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    Welcome Hakim Ziyech

    Couple of my thoughts regarding Ziyech. A lot has been said about his attitude and arrogance over the past years that he's been playing in the Eredivisie. Personally I think we could do with a bit more arrogance in our team. It's all been too nice and too soft with us for a while now. Unfortunately Ziyech also gets into it with fans and managers sometimes, so hopefully that doesn't happen with us and his attitude pans out in our advantage instead, and is just what we need. About his playing style, he absolutely hates it when things get physical. He likes time and space on the ball to pick out a pass. Getting manhandled visually ruffles his feathers and takes him out of games. I'm very interested to see how he's going to handle this in the premier league. The stories coming out of him and Ajax is that he's carefully planned his future, so presumably he's thought about this. Personally I'm not so sure. He'll be 27 in two weeks, and he's been wanting a big transfer for a while now. I'm not sure if any of the other big teams were in for him, so it wouldn't surprise me if he just said yes to us because he wants to play for a top side. Hopefully people aren't expecting Ziyech to be the next Sala, Mane, Sane or even Willian etc. When it comes to speed, dribbling or technical ability he doesn't come close Willian, that's just not his game. He's had his best season playing as a right winger. But not in the traditional sense. He's more of a playmaker that likes to sit on the wing and drift inside. I'm extremely happy we've found a top class (in potential) right back in Reece James. He's there to provide space for Ziyech, and to reach the back line to whip crosses in. I think that partnership could work really well. Ziyech can also play more centrally, as a cam for example. But I'm hoping he takes up that spot as a playmaker on the right wing. Lastly, for 3 seasons Ziyech has been the player with the most possession loss in the Eredivisie. I think this is just something we're going to have to accept. He plays a high risk game, but that's also his strength. He looks to play it forward and he's constantly looking for goals and assists. We've been dittering around box since before Sarri, and it's been driving most of us mad. Hopefully Ziyech will be a player who gets us forward quicker, and someone who can break the deadlock with that great left foot of his. All in all it's a gamble, just like any other transfer. But for 40m I think he's definitely worth a punt.
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    Oh come on, a scousers loss is always a cause for celebration.
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    We've got a new Kepa

    Kepa hasn't been very good this season, but he's been made a massive scapegoat. He hasn't played for a while and our defence is still sh*t and we're still conceding lots of goals. He should be brought back in next game.
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    It's an interesting question that @Brutos poses and I haven't seen anyone attempt to answer it yet. Why are we conceding so much more than last season? We have the same players, apart from Luiz, who was much maligned and wasn't wanted by Lampard. People talk about the loss of Hazard in terms of our attack being blunted but defending is the far bigger issue and Hazard was never asked to do much defending and possession hasn't been the problem this season, as we've seen much more of the ball in all our games than our opponents. Why are we conceding so many? What's changed? Was Luiz a lot better than some thought? He hasn't exactly done well at Arsenal. Is it the manager? Last season we had Luiz and Rudiger, and Christensen in reserve, and Cahill was never used. Basically it was Luiz and Rudiger the entire season, apart from right at the end, when Rudiger got injured. This season we've added Tomori and Zouma. This season, as last season, we're playing Jorginho in front of our defence. It doesn't really seem to be about personnel. Maybe we're playing a more open, less structured style, but when you need points and you're shipping goals for fun, you need to tighten up, especially when injuries have ensured your attack has been blunted, but Frank seems incapable of tightening us up, much as we saw at Derby last season. Derby were also very bad at set-pieces. There is obviously a pattern emerging, albeit a very short one, given Frank's inexperience in the role. This season I notice far more posters are complaining about the players, whereas last season everybody was complaining about the manager. Go on the threads for Kepa, for Dave, for our LBs, for our CBs, for Kante, Barkley and Jorginho, for our wingers and our strikers, and the players are getting a lot of criticism. Sure, one or two of them attracted stick last season, particularly mid-season, but it wasn't as consistent as it is this season, and it wasn't spread so thickly. People saying the squad aren't good enough and sure, it's not the best, but we should be beating a lot of the sides we've faced over the last 16 games or so. I mean, our squad is better than most in the PL. It's better than Watford's and look at the job Pearson has done there since he took over. He's managed to stop them conceding so many goals. We need to stop conceding. That's the bottom line. That's our priority, otherwise we have no chance of achieving top four. Even with a back five we can't do it. What's going wrong? When everybody is complaining about the players that makes me worry. In that scenario it's almost always the manager. Who's playing above their level? Who has he improved? Maybe one or two. Many more have seriously declined. Are we better than the sum of our parts or worse? We have very hard fixtures to come. We enjoyed a great start but since then it's relegation form and top four is looking less and less likely by the week. We had a big cushion but we've been unable to exploit it, and we may well pay, and that's because we can't stop shipping goals, and that appears to have f**k all to do with the loss of Hazard. We re pitiful in defence. Shameful. I'm sure it's embarrassing Frank. We can still do it, but we need to sort this issue out, and we haven't been able to sort it all season. This season he gets a pass, from the media as much as from everyone else. Nobody wants to see him sacked. There was very little expectations at the start, but our form in the last months has really fallen off, after such a promising and exciting start. Still, he's new and he's been handicapped in certain ways. Next season we have to improve, otherwise he's under intense pressure. That's just the nature of the job. Much as he wants genuine attacking talent, he has to create a team that can defend, otherwise you have to worry about his prospects. It's a long time since I've seen a Chelsea side that defends as poorly as this.
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    Let"s get one thing straight: you stay away from all things statistic! Reach for your inner chipper self and believe we can beat this lot at their place 4-0 Yeah okay, it's a stretch 🙄
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    Ballack & Blu

