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  1. Who exactly are the plebs and what makes you call them plebs?
  2. Ooh, I came in 5,197th out of 87,280 in the app's match predictor. Absolute silver lining
  3. Perhaps bring Malang Sarr into the squad instead of sending him out on loan....
  4. He signed...what, 3 weeks ago? Let him settle in, along with the other new players, sheez.
  5. He saved it! He saved it! No idea why everybody is so negative 😁
  6. There is some degree of increased liveliness, certainly.
  7. Ah yes, and he saved just now too, so there is hope for him yet
  8. It was choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea for Andreas IMO, and he didn't have the benefit of hindsight. Although knowing his keeper....
  9. I'm not convinced this is the end of Christensen, but Kepa...

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