpilicueta ended the season with the most appearances ( 56 ) Kepa Arrizabalaga started the most games ( 54 ) Olivier Giroud made the most substitute appearances ( 24 ) Eden Hazard had the most assists ( 17 ) Eden Hazard scored the most goals ( 21 ) I think it's fair to say that Eden Hazard is without a doubt the shed end player of the season.
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    I think the general consensus over this game is somewhat over-critical. Granted, I wasn't exactly blown away, but a few mitigating thoughts: - We currently have two fit attackers to play in the front three roles. One of them is Morata. I might be inclined to give us a pass for a somewhat blunt attacking display... - It might be worth bearing in mind that we did actually score a perfectly legitimate winner which was incorrectly ruled out. Had the linesman made the right call we might be talking about an injury-hit Chelsea earning a plucky win, sign of champions, etc. - For all the complaints of sideways passing, lack of Plan B, (etc.) we spent most of the second half playing gung-ho, end-to-end football. Sarri also absolutely made the right call in bringing on Fabregas (although personally I would have been inclined to hook Jorginho rather than Barkley). - Hopefully we might see a little more appreciation for Willian given that we were almost incapable of keeping the ball in the final third and had to resort to long balls from the back four more often than not after he went off injured. Perhaps a little more understanding of what his role in the team actually is? How many times did we see somebody get isolated in the corner somewhere and precisely nobody showed up to receive a pass? - Kanté's attacking instincts are coming along very nicely. His natural intelligence saw him show for the ball in some dangerous positions, he also made a couple of Lampard-esque late runs into the box. Some of his dribbling looks lethal as well. If he can improve on his ball control we might have a true absurdity on our hands, especially given his natural ability to win the ball high up the pitch.
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    I think people are looking for problems that aren't there. We are going to go up to second in the table, unbeaten and we are seeing a whole load of posts saying this player and that player aren't good enough for the football we play. If we had so many players that weren't good enough for the role, then we would be dropping a lot more points and losing a lot more games.
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    So so glad the days of watching the ball moved slowly and aimlessly across the midfield to the wing back, only for it to be passed back the same way to the other wing back for 90 minutes are long gone. We have great players, and playing any other way than fast, attacking football with this team is a sin. We'll have setbacks this season no doubt, but thank you Mauricio for bringing fun back into the club after a miserable year
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    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    This place is brilliant, few months ago Willian should have been dropped for Musonda now he's better than Hazard
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    Worst in 35 years

    Yeah, but where were you when we were good?
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    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Nothing says "I'm bored" like spending half a billion quid on a new stadium.....
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    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Can I have your season ticket please?
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    A shocking comment. Roman has done absolute wonders for our club from the moment he stepped through the door. As JT rightly pointed out in his leaving speech on the pitch last year, Roman cares for and loves this club. If you don't appreciate what he's done I would suggest going and supporting City for the time being, then if someone richer comes along after that, you should swap and support them!
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes. I can understand a bit of (pretentious German word alert) schadenfreude about 1975 when your boyhood club had broken up 'your' team and packed you off to Stoke. But you would have thought this might not lasted quite so long. Like you, I've only ever heard negative stuff from him about us. I've read his book and that was full of both criticism of us and deep-lying bitterness, as well as big-headed I'm-the-most talented-and-underappreciated-English-midfielder-ever bollocks. I know he's had a tough time since his terrible accident, but he really should stop giving us a public slagging at every opportunity. What's he been saying now? If you want to read about real love and passion for Chelsea, you won't be disappointed by Ossie's book. This is what he wrote about winning the ECWC v Real in '71, and it's one of the best paragraphs about Chelsea I've ever read: This applies to so many of our former players- Lamps, JT, Kerry Dixon, Pat Nevin, Eidur, Drogba, Cundy, Walker, even players who had huge careers elsewhere like Desailly, Gullit, and Ballack. The list goes on and on. It certainly doesn't apply to Alan Hudson.
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    Emanalo The Problem

