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  1. Two words: blue socks. That's all I'm saying. I was ready to post two other words: clean sheet
  2. Finally someone who shares my sock obsession! I want the blue ones for away games
  3. Keep the wall, demolish the hotel. Try and keep Frankie's, that's where I bump into our old boys on a regular basis
  4. I'm not denying that, but the present reality is what it is. For the future, I would prefer The Bridge to be torn down (with a painful heart) and be redeveloped into the current plans, if the alternative is an out of the way soulless bowl in a sea of blacktop.
  5. That may be, but I'm very pleased to be in the civilised world, not somewhere with just acres of carpark around it.
  6. Of course we are! We're brilliant away against the big clubs.....oh, wait....
  7. What fact? How do you know the club doesn't have any ideas? Perhaps there are negotiotations going on, perhaps the identified targets aren't available in January, perhaps it's a conscious choice not to sign anybody: we just don't know what's going on.
  8. Transfer ban lifted = the return of The Big Freaking Out
  9. All this time and energy you spent on this post, and all I notice is how odd Kovacic looks in a Real Madrid strip
  10. Is he still on our books ? He must be about 43 now, and on loan since he joined the club at age 17 or so
  11. He might be a future Ballon d'Or winner, the fact that Davey mentions his star sign makes me firmly opposed

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