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  1. Are you concerned RIP will develop an alledged obsesssion with you, you being so childish and all?
  2. Wouldn't you if you had to look at Dier's new haircut all day?
  3. You obviously weren't around during the rumoured transfer of Hudson-Odoi to Bayern, or the times when Christensen didn't cover himself with defensive glory, or when Mount broke the lockdown rules. Need I go on? Kepa got slated for refusing to be subbed off, and Lampard prabably clipped his ear for it. It was highly unprofessional, he made a mistake. But we have no idea what he's like as a person, so deducing he is "this arrogant piece of work" is quite a stretch. Can we just focus on his performance?
  4. Should we fail to qualify for the CL, waving the money in his face may persuade him to sign for us, instead of staying with Ajax and CL football next season.
  5. I am so sorry I realise I bear some resposibility for this.
  6. BTW did you ever find out the name of the player with number 3 on his back, you not knowing because you started to support Chelsea only last month?
  7. This is ridiculous. Come on, make up your f**king minds! At least it's in our favour.
  8. You chaps take note of the 'Hair transplant in Turkey' ads on the boards
  9. Are we sure there are only 10 field players from West Ham on the pitch? It looks like more.
  10. Twelve minutes in and I'm already used to the new sponsor logo Nice kit.
  11. Everton 2 Leicester 1 FT Excellent opportunity for us to leapfrog into third. Which most likely means that we won't
  12. I like Adidas better altogether. Great ad campaigns for our kits as well, I still cherish the one where the players were covered in blue paint.

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