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    You're not going to watch your team in a European Final because we might lose? Shocking mentality.
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    Give the man a break. We call for RLC and CHO, they did not start but were his first two subs, neither pulled up trees and with 20 minutes to go he changed his system and pulled Jorginho for Willian. He showed flexability at last and Hazard gave us a moment of magic to get a point. Wolves came to spoil the game, nothing wrong with that but we are not best withut Costa or Drogba to break down those teams. We fought first minute to last. The ball did not break for us. By United standards we should have had a pen for the handball the player kicked on to his own outstretched hand and the hazard one could easily have been given as a pen rather than free kick. Higuain was centermeters from a tap in, and on another day dave blocks their goal not deflects it in. We were unlucky. We dominated them and deserved to win and Sarri showed ambition with his changes. I thought he and the team handled the game very well and tried to the last against a fine team with a solid game plan.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    in, but that isn't to say he's been perfect. reasons are: -he's essentially a coach. his reputation is built on that. so joining so late before the season started, and having to play thurs-sun all season, has denied him of a lot of time to really imprint his methods. despite this, we've acheived the target of going back into the champions league, and we've made two finals. -the squad is a mix of players suited to different styles, and a lot of the "best" players in the squad are past their very best (or on the turn). so even with a flatter track in terms of coaching time, this isn't the easiest set of players to mould. sarri signed one outfield player to add to this, and a further two on loan. he shouldn't be judged against most other chelsea managers under abramovich in this respect, as he has been afforded far less. -I think a lot of people have an artificially large expectation of what this squad should be doing because antonio conte is one of the four or five best managers in the world. even those who may no longer like conte may suffer a little from this. sarri is a fine coach, and the football his previous sides in particular attest to this. -I know there has been a lot of frustration about his reticence, or apparent reluctance to do so earlier, but this is actually the manager who put loftus cheek in. and he put huson-odoi in too, and had the welsh kid in ahead of cahill for a lot of the campaign as well. I'm not pretending there was no argument to do so earlier, or more, but credit where it's due here. -finally, I know a lot of people point to guardiola's first season (with others assuming the implication is that those who do are suggesting we will canter to the title next season), but I'd like make two slightly related points: a) recall pochettino and klopp's first seasons with spurs and liverpool. if you can. b) we've met our minimum target, and yet we're still supposed to sack the manager? how is starting from scratch again going to help us? guardiola must laugh himself to sleep every night thinking about how right he was to reject our advances. this is no way to run a club: allowing relations with a genuinely great manager (the calibre of which, be in no doubt, we can no longer attract) to sour to the extent we need to sack him; allowing our best player to run his contract down so we need to sell at cut price; sacking said manager too late to give the new one time to actually do any coaching or truly assess his new squad; then sacking the new guy despite his meeting minimum requirement with a hand tied behind his back, so the new guy can arrive to a club with no director of football and a two window transfer ban. for those keeping count, we've done all of the above and you are proposing we follow that up by doing the new bit in bold. In the long term sarri might not be right for us, but keeping him for now is the pragmatic thing to do.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    No pre-season No top class striker First time managing outside of Italy Top 4 finish, runners up in the League Cup and a good chance to make the Europa League Final. We also have two players from our academy in RLC and Hudson-Odoi who have basically broken into the first 11 He's made mistakes, been stubborn and been frustrating at times but has actually done a very good job to be fair to him You also have to take into account the fact that he's playing a completely different system to what this squad is used to and that takes time
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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    This one isn't on Sarri mate. He openly opposed the fixture, but had no choice but to participate. I am sure the board didn't pick the team, but I am also sure Sarri was obliged to give a certain number of big names a run out. With hindsight it's easy to say this person or that person should have been fully rested, but an injury to any player expected to start the final would have been greeted with the same response. It was a insanely stupid fixture to arrange prior to the biggest game of the season, and that's on the club not Sarri. The potential positives (staying fresh and sharp) were always going to be greatly outweighed by the potential negatives (injury to key players) and we have come a cropper, bigtime. It's not Sarri's fault though, and to try and pin blame on him is just a bit odd really...
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    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    Thanks to all those whose efforts made this possible - Ole Gunner Solskjaer, Unai Emery... you guys are the best.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    Our current points tally is enough for top four 20 times out of the last 23 season's. Infact some season's teams that have ended up with 71 points we're in a title race heading to the business end (Spurs 15/16, Chelsea 10/11) admitedly an outside chance but still. If we win at Leicester our final points tally would have been enough 22 times out of the last 23. It's an absolute myth that we are lucky to be in top four, infact we would have been very unlucky to have missed out with this points tally.
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    Liverpool winning the CL wouldn't bother me too much just as long as City win the league. I shudder at the thought of Liverpool doing the League and CL double. Tottenham really have no business being in the CL final. It's like if Michael Bay was nominated for an oscar, it's an absolute travesty. The biggest victims here though are the people of Madrid, who will see their fine city invaded by tens of thousands of scousers and spuds on the 1st of June. Nobody deserves that.
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    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

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    Sarri - In or Out?

