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  1. At its presentation the club said the shirt was designed in consultation with the sponsors.
  2. When I was in the megastore last month there were only a few shirts still availabe. The salesperson told me it was a limited edition, so he didn't expect them to become available again. He advised me to check the Nike website. I just bought a women's shirt on sale from the Nike site. You know, retail therapy
  3. Typical for what exactly? All teams and all players at every level are in the same situation, why fret about this.
  4. Actually, you were being condescending, using hyperbole. This thread is develloping like the Brexit-discussion. An exchange of views turns into deliberately overstating the views contrary to one's own.
  5. Yep, still that attitude towards posters who see matters differently. Again (sigh): nobody is belittling anything.
  6. At the moment I'm afraid panic and hysteria are much more contagious than the corona-virus. In that sense, yes it's understandable. From a informed point of view not so much.
  7. I don't often tell you off for your posts @yorkleyblue, but this is not what he said. And what's with the "bolshy", that's plain silly.
  8. You keep insisting that posters who try and put numbers into perspective are belittling the virus and are careless. No poster displayed indifference towards any corona-related death or sick person. You however seem one step away from wishing all kind of misery on them and their loved ones in a "see if you care then" way. I think it's useful to compare effects of a flu season, or of a very severe winter, to the effects of the corona-virus. It helps to point out that people are generally not likely to drop dead on the spot. Most people who catch it have an unpleasant time, but get better, and hospitalisation is unnecessary. As someone pointed out, that takes resources away from those who need it, be it as a corona-casualty or as for instance a cancer patient or having been in an accident. Isolation or quarantaine is the best way for containment. The panic it causes is fed by not seeing the perspective, and it will bugger up the economy and health sector for years to come.
  9. Void the season, please please, void the season, and I will stop being disappointed about my cancelled US trip
  10. Should be moist though. When in my childhood money was getting tight, my mum bought black pudding for a main. I don't know it was due to her cooking or to the butcher's way of making it, it was bonedry. Awful. I've hated it for decades after.
  11. Centuries of burgling people's homes and being exposed to their germs must have boosted the scouse immune system.
  12. That looks and sounds disgusting, which means it probably tastes fantastic. I'm more a black pudding gal myself, though.
  13. You understand me [sob]!
  14. Just got word from KLM: my trip has been cancelled, I get a voucher minus adminstration fee of €35 and the booking fee of €10. Thaaaaaaat's just great.

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