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  1. He only played 2 halves of English football. He probably needs a loan in England.
  2. Despite scoring the winning goal his choices were mostly poor. Batshuayi was trying very hard, but oh dear...
  3. Aaarrggh.... if I had a carpet I would chew it now
  4. Five minutes for Clarke-Salter is not a good sign for him.
  5. Well, if we don't sign a new striker we still can count on Bats
  6. What do you expect, he hasn't glued his hair down.
  7. Kanté, Bats and Kepa on for RLC, Puli and Mendy. Oh, and Baba and Barkley for CHO and Ziyech.
  8. It's eminently ugly, someone trying for Gothic lettering and not succeeding.
  9. Oh my goodness, how did we not score there
  10. Also on Sterling, Sarr, Drinkwater and Zappacosta. Off: Rüdiger, Werner, Zouma, Kovacic and Havertz.
  11. Dunno, but for Arsenal it was someone with big hair and it wasn't David Luiz anymore.
  12. I'm really not very sharp today, has there been mention of why Alonso isn't in the squad?
  13. Rüdiger in black boots as well, that's 3 of our players going retro
  14. Terrific kit, out of this world socks 😝
  15. Possibly. I can't remember clearly Let's say Werner should have stamped on Grealish Kaiiiiiii!
  16. Adidas sneaked in a nice tribute to the Blues on the Arsenal shirt
  17. Did he do something untoward against England at the Euros perhaps, didn't he stamp on poor little Grealish?
  18. Okay, that's Zouma on the selling list!
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