    Marcos Alonso

    Probably got some of the best Technique you'll see for striking a ball, immaculate
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    I really hate that block of what I assume are VIP seats at the half way line at Wembley - every game you watch has a whole block of empty seats after half time
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    Dodged a bullet there I feel, even with our lack of quality at the back.
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    Lucky escape how much did they want for him
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    How? he's stood up and can clearly see over Richarlison. He was wrong footed by the deflection and no way was he getting back with a dive.
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    It's an FA cup game.
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    On a positive note Mourinho and Spurs have suffered back to back losses.
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    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Fourteen years ago today.
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    This was titled " Chelsea come to town'...I'll be amazed if no one on here knows what this is all about !
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    We can have a say in that
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    After klopps whining about the players needing a break last season, it's funny that now they had a break this season it's completely shagged there momentum and they've been sh*te since.
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    The Doc with his team. Eddie Mac on left, Venebles and Tambling on right , think Barry Bridges is on the left too. State of the art tactics board in the middle .
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    Marcos Alonso

    Alonso scores a lot of his goals by being unmarked and coming on the left side when nobody is expecting him, he takes risks and he has a great left foot. So don't expect him to be as lethal if you play him further up the pitch, I don't think it will work as many others think it will. It's like Luiz when he played in the DM position, it just didn't work.
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    Yep they are indeed. I like the new positive Zeta
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    I think we are at our best against the best.
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    Marcos Alonso

    With us lacking up front and missing Tammy, Pulisic, CHO and RLC playing Broja and Anjorin might be just the boost we need.
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    Excuses excuses excuses that's all I keep hearing, people are acting like we are a bottom ten club with relegation level players. We lost an attacking player who had little interest in defending and a defender who always get abuse because of his defending yet we have gotten dramatically worst at basic defending, you can all make up as much excuses as you want to but losing those players shouldn't make us worst at defending it should be the opposite. And if he can't organise a defence now what's the point of buying new defenders? His ability to organise a defence will not improve with new defenders suddenly.
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    At least we've gained a point on Liverpool .
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    Deeney you beautiful c**t
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    This will be the start of their 10 game streak of defeats. Hopefully..
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    This top 4 race is becoming a bit like last year, who can f**k up the least...
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    They’ve been helped by having piss easy draws in both domestic cups every season
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    I would love to have Jota and Jimenez in our team if I'm being honest
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    I'm waiting for El Clasico, the diving event of the year.
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    Sorry, but this is nonsense. De Gea's eye line is clearly not affected. He can see everything, which is why he moves to the right to make the save from the initial shot. The only thing that deceives De Gea is the deflection. Sigurddson being in an offside position doesn't have any affect, it was always going into the net.
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    We absolutely need points from this game.
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    And again scott
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    Just look at the VAR decisions that go their way. United have always been getting away with more than any other team. Nothing has changed since the Fergie days in that aspect.
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    Wolves are actually more of a threat to top 4/5 as Spuds don't have Son or Kane
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    Could do with Everton winning
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    Marcos Alonso

    I try to see it as an example of out of the box thinking.
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    Just switched on Everton-Manu (1-0). Apparently there was a De Gea howler, perhaps they're interested in another Spain goalie ?
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    The Rising Sun

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Spot the ball !
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    The Rising Sun

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The Doc and Harry Medhurst, not sure about the game though. Hope I ain't got this mixed up though, if that's Harry then the Doc's still at Chelsea and not at United !
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    Other old stuff.

    Remember when he was the next big hope out of the Academy. The one who would break through after JT?
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    Luca Vialli

    Chelsea FC Women

    Well deserved, Have been fantastic all season. Wish the Mens team had the same winning mentality.
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    I've seen a few people suggesting he should bring his mate JT into the fold to "organise the defence", but said JT is currently helping to preside over the team who have shipped the most goals in the premier league ...
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    Maybe get him a specialist defence coach
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    It's shocking that it's taken this long for a Premier League team to beat Liverpool. Liverpool have looked like dropping points many times this season but have always ended up with a dodgy decision go their way or the other team bottled it in the last few minutes.
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    Seems like everyone was a bit too optimistic or pessimistic this weekend! Bit of a damp squib, like the team on the pitch.
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    Absolutely not! It is still a tie, obviously the chances of a comeback are about 1 in 1000 but you never give up while there's still technically a chance, like ever. This would be crazy even by the recent CL standards if we pulled this off but we must still go to Munich with the intention of doing the impossible.
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    Scott Harris

    Marcos Alonso

    A lot of fans want him sold, I think the opposite. I don't think he should be a regular starter next season, but he's a really handy squad player.
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    Marcos Alonso

    World class wingback, very poor fullback. He is a system player and 3-4-3 is that system. If playing a back 4 play him left wing, keep him as far away from the defence in open play in a back 4. He has better movement than most forward players stealing a living. Also gives you muscle In both boxes.

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