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  1. He's still young, he needs more time after such a major injury.... Wait, this isn't the CHO thread!
  2. Isn't it obvious that because Van Dijk is doing well at Liverpool, every player they're rumoured to sign is just as marvellous?
  3. I don't get the analogy people are drawing with Van Dijk. Apparently, the fact that many were opposed to signing Van Dijk who subsequently proved successful at Liverpool is an argument to sign Zaha, because his qualities are doubted just as much. Okay...
  4. It's a vicious attack vegetable.
  5. My heart beat and adrenalin level both reached uncomfortable heights in the end, but I got the result I wanted Looking forward to bitter comments about how refereeing cost Ajax a win in London, and that cost them the next round, lovely lovely lovely
  6. It's for a good cause - provided we win of course: another opportunity to gloat at work tomorrow.
  7. Ahhhh, lovely! It's not a proper European match without incompetent refereeing, it feels so familiar, so warm.
  8. It would be very Chelsea to let Lille get back into the game, but let's surprise everybody and keep a clean sheet.
  9. It's not ideal, no, but nobody said being a football supporter is easy
  10. Nasty weather. My ideal scenario is obviously a win for us, and an ignominious loss for Ajax.

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