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  1. I felt he was clearly not sharp enough yet, but he was on the ball more than a few other players put together Can't wait to see him match fit, though.
  2. FT 1-0 to Kawasaki. Not a great match, but that may not be surprising against a fit and tidy opponent in its mid-season. Quite a few players not up to scratch (yet): Zouma, Kenedy, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Batshuayi. Haven't really noticed much from Alonso either. Mount did okay, but not spectacular, good to see young Kasey Palmer, but he wasn't on long enough to make an impression. Pulisic was also on for a short time and looked lively. Look forward to when he's settled in and gotten to know his teammates. The only one who impressed me was Ross Barkley. He stuck in, trying to create something. We were toothless in attack though. No Kante or Kepa in the squad.
  3. There goes the clean sheet. Sloppy defending. At least Willy had a great save a minute earlier.
  4. I think it has taken 35 minutes since he has come on for Drinkwater's name to be mentioned for the first time. Pulisic seems energetic.
  5. Barkley doing pretty well. Kasey Palmer coming on.
  6. Bats confirming he has a hopeless first touch.
  7. Getting the mustard: https://www.iamexpat.nl/expat-info/dutch-expat-news/taste-dutch-idioms-expressions (6th expression from top).
  8. Can tell you're from England sentimentalising a long lost subculture when the rest of the world has moved on, leaving England with its false sense of a glorious past far behind
  9. I detect a button schism. This is serious, communities have broken up over less.
  10. He was indeed. I always wondered why Chelsea just didn't sell him to PSV. He seemed happy there and during the times he wasn't injured, important enough for the team to make him captain.
  11. I'm on my tablet and can't figure out how to cut and paste a website But I found a Dutch site that says a transfer is upcoming for Van Ginkel, possibly Derby now that former PSV manager Philip Cocu has been appointed manager there. Van Ginkel has been on loan to PSV for a few seasons. 'Transfer op komst voor pechvogel Marco van Ginkel'

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