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  1. Chelsea has drawn first blood: the U19 beat Ajax 1-0 in the Youth League
  2. I'm trying to envisage Jorginho asking politely.
  3. I'd better prepare myself for some incoming gloating app messages then Good thing I know how to dish 'em out as well 😎
  4. The old "we're not the favourites" chestnut again
  5. I know I'm a lucky charm but not lucky enough to get a ticket I'm gonna have to watch it from the comfort of my sofa. Or from behind it more accurately
  6. Yes it is if you work in an Amsterdam office like I do! I NEED those bragging rights.
  7. You've been a member for 5 weeks and you already know about "always" on this forum? That is impressive! And you know wrong, by the way, about "nobody" and about "the staff" (you probably mean the moderators). There are quite a few people who like him. I'm one of them. If you and Andy North can post your comments, so can Yorkley. And you were the one to use "c**t" in your posts, so who is the most offensive person?
  8. Never thought the league table would cause me to root for Utd. In vain probably too, to make me feel even more dirty
  9. Another clean sheet! Well done lads, but it was hard work!

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