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    Every time this happens, remember that they call us chavs, racists, scum, rent boys, etc. That will stop you feeling sorry for them.
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Did anyone watch MotD? That moment when Oxlade and someone else spent about 6-7 seconds just walking away not looking at the ball, while Liverpool won it back and attacked. It summed up Wenger really. He just sat there doing nothing. Conte would have absolutely destroyed them.
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Ash & Cesc worked out well.
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    Nope!...no sympathy from me to any Gooner....f**k`em. Just remember what they were like to us back then before Roman.
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    It's all about Wenger, not the players to blame. We thought Cole, Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasrie, Clichy, Sagna, even Adebayor were losers as well, but at the end of their careers just look at the trophy cabinets. Truth is Arsenal has always been a club with great players. I don't deny that. The problem is mentality that mr Voyeur provides for this club.
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    Woke up at 5:30 am to watch the game... no regrets and worth it! +3 . Hope Hazard stays in London for the national break.
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I am not going to put any weight in his performances so far this season. Arsenal are just dying at the moment. I really like his energy, speed and techincal ability and think Conte can turn him into an excellent player. He'll look a lot better for us so i hope we get it done.
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    Alexis Sanchez

    Wing back, midfielder and Sanchez would be perfect end for this transfer window. Sanchez is done with Arsenal and he said he would prefer to stay at London, I don't know what is our board waiting, 100-110m would be enough in my opinion to get Sanchez and Oxlade here. This is the perfect timing to get us another world class player and we all know that players from Arsenal have fetish to sign for rivals lol, also this deal could help us to keep Hazard here for a long time. Try everything to sign him, please!
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    Most misused player?

    Felipe Luis or KDB for me. Luis was just never given a chance for some reason, even with a rapidly deteriorating brana and a ready made replacement on the right in Dave. KDB . . . well we all know what happened there, i'll never forget that first game of the season against hull where he looked very good, and then barely featured again.
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    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    De Bryne probably would have succeeded under Conte Salah probably would have succeeded under Conte Lukaku probably would have succeeded under Conte Mourinho has alot to answer for.....
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    This post hasn't aged well.
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    RIP Mourinho

    Random Rumours

    They won't get given a shot, all that will happen is the first team players will get ran into the ground and burn out at the end of the season. We should have capable back up in each position that wouldn't greatly weaken the team when called upon.
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    Fernando Llorente

    He did score 15 league goals for a poor Swansea last season. Including quite a few against big teams. At this point i'd take him in a heartbeat. He's miles better than Michy.
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    big blue

    Most misused player?

    This 100%. Ballack had his best spell for us when lamps was out injured for a few weeks.
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    Andrea Belotti

    i think belotti is worth every penny for his release clause 90m.. he is a perfect number 9 and is young too... hope we are in for a pleasant surprise dealine day deal...
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    Which team will be Drinking water ?
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    Morata has 2 goals and 2 assists all with his head.. He is officially the HEADMASTER. lol. I know i know kinda cheesy
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    If Carlsberg did weekends...
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    Hoffenheim did better than arsenal ....really pathetic performance
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    Solid display. First half Everton didn't have an answer, couldn't keep the ball and we were able to pretty much dictate the tempo of the game with Fabregas given masses of time and space in the middle of the pitch. Second half I didn't feel like we performed as well and by the 75th we seemed content with the score line. Goal and an assist from Morata but I thought he struggled to get into the game, still a lot more to come from him I think but all the while he's contributing despite not quite being up to speed yet you can't have too many complaints. Very happy with the win, puts us into a decent position. Hopefully see a couple of signings in the next few days to help us kick on after the international break.
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    Kante or Makelele??

    Different players whom played different roles
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    Most misused player?

    Always felt Zhirkov should have been used further upfront as a number 10 or on the wing, the few occasions he did play there he looked very good.
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    Random Rumours

    You're logic is flawed from the beginning, if you spend less than what you sell you have not only not spent but depleted your squad, at the very least in numbers. Oscar-60 matic- 40 begovic-10 ake-20 there is your 130 million before we talk about the rest of the players we sold or the money we will get for Costa, if he was sold and he will be so it's not speculative then we would have spent about -60 million, expecting to strengthen a squad that was already thin, add in a title defence against greatly strengthened opponents plus Europe in a very tough group, you find it strange for the manager and fans to want to strengthen and to spend money ?
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    Danny Drinkwater

    Mate, seriously. Shut the f**k up. Nobody wants to see you menstruate over every single thread in the rumour section.