    lol if Hiddink takes the role and spends all summer trying to get impossible transfer targets, I guess it could be called a Wild Guus chase. HA!
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    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    That's because people on social media are twats.
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    Ooh you're brave.
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    We beat the German's on penalties again!
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    Wooooooo we’re in the final!!! Can people really give Sarri any more sh*t?? We’re in a cup final, still in FA Cup, still in europa league, still in top 4. If I told you this at beginning of the season you’d think we were having a fantastic season!
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    The decline in performances is a lot down to one thing, The lack of training pitch time. He is coming in, trying to teach the squad a totally different brand of football to what the players are accustomed too, he has a broken pre season where most of the key players are on holiday from the world cup then when they come back they are getting upto speed for the first few weeks and by the time they are we end up starting the midweek marathon where we have played in every single midweek since the PAOK away game in September which renders training time as manly warm downs, that is a killer when learning a completely new system and style of play. Imagine you are doing weekly theory test's for driving (to pluck a random example), the first few weeks you have all the time in the world to revise and perfect things, but after that practice time is cut down significantly, eventually it's going to start to show in your results, won't it? The chances created and attacking play in the final 3rd isn't anywhere near what it could be, but one thing he has got right is how we are defending and how comfortable we are on the ball. Now i know some may reply with "possession is pointless if you do nothing with it" and all the usual stigma cliche's and as a rule i would agree, but with us/Sarri it's not the end game it's a hopeful building block onto bigger things. I remember a few years ago that video came out on YouTube of Napoli expertly playing the ball out of the back under extreme pressure and people on here were posting about it with the green eyed monster wishing our defenders could do that, well after six months we are doing that, we have been seamlessly playing out of trouble even against Liverpool and City with defenders that were supposedly not capable of it. The 65%-70 possession per match and how comfortable we are in possession is a starting block to where we are trying to go and in fact i think Sarri's done very well to implement that so early, i actually thought that was the part of his tactics that were going to take the longest to implement but it's been done seamlessly. Also i am very impressed with how good we look defensively, again that's another part i thought was going to take a while and i expected us to be vulnerable at the back for pretty much the duration of season one, the last two against Palace and Southampton both barely got a sniff at a chance, apart from the last ten minutes against Palace i didn't even remotely fear we would concede, that is quite remarkable all things considered, now i may get the usual counter of "it's only Palace and Southampton" well they have smashed a combined four past City recently and we gave neither a sniff. While we are on the subject of City remember how awful Pep and Klopp's defense was in the early stage? For Sarri to have us looking quite solid so early is a massive plus for me. Now when a manager is not getting it all his own way there's always one thing you need to ask, can you see what he's trying to do? It doesn't matter how well he's currently doing it but just to focus on the question. Moyes would be the greatest example of the answer to that question being no, there was no real blueprint or idea on what he was trying to achieve and it looked like he was making it up as he went along. An example of yes would be Klopp at Liverpool, didn't get it all his own way for the first two years but the blueprint was there, what he was trying to achieve was there. With Sarri i can see what he's trying to do he wants us to play with speed and decisiveness but unfortunately that's beyond some of the current players, it's not even about getting the best players it's about getting players more suited to the style. Willian doesn't fit his desired tactics, neither does Barkley, neither do the forwards, neither does Alonso from an attacking POV, Kante's getting there but still learning the ropes, we can't consistently play the style he wants but we are trying to work towards it, for example Alonso's post hit at the end of the Leicester game would have been a typical Sarri goal. All things considered Sarri right now i wouldn't say should get a free hit, but there is definitely mitigating circumstances which means he deserves the benefit of the doubt and we should give him a couple of windows to see where he could take us. Now don't get me wrong if we are still performing with such sketchy end product this time next year i will be as skeptical as anyone but what would the options be at the minute? Bottle it and go pragmatic for the end of the season and be back to square one in the summer? The big pro argument for that in the past is it would put us with a chance of the major trophies (2009, 2012) that isn't the case anymore so we have nothing to really lose by seeing the process though unless we bomb badly. With the emergence of what City, Liverpool and to an extent Spurs are doing we need to build something sustainable to keep up, the sticky plaster route was only ever going to work for so long!!
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    Oh man I realy do hope we turn up for this one
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    I seriously thought Burley away would give Don Maurizio some problems, especially starting Morata & not playing Hazard - he showed me I don't know what I am talking about & all I have to reply back is this
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    Jose Mourinho in his programme notes for the United V Juventus Champions League game last night: "Naturally it was disappointing and frustrating not to take three points from Saturday's visit to Stamford Bridge," Mourinho wrote. "We played so, so well that it was hard to take that we only got a draw. The boys were brilliant, we had control of the game and I have never heard Stamford Bridge so quiet in all my time in England. Obviously the bit about controlling the game is amusing in itself when you look at the stats, but no more needs to be said on that. The comment about the atmosphere is the bit which only further reinforces the opinion I have displayed on this forum over the last few days. It's a dig at Chelsea fans, plain and simple. Firstly it's obviously a complete lie. The atmosphere was not great (12:30 kick off's rarely are), but to suggest it was worse than any atmosphere he experienced at Chelsea Manager in his combined 5 seasons at Chelsea is ridiculous. Then there is the obvious irony. He says the Stamford Bridge crowd were "so quiet", yet we were clearly loud enough for him to hear us and make him react by giving it large to the family enclosure at the end. It clearly got to him and he bit at the time, and is still talking about it four days later. You have to ask yourself why he would still be talking about Chelsea fans in his programme notes four days later. Does he really think his teams performance was that great that it silenced the home crowd? Do me a favour. Look at the stats again if needs be. So why bring up Chelsea fans at all? What relevance do we have to the build up of a Champions League game against Juventus? By still talking about Chelsea fans four days later he makes himself look obsessed, reminiscent of a biter, jealous ex, lets be honest. I think he is still furious about how the game ended, the result, the way the stadium erupted in the 96th minute, and the fact he ended up getting jeered off. I think he was seconds away from doing his own celebration; fist pumping, running to the away end, thumping the crest... I am sure he had it all planned in his head and was seconds away from being able to be 'the man'...... but it got ruined and he is still angry. So, in true Mourinho fashion, he wanted to have the last word. Another dig at Chelsea fans. He is desperate to keep United fans on side, and he knows this will endear himself to them. He is not stupid. A lot will lap it up. It's sad that he is attempting to mock a fan base who once genuinely loved him, to desperately try and score brownie points with a fan base who are indifferent towards him. But he is a desperate man. Perhaps if he had thought more about Juventus in the build up to the game, rather than talking about Chelsea fans, his team may not have been so outclassed on the pitch...
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    Our New Stadium

