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    Cesc is a unique talent. One of the most creative players I’ve seen play for Chelsea. He’s still the best passer of the ball we have and I think he’s been under-utilised by Sarri. If he is leaving, which it looks like he is, I think that’s a bad decision on our part. There’s no one out there who we can get who can do what Cesc can.
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    Fabregas has been an excellent signing overall. The best passer of a ball I have seen at the club.
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    Cesc Fabregas

    If your eyes don't get wet from watching this, then you should punch yourself in the face
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    Might sound gay but I love Hudson's balls.
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    Here is the moment when The Man that wears the Magic Hat finished the match & received a Standing Ovation
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    I did indeed, funny looking back at the first few pages of his thread and seeing how he’s changed peoples minds about him. He’s been a terrific signing since we brought him in and I’ll really miss watching his passing, it’s been a joy to have him at the club but he deserves to play as he still has the quality. He deserves massive respect for not just taking the money to sit on our bench but to go and seek playing time.
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    Wee bit emotional seeing Cesc going off
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    Cesc Fabregas

    I think that's what makes this even more amazing, the emotion surrounding him leaving and the fact he's so highly thought of by Chelsea fans is wonderful considering his history. Thanks for everything Cesc, good luck for the future.
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    Thank you Cesc, what a superb player he has been for us, I feel very sad
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    CHO has profuced more usable crosses in the box today than all our players the whole season
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    Yeh that's why every 'offer' has been rejected. Totally fine with it.
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    That ball is in exactly what we've been missing, direct not giving the defence chance to settle
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    brilliant stream http://bankai.stream/rnaw1.php
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The seasoned pros make mistakes, it doesn't stop them getting picked.
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    Scott Harris

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I don't think we can say he isn't a clinical finisher just yet, he's only started 3 games, and he got a goal in one of them.
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    Cesc Fabregas

    I used to hate him when he was at Arsenal. Could never imagine him wearing a Chelsea shirt, but what a wonderful signing he turned out to be. Classy man, too. I'm going to miss him. Thanks for everything, Cesc.
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    with Pedro Willian RLC and Giroud presumably still out... I sure hope he does for the sake of meritocracy
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    I see no reason why Hudson didn't start bext match on the right. It is against Spuds of all teams
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    Also, Derby have come back from 2 down against Southampton. Go on Super Frank!!
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    CHO is staying at Chelsea
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    I f**king hate Claude Yacob
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    Thing is Werner isn't a great finisher either. Misses plenty of big chances. German Morata.
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    Random Rumours

    Mikel is available on a free transfer. Just putting it out there.
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    Cesc Fabregas

    Just in case any of you peeps have any doubts about Cesc leaving, check this post from Alvaro
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Surely the best way to improve is to be on the pitch? There’s only so much he can do in training especially when the games are coming every couple of days.
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    Cesc Fabregas

    Here is another video of The Man that wears the Magic Hat in his Final Lap of Honor at Stamford Bridge
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    IMHO he has to start, especially since RLC limped off in the first half - IMHO people need to calm down & stop reading the tabloids - they are always trying to put Chelsea into a crisis mode & some our supporters feed into the BS that the media produces
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    Cesc Fabregas

    My favorite Fabregas pass in blue
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    Etoo was like 32 when he got here. Nice agenda by Charlie.
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    Morata's gone.....
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    Hudson Odoi is really giving Sarri no choice but to put him in the starting XI
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    A proper old school winger, looks to take his man on and get crosses in whenever he can. No cutting back and slowing things down ala Willian. Just hope he gets his deserved chance now
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    If we let CHO go we must be off our f**king heads
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    CHO should be a regular starter ; especially with Pedro out
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    The benefits of being direct and crossing into the box! Rather than trying to walk into the box
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    That is gotta be the first time in a while since we managed to put a decent cross !!! And it came from CHO !!! Get in !!
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    Moratas linkup play is very assured, just needs a goal or three
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    Get much more enjoyment out of watching this team than the other bunch
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    Bit of a shame Gary Cahill won't be getting one last valedictory appearance against Nottm Forest, but I guess Fulham didn't want him to get cup-tied. About as good a £7m as will ever be spent in English football. Sunderland paid more for Papy Djilobodji.
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    line-up announced for CFC
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great view from the new Shed End v Wolves in 1933.
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    Christian Pulisic - Official

