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    I think injuries have become an issue for us this season as opposed to last when we were incredibly lucky in that respect. You could say it's a manager's job to deal with such things and rotate players, etc. but this requires serious squad depth and Conte's not the reason we don't have that at the moment. So the board will have to either lower their expectations when they don't give the manager what he wants or back him financially all the way and then demand top results/performances.
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    For fcuks sake. I get that there are some annoying prats posting here, and I get that we are all pretty much annoyed about todays result, but is there really any need for comments like this ? It's common knowledge that the press trawl forums like this in a desperate effort to get column inches, why hand them the ammo on a plate ?
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    Scott Harris

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I have defended him on here, but there was no doubt that he was really poor yesterday, like most of the team. I don't agree with people saying he is a sh*t player, i just don't think he suits our style of football and formation. This is why you sign the players the manager needs for his system rather than going out and signing a player just because they scored goals somewhere else. You can be a regular 20 goals a season striker, but that means nothing if you join a team that doesn't suit your game. We are a team that needs that imposing player up top, the type of striker that can hold on to the ball and bring the other attackers into the game, that isn't in Batshuayi's game though. Batshuayi would probably be more of a success at a team like Liverpool because they play a way that suits his style of football.
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    You can add Bakayoko to that list. But when fans like myself complain in real time as the summer passes by, we get called spoilt, plastic, whingey, negative, etc. Any sort of name you can think of. The entire summer it was "It's only June", "It's only July", "There's still 4 weeks left in the window", "A lot of deals get done on deadline day", "We have the best executives in football", "You know nothing about what goes on behind closed doors". We end up with average RWBs and no proper first choice LWB - in fact only one LWB period - and the narrative flipped to "well we had a pretty good window after all, you must feel pretty stupid now". I get sick of fans that try to make you feel ungrateful for pointing out deficiences in the squad/club. Not everyone's got a bloody blindfold on! That said, those questioning Conte's position are silly. He's not perfect obviously but he's definitely not the problem. If we had too top class wingbacks and a proper backup striker (like Conte wanted), we probably would be playing better. He needs to stop selecting Willian and needs to stop benching our best CB but that's by the way. We've spent the odd 300m but sold almost as much so really, we weren't exactly getting stronger. Does my head in. Every time we win the title, we get complacent and another team leapfrogs us. Like clockwork.
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    Exactly. Classic scapegoating. TBH Dave was actually our worst defender today (how often have you said that?) A couple of other observations: 1. We had a good patch in the second half when Musonda came on. Cesc delivered some balls over the top that yielded chances were it not for a couple of rough offside calls. 2. Sakho always seems to play well against us. His play in the lead up to that second goal was amazing. 3. Squad depth again has been highlighted as an issue. Bakayoko and Fabregas tired badly in the second half which haulted our momentum. Drinkwater can't get fit soon enough. 4. The message to teams is clearly stop Hazard and you stop Chelsea. Eden was off the pace today and essentially was out of the game once he moved to 9. We desperately need another striker. Michy sadly doesn't suit the way we play.
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    In days gone by a swift kick up the arse would have been the order of the day.
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    Bats shd be stuck on the bench. I only trust him as a sub against tired legs like gainst Athletico and pretty much his whole chelsea career. Just saw a pic of Morata in training. Hope he is eased back into the fray. We cannot AFFORD to have him injured. Will go for T.bo Azpi Luiz Rudiger Zappi Fab Baka Alonso Willian Hazard Pedro.
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    Tammy Abraham

    It was no surprise on MOTD after watching the abject performance of Batshuayi and then seeing Tammy score 2 for Swansea that Lineker & Wright would comment. Have to agree with them. As much as I had real hopes for Bats, have to say he is really disappointing and right now would take Tammy all day long whilst Morata is missing.
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    Andreas Christensen

    Has to start instead of cahill end of
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    Cesc Fabregas

