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  1. Oh dear Any separate facilities for women, as far as you know? Or is that Silly Question of the Day ?
  2. I want those w**kers crushed, they caused my first Chelsea grief in the FA Cup final of 1994
  3. I would back Scolari returning to prevent that, Europa League trophy or not
  4. Dead means he'll be even thinner That would mean a complete recalibration of my TT measurement system! Someone shove a feeding tube up his nose!
  5. To bring the thread back on topic, I can't imagine my life without Tuchel now. I measure everyone, including myself, to his skinny frame. At the start of the year I felt like 3 TTs, now that I have exercising again I feel better, surely I must be back to 2.2 TTs. My neighbour however has grown to at least 4 TTs, he must gain 1 TT every fortnight.
  6. O stop it, this is getting very tedious.
  7. It's uncanny how Tuchel's intonation and way of laughing while he talks reminds me of my German uncle Enjoyable interview. He seems to talk more 'tactical tech' than most managers. Interesting how he emphasise how the players should respond on the pitch.
  8. Yesterday was Substitute Spain It's funny reading the posts in the match chat and this thread during and after the match. During the match everyone was up in arms about our endless passing, now it's a mark of TT's brilliant tactics
  9. You're right of course, but let's savour our win over those diving c**ts!
  10. I never had key lime pie. And I want Pulisic on in the second half (just thought I'd get this thread back to the match).
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