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    All rather early 80's heavy, but if you take out any of our victorious finals, and in no order, I would go for: 1. Arsenal 1984. On holiday in Torquay as a 9 year old at the time. Would have loved to have seen so many Chelsea in the ground that day. No where's my TARDIS? 2. Fulham 1985. Milk Cup replay. My old man went and always said it was a goalkeeping masterclass by Eddie Niedzwiecki. Saved a penalty too. 3. Brighton 1983. Again for the massive turn out. 4. Bolton 1983. Could have been so different without Flasher. Easily in the top 5 most important games in our history. 5. Newcastle 1983. Not just for spanking Keegan's lot, but for the legendary box-to-box run from Wee Pat. One of those things you'll only ever hear about....
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    Having seen how s**t Liverpool were against Sevilla, I'm very confident that we'll score goals, if we can keep them quiet we'll stroll this game. I cant see their back line keeping out Morata and Hazard all game.
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    I think that Liverpool spend lot of energy in their game against Sevilla, it's a key, unlike us. Baka will be fit, Christen will be fit, Hazard and Morata as well. It's little bit alike to Chelsea - Man.City or the Manchester City's players had lot of energy than us, because we played a massive game against Atletico and not them. WE NEED THIS WIN, that will be a tough game, but we can get this win.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Getting your new Chelsea strip or anything Chelsea for Christmas or your birthday was brilliant as a kid.
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    I found a Mitre ball in the Thames near Putney Bridge, probably from Craven Cottage. I was the king of the park for weeks.
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    Mod Stark

    Alvaro Morata

    What of the previous seasons prior to those 5 months at the end? If we're judging the players against each other, there is no way Morata is better than Costa. As it stands today,in my opinion, there isn't much between Morata and Batshuayi. Most of the time, if it isn't put on his head, it's hitting the stewards each side of the goal. I wanted Morata and it's early days, but I think we need some clarity comparing him to Costa as it stands.
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    Is it me or does Jack Wilshere look like he's aged about 10 years? I always suspected him of being a coke addict when he was "injured" for 16 months then consistently injured afterwards at Arsenal.
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    He is irreplaceable imo. If we are forced to sell him to madrid, I would say isco has to be part of any deal. I doubt it's a stance the club will take though, we seem to be happy enough to grant players wishes if the price tag is met. Cech, Matic, Costa, all got the moves they wanted, so if hazard wants out, I doubt we would stand in his way, in the same way Liverpool did with coutinho. I have a feeling hazard will stay here long term though.
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    United fans on Lukaku, looks like the honeymoon period and hysteria over 'screwing us over' has well and truly worn off!!!! ^^^Doesn't that one sound familiar? Literally every single reason i didn't want him back under any circumstances and wasn't remotely bothered he was sold is covered in these posts (poor movement, lazy, weak for his size, abysmal technique etc etc). The few people defending him were blaming the "lack of service", sound familiar to a certain number 9 we had? We already have a "flawed footballer but scores" striker in Bats who is a super sub and nothing more, imagine going into this season with Lukaku and Bats as the options? Honestly i would rather the 2013/14 versions of Eto'o or Ba over Lukaku let alone Costa and Morata.
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    Antonio Rudiger

