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  1. But now I don't know where he is. Not in the squad for weeks, that much is clear. Should we involve the fuzz to find him?
  2. What is that I see flying out of the window, is it patience? Must be.
  3. You dug that up from 2.5 months ago? Sheez, talk about nursing a resentment
  4. Apart from the odd fuming here and there and the usual calls to sell Alonso/Azpi/Barkley/Christensen, most posts were very realistic, I felt. Onwards and uowards against Bournemouth!
  5. I'm trying to find solace from the Bayern match here. Ahhhhhh, very therapeutic....
  6. Chelsea supporters are slowly being brainwashed: starting with the home kit with the nervous red and white stripes on the back, then the train seat upholstery shirt, and now this. It's working on you guys
  7. Backbiter did agree with 2 paragraphs, so it wasn't a total bust
  8. So did I. Surely this is just the effort of the designer's kid on Take your child to work Day?
  9. Good catch on those shin pads @dansubrosa I think we would all love to have Efen back. Would he still fit in our squad, though?

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