    Good point, but I think we already do have a sexy stadium. As my User ID suggests I come from an era when SB looked very different than it does today, but 1978 or 2018, I still get the same buzz in my gut as I round the corner, where the club shop used to be and see the stadium in front of me. And to be honest an extra 18k seats isn't going to make me feel any different. I think she looks pretty sexy just the way she is.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Single bloke or very understanding wife !!
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    RIP Ray Wilkins

    As someone who saw Ray make his debut for us at the age of 17, and who is in the same age group him, I am totally floored by his death. He was one of the true greats that I had the pleasure of seeing come through the ranks down at the Bridge, and who I also had the genuine pleasure to meet at several informal "Disco Nights" the club used to run in the West stand on Saturday nights back in the 70s when the players would happily attend and mix with the supporters (different days back then!) Ray aways had time to talk to people and was always willing to smile and pose for a photo with the fans, something he continued to do for the whole of his life. One of the truly nicest people you could ever wish to meet, not only in football terms but as a human being and a person. God bless Ray, it was a pleasure to have you associated with our club. If the people upstairs had any sense, (which they clearly don't) they would have kept you and Carlo on and by now we would probably have several Champions League titles under our belt. R.I.P SIR, WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.
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    We gave it our all, and were punished by some clinical finishing. We played well for a lot of it and were unlucky to not to score more. We hit the wood work.... what.....4 or 5 times over the two legs. Courtois was awful last night though, really poor. Conte's tactics were spot on, we had so many chances, he cant be blamed if players hit the woodwork, or miss, thats on them!
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    Worst in 35 years

    The members on these forums fall into two categories. Those that are always moaning. And the rest that always moan about those moaning.
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    Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Hey look at that it was not psg lol. Good a glorious tie against a true heavyweight opponent. Over the years Chelsea vs Barcelona has become one of the true great cl ties that has seen some amazing wins and losses on both sides. Now we get to see the next chapter in the story. If you don't want such ties then why do you want to be in the cl anyways? For exciting victories over qarabag? To use your influence to magically get easy draws against the Swiss or Portuguese no hopers? No we should want barca and be thrilled we got them. Either a truly glorious win or defeat to a truly special team with a once in a lifetime talent in their ranks await us and that is what the cl should all be about.
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    Chelsea's next manager - evergreen post

    Wow! Someone must have crapped in your cornflakes this morning. Now calm down, smooth out your dress and straighten your tiara you drama queen.
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

  43. 10 points
  44. 10 points
    UEFA worst nightmare. Four English teams contesting their showpiece finals.
  45. 10 points
    Burnley fans booing timewasting? Why, the irony is astounding!
  46. 10 points
  47. 10 points
    I think people are being incredibly harsh on giroud, we should really be celebrating a 3 0 win and talking about 2 beautiful finishes from him.
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    Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just picked up from a car boot sale for 3 knicker.
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    Of the four teams left, anyone but Liverpool rule applies
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    Games like the one tonight don't reflect to well on him at all. Look at Liverpool's line up tonight: Which makes his excuse of lack of backing in the transfer market all the more shallow and downright laughable. Liverpool attacked City ferociusly in that 1st half. Not just when they had the ball but without the ball they pressed City high up the pitch and didn't give them room to breath and to recyle possession. De Bruyne and Silva were stifled. Conte on the other hand rarely utilizes a high press. He goes into games against teams like City with the mentality that his team has to "suffer". When City have the ball we immediately put 10 men behind the ball and hope for some misplaced pass by City to pounce for the sporadic counter-attack. We have a better squad than Pool, a team that were title winners before Conte's arrival. It's obvious Conte's biggest problem this season is tactical and he doesn't have the big advantage of playing 1 game a week to help the players with preparation and rest from his rigourous training methods. Conte's rotations, in game tactics, personnel use and player management have been well below the required standard this season. Not getting top 4 is just unacceptable.

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