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    Updated version of a photograph.
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    We beat the German's on penalties again!
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    Mason Mount

    If Mount doesn’t turn in to a complete bellend like Alli that’d be good enough for me.
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    Chelsea's next manager - evergreen post

    Wow! Someone must have crapped in your cornflakes this morning. Now calm down, smooth out your dress and straighten your tiara you drama queen.
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    Welcome N’Golo Kante

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    UEFA worst nightmare. Four English teams contesting their showpiece finals.
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    Burnley fans booing timewasting? Why, the irony is astounding!
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    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Probably got the hump after lamps asked him to try and you know, defend. So he's thought, where can I go where defending is optional? Ah I know, arsenal.
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    Pre-season matches 2019

    I must have watched a different game to you.
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    3rd place finish and a Europa League trophy in the bag. In what world is that anywhere near a complete disaster? Talk about being spoilt.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    I know one of them will win the big one in a few days but for now it's f**king hilarious Sarri broke his trophy duck in this country before Klopp and Pochettino have.
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    Let me preface this by saying that I, on the whole, can't stand Liverpool. I think that the conduct of their fans (without discussing Heysel, etc.) is generally hubristic, cringeworthy, and borderline delusional. I find the bizarre hive mind and usually unwarranted entitlement to exceptionalism which surrounds the club to be both concerning and irritating. But fair f**king play to them... last night was an extraordinary achievement. It was exceptional, it was a "famous European night at Anfield"™; the theatrics and hagiographies were, for once, not pandering, but justified. For the first time in perhaps a generation, this is a Barcelona side who aren't perfectly comfortable and fluent in building slowly from the back. Klopp recognised that, and instructed his rag-tag frontline* to press, needle and harry Barca in their own half. It worked perfectly. Barca were never comfortable, created little, and after the tie was brought level, never looked like coming back. They, to a man, were comprehensively defeated, in terms of physicality, desire, ability - even their cheating was less good than Liverpool's. Did you ever think that you'd ever see a Barca side, 3-0 down in a season-defining match, revert to 4-4-2 and put 9 men behind the ball? Can you ever imagine that a Barcelona side playing Guardiola's style (or at least mimicking it) wouldn't have simply put their foot on the ball and throttled the life out of the game? Do you think that we'd ever have been permitted to forget why Guardiola considers dominating possession to be primarily a defensive measure? Valverde's drift from tradition may have added an extra element to Barca's play, however it seems like something more fundamental is ebbing away. They were truly atrocious last night, as poor as I've ever seen any Barcelona side. I can't even bring myself to be annoyed or snipe about that match - last night I witnessed something truly extraordinary. Bravo Liverpool... ...didn't do it at the Nou Camp, with ten men, and José Bosingwa at centre back though, did you? *(which consisted of, let's not forget, a player they signed from relegated Stoke, and a centre-forward voted in Ligue 1's worst team of the season a couple of years ago, who had also played 492 minutes before last night).
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    i feel like i have "my" club back again cant explain why just feels like its back to being Chelsea
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    Marcos Alonso

    Having less perceived "cover" for a year is in my view preferable to being stuck with a bang average left back until 2023. This may well be the only chance we get to really cash in on Alonso ! We should take that chance imo.
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    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Who has said any of this? Most people are saying he has a lot of potential and is the direct attacking player we desperately need, most are just looking forward to seeing how he does at Chelsea and are hoping he succeeds rahter than quantifying his purchase by claiming players x and y would have been much better with no real reasoning other than "well I think hes better".
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    Came here as a Boy, grew into a Lion, left as a King. The greatest player I've ever seen live. Hazard, Chelsea owe you nothing. Thank you for everything ♥ ♥ ♥
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    Our New Stadium

    Have you got your ticket to Baku? I’d love to go but I can’t justify the cost, the time off work I’d need to travel with it being midweek and a complete ball ache to get to and on top of that all our season ticket holders have just had to spend a minimum of £750 if they wanted to renew for next season. It’s not the fans fault UEFA has shafted them.
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    I wonder if any other team has ever done what Wolves have done this season. They beat all 4 European Finalists in one season ?
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    Old Shaggy