    I've followed Fekir since before he busted his knees so it's not a recent thing (for me anyway). Lyon I think are a great team to watch and I'd take Ndombele in a heartbeat too. My interest is based in a few things: 1. Ever since Mata left we've missed a left footed attacking player who opens up different angles and has genuine goalscoring output. 2. He has a similar build to Hazard. He's short but has a strong core, for that reason he is very good at shielding the ball and progressing it up the field. 3. He's a genuine match winner. Capable of a moment of brilliance to break down a team. He has that X Factor that you need against a packed defence. He also seems to have a habit of doing it in big games. City in the CL earlier in the year is an example but you would also remember the night Lyon beat PSG last season. Now of course there are downsides, notably the knees which took a long time to recover from. First season he came back he was a bit tubby and didn't seem to be focused. As you say he is set up as the main man at Lyon and it would be harder here, he can also drift out of games (although I think his work off the ball has improved under Genesio, who press high in a similar way how we should press). The France thing doesn't bother me as much. Griezmann is one of the best 5 attacking players in the world so I'm not worried that he didn't start. When he did play he showed good chemistry with Giroud. He's a guy who would improve our team immediately for a similar price. We were apparently close to doing a deal in the summer and we'd have been smarter to have pursued that deal rather than this one. I only have hope we still do pursue it. It'll annoy me enormously if Liverpool beat us to a third target in three windows that would have improved our squad (Van Dijk, Alisson were the first two).
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The last 2 title wins we won when not being the big spenders in terms of the big names and big fees. Our biggest was Costa for just over £30 million. The club are probably thinking we don’t need the very best players to win things but a high level squad with a good manager since it’s worked before. Our youth strategy in terms of development in our first team is non existent but it’s been like that since Roman took over. It’s no shock and when you see the trend of us being successful with our current model then you can see why they are reluctant to change it. In most top teams in Europe a 18 year old is always going to struggle for games when you have established internationalist with CL, EPL and such wins under their belts. It shouldn’t just go on reputation and experience but 9 times out of 10 it will. At another club CHO would have got more of a break that’s for sure but this is no shock. This is what we do and have been doing for the best part of 15 years.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    And that post, in a nutshell, summarises how Chelsea FC have regarded our youngsters since Roman took control of the club. During that time we have much to be grateful for. We have won buckets full. But we are stone cold sh*te at bringing through young talent and integrating it in to our starting line-up. Or even giving it a fair chance. Understandable, perhaps, when we were Citeh \ PSG and could buy the world. Seems a bit daft now that we can't.
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    Alvaro Morata

    Maybe initially when things wasn't going his way and the criticism was much, he was depressed and couldn't give 100%, but his last 2 seasons with us, I remembered him as someone who actually tried to prove his doubters wrong!
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    The decline in performances is a lot down to one thing, The lack of training pitch time. He is coming in, trying to teach the squad a totally different brand of football to what the players are accustomed too, he has a broken pre season where most of the key players are on holiday from the world cup then when they come back they are getting upto speed for the first few weeks and by the time they are we end up starting the midweek marathon where we have played in every single midweek since the PAOK away game in September which renders training time as manly warm downs, that is a killer when learning a completely new system and style of play. Imagine you are doing weekly theory test's for driving (to pluck a random example), the first few weeks you have all the time in the world to revise and perfect things, but after that practice time is cut down significantly, eventually it's going to start to show in your results, won't it? The chances created and attacking play in the final 3rd isn't anywhere near what it could be, but one thing he has got right is how we are defending and how comfortable we are on the ball. Now i know some may reply with "possession is pointless if you do nothing with it" and all the usual stigma cliche's and as a rule i would agree, but with us/Sarri it's not the end game it's a hopeful building block onto bigger things. I remember a few years ago that video came out on YouTube of Napoli expertly playing the ball out of the back under extreme pressure and people on here were posting about it with the green eyed monster wishing our defenders could do that, well after six months we are doing that, we have been seamlessly playing out of trouble even against Liverpool and City with defenders that were supposedly not capable of it. The 65%-70 possession per match and how comfortable we are in possession is a starting block to where we are trying to go and in fact i think Sarri's done very well to implement that so early, i actually thought that was the part of his tactics that were going to take the longest to implement but it's been done seamlessly. Also i am very impressed with how good we look defensively, again that's another part i thought was going to take a while and i expected us to be vulnerable at the back for pretty much the duration of season one, the last two against Palace and Southampton both barely got a sniff at a chance, apart from the last ten minutes against Palace i didn't even remotely fear we would concede, that is quite remarkable all things considered, now i may get the usual counter of "it's only Palace and Southampton" well they have smashed a combined four past City recently and we gave neither a sniff. While we are on the subject of City remember how awful Pep and Klopp's defense was in the early stage? For Sarri to have us looking quite solid so early is a massive plus for me. Now when a manager is not getting it all his own way there's always one thing you need to ask, can you see what he's trying to do? It doesn't matter how well he's currently doing it but just to focus on the question. Moyes would be the greatest example of the answer to that question being no, there was no real blueprint or idea on what he was trying to achieve and it looked like he was making it up as he went along. An example of yes would be Klopp at Liverpool, didn't get it all his own way for the first two years but the blueprint was there, what he was trying to achieve was there. With Sarri i can see what he's trying to do he wants us to play with speed and decisiveness but unfortunately that's beyond some of the current players, it's not even about getting the best players it's about getting players more suited to the style. Willian doesn't fit his desired tactics, neither does Barkley, neither do the forwards, neither does Alonso from an attacking POV, Kante's getting there but still learning the ropes, we can't consistently play the style he wants but we are trying to work towards it, for example Alonso's post hit at the end of the Leicester game would have been a typical Sarri goal. All things considered Sarri right now i wouldn't say should get a free hit, but there is definitely mitigating circumstances which means he deserves the benefit of the doubt and we should give him a couple of windows to see where he could take us. Now don't get me wrong if we are still performing with such sketchy end product this time next year i will be as skeptical as anyone but what would the options be at the minute? Bottle it and go pragmatic for the end of the season and be back to square one in the summer? The big pro argument for that in the past is it would put us with a chance of the major trophies (2009, 2012) that isn't the case anymore so we have nothing to really lose by seeing the process though unless we bomb badly. With the emergence of what City, Liverpool and to an extent Spurs are doing we need to build something sustainable to keep up, the sticky plaster route was only ever going to work for so long!!

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