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  1. So much going on on the pitch after Drogba's penalty, I keep watching them focusing on different areas every time BTW how do people manage to record so much? When I'm in the stands celebrating I never have my phone in my hand for fear it ends up on the roof. Plus I want to watch it actually happen, not through a phone.
  2. Awww thanks.... I do have an inner Chucky, though, be warned!
  3. 😁 I think it was in the pre-Papy era.
  4. Whether or not the timing was right for this charity match was not the point I was trying to get across. Rather it was whether a match is helping to raise awareness that anti-semitism exists, and is rearing its ugly head more and more, with deadly results. As a renowned football club, with players and staff from all walks of life, Chelsea FC do not perform in a bubble, and cannot hold up its hands and say We just play football. Football can be a powerful platform, and I support the club in using that platform to make a stand against hatred and bigotry. It's not THE tool against it, but one of the many ways to wake people up. And you should read up on the meaning of genocide and while you're at it, misogyny.
  5. Same old story: blame others. It's nice, isn't it, an additional certainty besides death and taxes 😁
  6. I'll say. I'm trying to think of another profession that has such quirks and switches (and incompetents getting job after job) as football managers, but I can't. Anybody?
  7. I remember vaguely that one of our defenders (can't remember who) said Coutinho was the most difficult opponent to play against.
  8. On condition he plays with Chucky on his shirt. Hey, if that little sh*t Hernandez can play with Little Pea on his back, we can play a Chucky and hopefully inject some homicidal aggression into our team.
  9. Only one step away from the question What if the opponents' goals didn't count
  10. When people don't encounter anti-semitism (or racism, or homophobia, or misogyny), they especially must be made aware that it exists, so they realise that some other people are abused and discriminated against. Recognising it happens is important. Who knows, they might challenge bigoted people, instead of just hearing in the news about synagogue shootings (as recently happened in San Diego and Pittsburgh, to take the USA as example), and then just go about their every day business. Several people here called out that WalterWhite chap as misogynistic, and quite rightly too. Twenty years ago most people wouldn't have recognised his remark as offensive towards women (or one woman), but today we've been made more aware, due to more attention being paid to how women are treated in society. I can only hope that all kinds of bigoted remarks get similarly criticised everywhere. The complaint about the match being at 1am UK time is not exactly seeing the bigger picture, is it, but is very football oriented, if not self centred. This is what I meant with my remark that there is a world outside of football.
  11. There is a world outside football, people, where antisemitism is alarmingly on the rise. The purpose of ths match was to raise awareness, not solve it or bring world peace, as someone not so wittily posted.
  12. "regrettably not surprised"... have to mull over that for a bit.
  13. Oh stop being such a drama queen.
  14. Is it me or do some posters seem almost pleased RLC got injured, as proof they were right all along by slamming Abramovich the club (and that would be Marina Granovskaia entirely on her own) for organizing this match? Cue the indignant responses. Of course not!
  15. Great, the annual Zaha rumour!
  16. Weren't there some question marks about his behaviour? Toxic presence in the dressing room and all that? I may confuse him with someone else, though.
  17. You make it sound as if the opinion of Utd supporters about their manager is relevant to how we should view our manager.
  18. Are you sure? Did you double check? It's bound to go unnoticed.
  19. That makes me giggle ever since we told ourselves Cuadrado would deliver for us after a good pre-season

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