    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    If I had a f**king pound for every time somebody has posted this completely incorrect nonsense since yesterday, I'd be the new f**king Chelsea owner! WE CAN'T LOSE A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPOT REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS ELSEWHERE!!!
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    Richard P

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Had the pleasure of seeing Kerry, Paul Canoville, Johny B and Colin Pates last night. I’ve met them many times but as the four were together I couldn’t resist a selfie! Whilst having my picture taken some young kids asked if they were famous!! I explained each player with an example of a modern player for them to understand. One asked how many goals Kerry scored , I said 193 and Kerry stated how many more than Drogba he scored. I showed them Kerry’s goal against the ars and they all shrieked!! I said remember his name and watch him on YouTube!!
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    Cannot take that article seriously. It says Drogba was 6 '2" . We all know he was 10'6". Try walking up behind unsuspecting Arsenal fans and shouting "Drogba". I bet they will still sh*t their pants!
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    big blue

    Racist fanbase?

    i am a black chelsea supporter, and it is a difficult subject to get into really. It feels like a bit of a PR exercise in my opinion. The 5 other fans that received a 1-2 year suspension, have been punished for acting like fans do all over the country. Im not saying its right or wrong to aggresively shout at a player like that, but it is no more than what goes on in every game up and down the country. With regards to the alleged racism. While i do find it slightly strange that he would call him a manc c**t anyway, (would anyone up north refer to barkley as Cockney just because he plays for a london club?), The guy has been cleared by police, in what was a high profile investigation, how the club can then come to a different conclusion sits uneasily with me, as it did with JT. I get @Brutos point, racist language doesnt necessarily need to be used in racist behaviour, but there is no way of knowing whether the aggression shown towards sterling was racially aggrevated. That is hardest thing about stopping racism. As a society we can do our best to stop racist language, and discrimination, but we cant punish peoples thoughts, and we cant attach racism to every white guy that is aggresive towards a black guy. The club have used this opportunity to make example, its good PR for the club, and we are trying to stop racism in club. The only person who knows whether they are right or wrong though, is the man involved.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The backtracking on this thread when the five year deal is announced will make for some amusing reading. Not Cesc Fabregas leaked signing photos funny but maybe a close second.
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    Eden Hazard

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    Eden Hazard

    They don't deserve him
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    Jose Mourinho thread

    RIP RIP Mourinho
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    Farewell sweet prince.
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    Pretty sure this win puts us in pot 1 for the Champions League draw as well.
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    Eden Hazard

    Yep, Hazard Moyes everyone
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    USA bound for friendly !!!

    I noticed this on the 5th Stand App also, there in so mention of it at all but instead a couple of videos of players saying how great they now feel going into the final on the back of this game. Do me a favour. It's a complete and utter farce of a situation, and we have potentially done massive damage to not only this season, but also next. All for a pointless friendly, in a different continent, before our season has finished. They should be f**king embarrassed.
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    Ewell CFC

    Sarri - In or Out?

    What is it with this site and miserablist fans? It’s as though being ultra sceptical and pesssimistic somehow has more levity than a positive outlook. Cheer up. It might never happen.
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    RIP Mourinho

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Best player on the pitch tonight by far.
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    Mick Harford

    Super Frank's Derby County

    Boody hell lads, you took him a bit too soon for my liking :) He'll be an absolute star for you, and I'm going to be following you as my second team from now on, Frank is just such a decent human being. P.S. also send us some more brilliant youths
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    Chelsea's next manager - evergreen post

    Lampard is the same age Jose Mourinho was when he took the job and older than Glenn Hoddle, Gianluca Vialli and Ruud Gullit when they were appointed by Chelsea. Lampard will be the first Englishman to manage Chelsea in the Champions League and the first Englishman to manage the club in 23 years.
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    Fun season ahead?