    You've just described the whole point of a competition: 20 clubs play to see which of them has won the most points over 38 matches each. That includes the very lucky results, the bottle jobs, and the matches that are decided by one corner, or one send-off, or whatever. Why give it a negative slant? Like every club, we try to improve for the next season. Getting rid of a manager again, without having any idea who to appoint next, and the players learning a new system again, is not a step on the road to improvement.
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    I see United also wore their new kit today ...
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    So if you think 90% of our players wouldn't start for a top 6 side, then us currently being in 4th means Sarri's management can't be that appaling then? Can't have it both ways surely.
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    You gotta laugh...they moan when he leaves them on the bench.....now moaning we didnt put them back on the bench
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    Frankfurt rested their main players on the weekend whilst we put out our full-strength side. Since last Thursday, they've essentially been preparing for this game and I don't think anyone can admit they're pushovers. We, however, went all out against a strong watford side (now in the FA Cup final) to secure our Champions league spot. Frankfurt put all their eggs in one basket to win the champions league and it showed, they put everything into this game. Their energy was immense, and the support drove their team on. We withstood a lot of pressure, had good chances and were piling on the pressure right to the end. Why are people seeing this as the final nail in the coffin for Sarri?? I'm tired of hearing boos from Chelsea fans every time I go to a game... Loftus Cheek was tiring after 75 mins, he wasn't playing with the same energy and aggression as the first half AND he's been recovering from a back injury for months. Instead of mindless booing, why don't we back our team and create an inspiring atmosphere for the players rather!!
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    A few comments from the CL final match thread of this very forum to stir your memory.. Any of this sound any different to the match threads from this year? The night we beat Bayern was one of the best football nights I've ever had, but let's not pretend we won it through some display of football genius. We won it because we got lucky that night, and it didn't matter a damn because many of the same players should have won several CL's before that and they deserved to finally lift that big bastard trophy and scream in the faces of the European giants who had treated us like upstarts until that night. This forum has been full of wailing and teeth gnashing this year, with people talking like its the end of days because a new manager hasn't turned us into the new Barcelona overnight. It's long past time that people remembered that there's been plenty of times when we didn't look like much before but still went on to have some of the greatest nights in the clubs history. Now can we just enjoy making it to another European trophy final, support the manager and the lads and have some fun again? Tomorrow will bring what it brings, but Chelsea will still be here regardless.
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    We beat the German's on penalties again!
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    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    Christ some of you sound like we are getting ready to battle relegation
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    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    And by horrendous, you mean glorious of course
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    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    Hahaha how the f**k have we managed that?
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Bit extreme
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    Flicking through the thread on the way home I just have to say thanks god you miserable f**kers don’t turn out to support the team. Imagine how sh*te they’d be with you moany old f**kers there and not the amazing away support they always get behind them
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    Boston Blue

    Sarri - In or Out?

