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  1. That will clean up this place Silver lining!
  2. I think I would prefer Bogarde over FSW as our manager
  3. Stop being so sensible. You know there is no place for that here.
  4. This is why I envy the supporters who can go to matches on a regular basis. Well put, chi. It's practically the background for our song Blue Day.
  5. Ah yes of course. So Bakayoko to Derby, eh...
  6. What do you mean with it probably won't be as money? I can think of compensation in the form of a player, but that wouldn't allowed if our two windiw transfer ban sticks, would it?
  7. That wasn't what my comment on your as per usual ill-considered opinion was about. Read what I quoted from your post.
  8. I will not re-post the photo, so look back at those shorts he's wearing. They look odd and ill-fifting on his glorious posterior. So there!
  9. Amazing inside knowledge on both corporate and personal matters.
  10. My quality of life would be lower without your efforts, Mod. Oh god, my life is pretty pathetic, isn't it...
  11. For those who do look forward to next season: happy fixtures list day!
  12. We have a missing posts thread? How exciting! Can we all post about missing things? I can't find a letter about a medical appointment.

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