    this is hilarious too, on the place back to london yesterday lol https://streamable.com/8rd9h
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    Would play Rudiger instead of Cahill in the 3-5-2. Cahill is fine when there's an aerial threat but he struggles against pacy players who press him.
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    If it happens all of it on Harry Kane.
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    If there is a game in the PL I enjoy us winning the most, it is this fixture. Beating these at Klanfield is always a delight, so I'm hoping we can do it again on Saturday. I am cautiously optimistic about the game. I think our attack is developing quite nicely and we will cause them problems. Also, Conte isn't tactically naive to set us up for them to exploit, so I hope we win or at least draw. I just hope our defense doesn't sh*t the bed when they come up against their skillful players like they did against Wilfred f**king Zaha. Four PL wins in a row now and 8 winnable (on paper) fixtures after this game until Arse away. If we don't f**k up, we can consolidate 3rd place or even overtake Utd for 2nd place. Come on Chelsea!!!!
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    chi blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    O I forgot to say nibs, that wasn't me as a kid dressed in full kit and going over the park, it was last Saturday at the age of 48!!! Got a few funny looks though!!
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    Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    It's a ropey old ball Droys got there- no doubt a kick about ball but rag arse rovers all the same. The club was probably too skint for luxurys such as new balls back then. I don't think that type of black and white ball was ever used in the football league- definitely was in internationals. 70's and 80's was Mitre Multiplex or Mitre Max from memory
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Not really sure that they underachieved, two trophies was probably akin to expectations. Around that period there were a lot of very good sides and trophies on the whole were shared out among them. Although the side were folk legends to us fans, from memory alone we didn't have a lot of regular full internationals in the side. Quite rightly you state that 1972 was a disappointment , Stoke were Div1 but we were expected to win, as for Orient ,football gave up plenty of shocks in the cup in those days. Quite probably why older fans hold the trophy with such high regard, our memories being filled with the likes of Orient, Hereford,Colchester etc. We were though an honest side that gave their all for the badge and the period of following the team in those days gave many a lot of happy memories.
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    I'm hoping Sevilla kick the absolute s**t out of Liverpool in Spain tonight. A few injuries to Mane, Couthino, Salah would be also very welcome. One of my favourite Chelsea moments ever was Demba Ba running through to stop Liverpool winning the league, I celebrated that result like Munich 2012. I hate the Scouse c**ts.
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    Carshalton an absolutly tremendous post. In my family i have two elder brothers me and the eldest were the "herberts" the middle one watched the football and joined in only when he had too. I loved to join in first but also loved anything Chelsea South West london is all that matters and Chelsea Football club, the rest of london is was and always will be shall we say "unclean." Please dont put Bates on a pedestal he wanted to kill us. He did not have to put up with police beating you for no reason in any part of this country or abroad, we got "what was coming to us" in his mind though I agree he picked us up again when we were sh*t and got rid of the leeches.Stocholm was a great example, coming home was absolute chaos bates did not give a monkeys. You are right about the early 70s team underachievers really but they were CHELSEA my Chelsea always will be. The ex players were bound to bad mouth us, they were working class kids that came good just because they could play football. They lost out on thousands compared to even 10 years after the end of their careers.erarnt One thing is they are and always will be Chelsea. To me Greaves s truly the one who forgot where he started he never ever has a good word to say about us always N17. Might be good reason he may get drinks cheaper at N17. That is my opinion. You are right but please Bates never loved Chelsea, he was a business man from up north.who made his money out of the club. "us Herberts" though he hated us kept Chelsea going.at the time. Then the Russian came and he got his sheckles and was off. Your posts are fantastic and we are allowed to give our opinions thank god our Grandparents fought for that right. Keep the faith you do tremendous work on this board Thank you.
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    Hudson fails to mention Bates giving him a job working as a host during home games when he needed help, he got let go because he kept getting pissed up. Older fans on here, by all means tell me i'm talking crap but i cant help thinking the early 70s team underachieved overall with the talent we had, yes we won two cups but we also had some shocking results, losing to div 2 Stoke in the league cup final in 72 for one, losing to the likes of Orient in the cup, losing semi finals late 60s. What annoys me is some of the 70s players in the past were happy to slag the club off in the press for a quick buck & then wondered why Bates told them to eff off when they wanted free tickets. Likes of Osgood-R.I.P & Harris were always quick to slate the club when we were struggling, all it did was feed the tabloids narrative against Bates.
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    Sat 12th May 1984. We won 1-0. King Kerry to win Division 2 title, ahead of Sheffield Wednesday.
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    Trying to get a few insults in before you declare the spat closed isn't really helping.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Johnny B. A fine player.
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    Nice to see a pair of Gola boots,well one anyway. In this picture. My first real pair of football boots were Gola. Back in 1978. Cost my old dear £4.95. Sad I remember that fact!