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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Here's a brilliant website got everything about the famous CFC. http://www.bounder.friardale.co.uk/index.htm
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    I cant remember so well but thought it was a coupla years later...Had my neck slashed with a Stanley.....Ken bates read about it and sent my wife and myself directors box tickets v Ipswich....Met the great Chelsea pensioners and will never forget one of em nicknamed TINY.......He WILL be mocking spuds from upstairs now...Thanks
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    RIP Mourinho

    Eden Hazard

    If Hazard ain't bossing it or has 3 men marking him we really do struggle. Absolutely criminal that the club hasn't added any world class attackers since 2012.
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    RIP Mourinho


    Been poor for a while now. I'm sure he'll score a cross in a couple of games though and people will be trying to say he's brilliant again.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    bluehaze:Totally agree re that Chelsea site.
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    old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I had the privilege of being at the game when Jimmy burst on to the scene. His pace was electric compared to the other Charles 'Charlie' Charles's on the pitch. The opposition must have thought he was from outer space....as we all did!
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    He clearly was a big reason we didn't win. He missed a guilt edged opportunity which was even easier than Morata's, he missed a very simple pass to put Pedro clean through on goal and then also missed another opportunity to put Batman through on goal as well. Others missed opportunities as well, but if Hazard/Pedro had been on the edge of those chances or moments that Willian had, we would have won the game. Period. I'm a very optimistic supporter when it comes to defending our players but sometimes Willian gets a massive by because I think he's seen as a bit of a cult hero due to the Spurs transfer debacle. Has to go in the summer. Keep Pedro as a squad player and upgrade on Willian.
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    Now a bit has been said about missing Diego or missing matic but how badly is conte, and our team, missing the influence of Steve Holland and jt?
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    This is something Arsene Wenger has said to Arsenal for the past 15 years and still says to Arsenal to this day. So I find this very depressing but I also see some truth too it. I’ve heard talks of a new stadium since 2010 and nothing has happened yet.
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    My idea would be to buy someone good who actually plays that position.
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    @Richard P you mentioning about there being no mobile phones reminds me of when we would come out of the ground and if we saw someone with a radio would gather around them to hear the results or occasionally to hear a cup draw. Different times.
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    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    ^ Good post Ab. So much whinging & unnecessary angst on here after the derby. Sure - disappointing result but how many times has that happened over the last few years in the same situation? Quite a bit & regardless of whether it was Mourinho or Conte as the manager. The point being that we've had a thin squad for some years because of other more pressing considerations - ie. to continue with the model of being self-funding as much as possible & because we've got to build the new stadium to ensure for the long term. In consequence, this idea that we can over the short term match the likes of City or United in terms of player/squad spend is not the reality. Look at our net spend over the last few years compared to theirs - not in the same ball-park & in fact we have been the big over-achievers in respect to silverware both under Mourinho & Conte when the sheer financial spend on players is taken into account. And this has been evidently obvious for some years now & yet we still see the constant whinging in the short term. Some of you have got to get some perspective - you are chels for life so you have to understand that in this 'moment' we are planning for the long term viability of this club at a time when over the last 5 years or so some very rich benefactors have come into football. We were very lucky that our benefactor came in very early & a glorious decade or so followed. And then others saw that & followed & now it's ultra competitive & we're no longer in the top 3 of clubs in respect to what we can spend. Certainly we are still in the top ten but it's a very different game than it was ten or even 5 years ago now. So get some perspective - last year as Ab says we over-achieved & won the title (albeit made much easier given we weren't in Europe). This year we're back in Europe where we belong & the aim is to make the top 4 so as to stay in Europe next year & maybe to win a cup or two. What's wrong with that ambition? It's completely realistic given what we've got to do in terms of the new stadium. And given the huge amounts that City has doled out in the last 5 to 6 years for players their return has been pretty ordinary when you think about it. But sooner or later, by the law of averages, they were going to manage to bring it all together which is what is happening this year. So I don't get the angst exactly. And quite apart from that, some credit is due to Moyes here: got the early goal & then set up to stonewall - we couldn't un-pick em'. Seen a fair bit of that over the years. Even City found it difficult to un-pick em' the week before with all their firepower. It happens. It's called football.
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    No, Chelsea CLEARLY can't spend like City and Utd, that's the whole point, and this has been obvious for years now. According to https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ City squad cost close to £700m to assemble, United's is about £640m. You know what ours costs? Around £450m. Why do you think that is? Because our squad is so well stocked with world class stars, there's simply no need to spend more? Is that it? Granted, you don't always have to spend big to get quality signings (pains me to say, but Spurs did well in that respect), but more often than not, you do. That is, if you want to stay competitive and fight for trophies every season. Those comparisons with City are ridiculous. Gundogan spent most of his first season out injured. They got some great deals, like Jesus, but they wasted plenty of money, too. The difference is, they can afford to make mistakes in the market because they have a bottomless pit of money. We don't. Conte wanted to upgrade wingback position and asked for Sandro, Walker and Danilo. We ended up with Zappacosta. He wanted Bonucci, Koulibali and Stones and we ended up with Luiz and Rudiger. God knows, who he wanted for LB position back in summer of 2016 but I'm sure Alonso wasn't his first or even second choice. Sooner or later, if you're not getting the right players or getting players of inferior quality to the ones you target, you end up with an inferior squad. We overachieved last season, plus the lack of CL and the players getting lucky with unjuries helped, but there's only so much you can do when you constantly shop at a discount store.
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    How can you say it "means nothing" when two of our supposed "rivals" can spend as they please without losing quality. That's just silly. This is not an excuse for any of our shortcomings btw but to play it down is stupid
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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    DOn't think he'd really be any worse than Baka at the moment.
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    As poor as Bakayoko has been, he still hasn't sunk to the lows Matic did in the FA Cup final.
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    We're a top 4 club these days not a title winning one according to our net spend outlay in the last 4 seasons. RA has no business being mad about a top 4 finish and a run in the domestic cups. That's the reality of our ambition these days. Anything else is a bonus.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was born in 67 and can relate to your post. Listening to Sport on 2 on a Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening and hearing we were losing at Rotherham or drawing at Orient. The Monday mornings at school after we had beaten Liverpool in the FA Cup in 78 and 82 were brilliant though! Then came the transformation in 1983/84 . Ironically my last year at secondary school. Chelsea were back and I could walk tall on a Monday morning again.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Looks like this picture was taken after Hughes scored that brilliant goal in the 3-1 victory over Vicenza in 1998. What a night that was.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

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