    I thought one of the best quotes I read was when Conte was appointed and he said that the coach was a tailor and had to stitch together the parts he had. The first 3 or 4 games were underwhelming, he changed, and we took off from there. Jose was also a master of adapting and changing things when things weren't working. What I think frustrates us is that Sarri is not the one to adapt and change. He's looking for the players to do it. He's being stubborn and when things aren't working, he digs his heels in and continues to do the same things, but for some reason, expects a different result (the definition of insanity). A manager is supposed to figure out how to get the best out of his employees. When you manage people, you tell them what your expectations are for them, and you create an environment that helps them meet (or exceed) those expectations. If they don't, you figure out why, and correct it. If that still doesn't work, you find others who will. The other issue is that Sarri continues with the same players he accuses of being mentally weak, or those that don't move the ball as he wants. There's no consequence for not doing what he's asking.
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    Match day and my 63rd birthday,a win would be nice.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
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    What would the league table look like if dives got yellow cards instead of penalties.......
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    That being the season we hovered above the relegation zone for half the year? He scored a couple of spawny free kicks early on that season that were probably intended as crosses and because collectively the entire team were sh*t that year Willian wins the award for being a bit less sh*t than everyone else rather than having an outstanding season.
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    Pundits and commentators have been going on about the bin dippers only losing one game in the league this season but conveniently forgetting that City won more games. Throughout sport there have been many close finishes - I can think of many times when there have been very small gaps between winners and runners-up in Formula One - and so often people only remember winners and not the runners up. In years to come, how many will remember how close Liverpool came? Although, I suspect the ex-Liverpool players on Sky, BT Sport, the BBC and in several papers will like to remind us.
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    I'm gonna bite. Top 4, two finals, massive change in playing style. Absolutely a work in progress, there's been mistakes and there's been ups and downs in progress, but considering the squad we have and where we were last year, this has been a decent season. I'm maybe in the minority but I think he's had a promising start, and I'm looking forward to next season. Maybe just on a semi-final win high? I'm happy.
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    UEFA worst nightmare. Four English teams contesting their showpiece finals.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But you have to change your mind as the facts change. So i have to ask some of the doubters - how can you persist with the same criticisms when, one by one, they've been answered, to varying degrees? here are a few: 1. Sarri stubborn on team selection: see others' stats above on RLC and CHO. Whether it was fan pressure that did it or not is irrelevant - the stubbornness argument no longer holds true. 2. We always lose when we concede first: ahem Cardiff away, Burnley at home, United away, Frankfurt away... did i miss any? ok all but one ended in draws (again, did i miss some?) but still a hell of an improvement on what was going on in our dark patch. 3. No team spirit: see 2. 4. Lack of imagination on subs: when was the last time we saw Kovacic for Barkley or vice versa (and this ties in with one)? 5. Always play worse in the second half: last two matches the exact opposite. 6. boring football - ok this is somewhat subjective, but i think it's unfair. While we have lacked consistency, there have been some great performances with top quality football - off the top of my head - Watford second half, belly of the Frankfurt game, Tottenham at home, West Ham at home, City final.... As i said, you are entitled to think Sarri is not the coach for us. But i don't think it can any longer be based on any of the above. Kudos to abramovich (not THE abramovich, or at least i don't think so) for basically acknowledging this and giving credit where due. And he may well yet be right to still be sceptical. We "ins" could easily be wrong come next season and should be ready to change our minds too. But for now - the table doesn't lie (solskjaer said so and it's hardly in his interest to say it), and there's no point rationalising it with "it's only coz man u, tottenham etc were crap". 1. they're probably not that crap (one is in CL semi); 2. so what (great even!) if they are.
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    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    So Sarri has finished higher than both Klopp and Pep in his first season compared to their first seasons, this despite having a squad suited to the 352 system under Conte. Hopefully we can sign players next season and let the revival happen. The one thing we need is a team with more goalscorers, when you the look at the GD City & Liverpool have compared to the rest no wonder they are both that many points clear. As for finishing in the top 4, it's not because Arsenal & Spurs choked, as we choked many times to let them into it. In the end we scored more points and deserve our top 4 place.
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    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    Get in! Back where we belong! Sarri has managed to improve on last season’s 70 points with 1 game to spare, and has also got us back into the top 4. And he’s done it with a very stale squad inherited from Conte. You’d have to say this season has now been a success and has given us a great platform to build upon. Fingers crossed that we can get this transfer ban delayed for a window. Absolutely ridiculous that Sarri has had to endure some of the criticism he’s received from some fans, especially considering it his first season at the club and in a new league. Hopefully he’ll get some credit now from those fans, but I’m already reading comments that we only made it because the we were a little bit less $hit than the rest. It doesn’t matter what the other teams have done, all that matters is that we have secured top 4. And we’ve done it with 71 points which is enough to get top 4 in most seasons. We’ve earnt it.
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    Can’t give a sh*t what he said, guys a legend. Played through injury to win our only Champions League trophy. Captained us to a League title. Boasts a trophy cabinet bigger than 99% of clubs put together. Thanks for everything Gaz!
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    Let's not pretend he hasn't made a huge difference to that Liverpool side. Last year Liverpool finished the season having conceded 38 goals, with two games left to play they've currently only let in 20. Liverpool have lost just once this season too having lost 5 last year. He's transformed that back line, if that's not a reason to be up for player of the year what is? I get that as Chelsea fans we don't want to praise the scousers for anything but surely we can acknowledge what a good season VVD has had for Liverpool?
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    Burnley fans booing timewasting? Why, the irony is astounding!
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    Racist fanbase???