    Cesc is an extremely talented footballer. His long career has clearly taken it's toll on his pace because at Arsenal he was reasonably quick (see goal vs Spurs) However, we can no longer play him in a midfield two. It quite simply, doesn't work. Games this season with him in a midfield two (PL): Burnley (H) 3-2 Loss Arsenal (H) 0-0 Draw Palace (A) 2-1 Loss That is evidence enough that he simply isn't cut out for the physical presence of the Premier League. He should be in a midfield 3 or on the bench and this is coming from someone who is a massive fan of Cesc.
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    We have some issues certainly. Three hamstring issues in short spaces of time seems particularly odd. Conte correct about balance without Kante. I thought Bakayoko was excellent today but he isn't at the same level. Our midfield is also tiring badly towards the end of games. Drinkwater can't debut soon enough. That said it is only three weeks since our finest performance in a number of years in Madrid. Good to see Musonda get minutes, the injury crisis may yet see some minutes for Ampadu as well. We win against Roma and all will be well again.
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    chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    "He's here, he's there" come have a go if you think your hard enough!!!!
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    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    3 guarantee's in life. Death, taxes and you posting sh*t after a bad result. Back to RAWK you go.......
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    big blue


    Just looks very low on confidence. It wasn't his fault we lost today, far too many poor performances, but he really needs to sit a few games out. I'm actually very surprised conte started him ahead of pedro considering how much more he has travelled in the break.
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    You should know better than to bet on Arsenal LOL
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    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Poor selection from Conte today. With no Kante, we needed some pace in that defence and I honestly think Christensen and Rudiger would have negated the threat Zaha and Townsend caused us. That's where we lost it today. Gutted.
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    And there we go........................... Had a long journey back home from Yorkshire today so put Radio 5 on to listen to the game with Pat Nevin co-commentating. as I heard the two sides read out and heard the Palace fans noisier than ever I just had a bad feeling even before a ball was kicked and so it turned out. Haven't SEEN any of it but listened to the whole game and wee Pat was very critical. Seems we lacked bottle and just didn't turn up. Zaha and Townsend had an absolute field day and it begs the questions why would you not start Rudiger and Christensen - our two quickest and most in-form defenders? We were poor and by the sound of things Willian and Bats were particularly bad (oh to have another striker option - Abraham bags another 2.........). Didn't want to believe it was going to be a head to head between the two Manchester clubs and I know it's still early days but right now we seem to be WAY behind City. I know we've got injuries to key players but no excuses for a still decent side to get outplayed by the bottom club on zero points with zero goals. That's as bad as it gets.
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    just curious. did you really think the starting eleven wouldn't be able to beat that CP team? like, when you saw the team news, you thought "yep we're losing this one, it's on the manager". because even though I don't think Conte made the right choice playing Willian and Cahill, the team should be able to beat CP quite easily. so I think blaming the manager alone is quite daft
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    Most the Chelsea team coming back from international hang over and it showed. Palace, most no way near their national teams and desperate beyond belief for a result (along with the manager) and it showed Wasn’t it about now we pulled our socks up last season ? Come on Chelsea ! Those Manchester scum have the propensity to implode we need to be there ! I still have faith in Conte, he will have his shot of espresso Monday then go for it KTBFFH
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    He really didn't. I realize people's anger at Willian's form this season but Musonda did f**k-all in his half hour cameo to suggest he's ready to be a starter.
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    I’m not saying that the squad shouldn’t have been strengthened more, I’m saying that you cannot blame the squad for today. We have more than enough in terms of quality. As far as the system goes, never,never,never play Fab in a two midfield no matter who the opposition is. Gives the opposition the upper hand straight away.
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    Palace ffs.Poor result.Move on.
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    So that sh*t performance was down to the manager not playing Andreas, get a f**king clue would you mate, the whole team didn't play, the manager picked as good a team as he could, as close to the same team as won last season as he could. Our core of players dissemble, maybe we should get a new manager every time they can't be arsed playing, title won lads, season off to come. The manager took a bunch of players that finished 10th and won the title, you want him to put his hand up their arses and move them around the pitch as well? Last week he got it wrong against city I was the first to blame him, this week it was down to the players
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    This is interesting a baseball match between the US army and navy in 1917. Is the open end the Shed ?. When was the roof put on the Shed just after the second world war?. As I recall it was put up for cover for the bookies when the dog racing was on.