    TBF its how I treat every season, still have an extra beer when we get to 40 points and probable safety
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    Got to admire Anthony Joshua "taking one for the team" ... he's knocked Liverpool straight off the top of the sports headlines in a matter of minutes ... LOL
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    The legend Pat Nevin sums up my views on Sarri this season perfectly. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1133803/Chelsea-boss-Maurizio-Sarri-Pat-Nevin-Arsenal-Europa-League
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    The bin dippers should change the message on their badge from You'll Never Walk Alone to Clutching at Straws.
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    Jorginho is a Blue

    You know he's performed well when it's been over ten minutes since @just has posted on this thread
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    The Swan

    Chelsea get Top FOUR

    It’s happening again, Tottenham Hotspur it’s happening again...absolutely hilarious that we might end up higher than them after all their hype in the media. Can’t believe how negative some people are on here. The league table does not lie and we are currently the third best team in England. Not bad and a lot better than many of us might have anticipated around February. I am looking forward to UCL next year, well done Chelsea.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    It's always the easiest solution that's the answer most fans give to problems. The player on the bench/not playing, the player being played out of position, back to the old system etc etc. So let's say Sarri moves Kante deeper, well Kante isn't great at receiving the ball under pressure and his pass direction and weighting is not the best. So Sarri now has to change the system to a 2 midfielder system. Scrub the system he was specifically brought here to implement. Kante in a 3 was the most effective right-side presser, now we lack a very useful tool to play progressive football. So then let's be positive and say the 4 attackers would be Higuain/Giroud, Hazard, RLC and Pedro. The only half decent presser there, is Pedro. So either we're going to have a huge disconnect/spaces between the defensive line and attack, increasing the likelihood of our not so great defenders (Rudiger aside) being 1v1 more often; or we have to defend deeper and restrict our pressing. If we play the deeper, more compact 2 man midfield system, well then (abandoned philosophy aside) that can work if we counter well. But wait, firstly we have two of the slowest strikers in the league at our disposal and secondly our defence struggles to soak up pressure. Not the best options for the counter. And at the end of the day we still sit with some bad defenders, lack of creativity and not enough goals scorers. And that kids is why changing the whole f-ing system to accommodate Kante wasn't feasible.
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    People may not agree with me, but I think the Leeds player did nothing wrong. How many times does it need to be said that you play on until the ref blows his whistle? Footballers go down pretending they are hurt in every single game, so I don't think it should be on the players to kick the ball out of play when a player goes down, the ref should be the only one to make that call. People will say you should kick it out for sportsmanship reasons, but what about when the player is pretending to be injured? that's poor sportsmanship too.
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    Sarri - In or Out?

    I came here to make that point, can we really expect anymore from this squad? I feel Sarri has done what he can, and being 4th and in Europa semi’s it’s a decent season despite some shocking losses. I think next season is the season we find out if Sarri is good enough or not. Surely we will have a better squad overall next season.
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    I hate all these "Anti-Football" comments / accusations. Makes us sound like Arsenal under Wenger. "Sir, Sir, it's not fair, they won't let us play our pretty (but ineffective) passing game". When you play sides like Burnley, Stoke, Cardiff you know they will always be battling for points and fighting for their lives and using every trick in the book. You need to do your homework and counter it. No excuses, we should be beating sh*t teams like Burnley and if you fail to beat them, accept it with a bit of class and stop the whingeing.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

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    United have spent about nearly a billion since Ferguson left, and they still have Phil Jones and Chris Smalling starting, what on earth has gone wrong? They aren't even regular starters for England for crying out loud. That really is one of the biggest mysteries in football for me.
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    Racist fanbase?

    I remember after the PAOK game outside the game, a few fans chanting we rascist and thats the way we like it, at the top of their lungs for a good 15 mins. Came on here and was being told theres nothing wrong with that, its not a crime. It will be a sad day if our club becomes some sort of breeding ground for these people to join. Other clubs have issues that get swept under the carpet, but tbh we cant concern ourselves with that however unfair it seems. We should be more worried about the idiots in our fanbase giving our club a bad name.
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    Mod Stark

    Eden Hazard

    I think they shrunk his shirt!

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