    The so called racist who abused sterling has been found not guilty after lip reading experts backed his claim that he wasn't racially abusing him. As expected the f**king vermin who jumped all over hin claiming he was 100% guilty havent said a word, no apologise from sky, collymore, levene, Lineker etc, and I'm pretty sure it will be completely ignored by the media. Meanwhile the poor sod has lost his job, season ticket and has had his address given on twitter by daily mail reporters meaning he has received disgusting, unwarranted abuse. I hope he sues every single person involved.
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    Our New Stadium

    I see Tottenham are considering the installation of a retractable hinge roof:
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    Barry Bridges

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    No offense, but this is actually getting ludicrous. Are we really comparing benching Sane/Sterling/Silva (both) for Foden with benching Pedro/Willian for CHO? I mean are we really trying so hard to justify Sarri's decisions that we are really having to compare benching Sane (23 years old) & Sterling (24 years old) who have a combined 41 goals & assists to Willian (30) and Pedro (31) who have a combined 17 goals& assists? To take it to taking the piss levels, Sane alone has the same output in 1529 minutes that Willian and Pedro have combined in 3,258 minutes. That alone explains it, but we haven't even mentioned either of the Silva's (yup, both in double digit goals and assists) or Mahrez (more output than Willian, equal to Pedro, far less minutes than either)...and I'm just going to stop there before I get depressed. Pep has given Foden only 20 minutes less in the league than CHO has gotten despite that Chelsea only has 1 attacking player currently putting up numbers like half a dozen City players are.....add in that many of those City players are quite young themselves, while our squad desperately needs some younger players added to it. That is why the bias exists, and it is clearly deserved. Who really wants to kid themselves otherwise?
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    If you believe the media stories Roman was more interested in Tottenham than Chelsea before he took us over. My opinion. He has lost his passion and that passion will probably never be as strong as those of us raised on Chelsea. Fair enough, I will always have Chelsea in my heart but admit I don't have the same all consuming passion and interest I did when I was younger. There were times, many times, when I put following Chelsea before my family commitments. Not proud of that now, but I honestly did. And the money I have spent over the years I would suspect was a greater percentage of my net worth and disposable income at that time than that which Roman has spent. Not slagging Roman. His interest and his finances took us to trophies I never thought I would see in my lifetime. I have memories that will last a lifetime thanks to Roman's investment. But nothing lasts forever. The club is stagnating. I have felt, for quite awhile now, that to move forward again and stay in the world's elite clubs we need a change at the very top.
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    EL Draw Who's next!?

    Have fun there. But if you want to see the EL Final, you will have to book tickets for Baku though!
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    Thibaut Courtois

    It’s hard to save shots when you don’t have arms. Or legs. And have scales. This is a snake joke.
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    Wrong about Sarri?

    Conte is the past. That style of football worked for one year, then died on its arse. Because it wasn't sustainable and it really wasn't very pretty when we started to be found out. If we had that years Costa in this set up, we would be doing a damn site better than 73 points as well. We'd have won today comfortably, we'd have beaten United at their place. Just be f**king patient and see how we do next year and stop carping on, it's embarrassing when we consider the two teams ahead of us had worse first seasons when their "project managers" took over.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    The desperation to knock Sarri for any little thing is worse. Some are constructive and credit where it's due but others use a ridiculously extreme cases of mental gymnastics to turn him into the villian. Take Hudson Odoi for example. At the start of the season it's "he should be atleast getting the minutes Foden does at City" soon as he can eclipses Foden's minutes it's "it's only the Europa" no doubt if he was getting the PL minutes it would be "but we don't trust him in the tournament we could win". Then he was getting the PL minutes it was "but fan pressure has forced his hand". Heck even a full England call up which led to him being one of the youngest debutants ever on the back of the minutes he got here was used as a stick to beat him with. I try to avoid the agenda route but on Sarri's case I have to wonder, not only with a section of our fanbase but the media in general aswell, Jenas's attempts to play down Sarri's role in RLC's development minutes after Ruben's TV interview stating how much Sarri has helped him improve was beyond laughable.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    The desperation to make out we have somehow flunked our way to a possible 3rd place finish because everyone is garbage, even though we're 3rd in current form and our points are would see a usual top 4 finish us staggering, why are so many Chelsea wanting to constantly talk anything Chelsea related down. Its so f**king weird.
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    If Liverpool win the league and Spurs win the Champions League Pep should go to prison.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    Yeah but some of the venom thrown at him on here is way over the top, we even had someone saying we should p**s all over him. I can understand constructive criticism, but no need for the hatred and venom, the bloke is just trying to do his job.
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    Ken Bates: The Chelsea Years

    I guess we should call April 2nd Mr. Ken Bates Day. On this day back in 1982, Ken Bates bought Chelsea Football Club for only a pound. If this didn't happen, I believe the club would no longer exist. So I suggest any Chelsea Fan around the Globe raise their pint Glass for Mr. Bates today.
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    Wow!! I apologise for my filthy mind, but when I read the title of this thread, I had an instant mental image of @LiamNeeson masturbating in his seat!

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