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    Might sound gay but I love Hudson's balls.
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    CHO has profuced more usable crosses in the box today than all our players the whole season
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    Yeh that's why every 'offer' has been rejected. Totally fine with it.
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    That ball is in exactly what we've been missing, direct not giving the defence chance to settle
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    brilliant stream http://bankai.stream/rnaw1.php
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    with Pedro Willian RLC and Giroud presumably still out... I sure hope he does for the sake of meritocracy
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    I see no reason why Hudson didn't start bext match on the right. It is against Spuds of all teams
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    Also, Derby have come back from 2 down against Southampton. Go on Super Frank!!
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    CHO is staying at Chelsea
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    I f**king hate Claude Yacob
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    Thing is Werner isn't a great finisher either. Misses plenty of big chances. German Morata.
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    Random Rumours

    Mikel is available on a free transfer. Just putting it out there.
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    Morata's gone.....
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    Ampadu could play 6 positions for Sarri, if Sarri stays a while ... Ampadu well be a regular.
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    A proper old school winger, looks to take his man on and get crosses in whenever he can. No cutting back and slowing things down ala Willian. Just hope he gets his deserved chance now
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    Morata should celebrate his goals. His sulky attitude isn't helping his overall self-esteem.
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    CHO should be a regular starter ; especially with Pedro out
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    The benefits of being direct and crossing into the box! Rather than trying to walk into the box
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    He can score when he doesn't have to think about it....
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    Bit of a shame Gary Cahill won't be getting one last valedictory appearance against Nottm Forest, but I guess Fulham didn't want him to get cup-tied. About as good a £7m as will ever be spent in English football. Sunderland paid more for Papy Djilobodji.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great view from the new Shed End v Wolves in 1933.
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    The festive period hasn't been particularly enjoyable but we're still there in the chasing pack. Unlike quite a few here I still haven't forgotten the impressive 12 match unbeaten run, the win over City to end their own unbeaten run, and the ease at which we progressed through to the knockout stage of the Europa league. I think there's a strong tendency for these kinds of mid-season reviews to be heavily distorted by the most recent results, at least that definitely seems to be the case here. I find comments calling for him to smarten up completely irrelevant. For Christ's sake, he's a football coach not the leader of the Labour party.