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  1. I get much Schadenfreude from Barcelona's defeat, and it cheered me up immensely comparing it to our defeat, at least it wasn't as bad. However, I fear you may be too optimistic, @Argo. Ours was still a bad defeat, or 2 defeats even (7-1 on aggregate), and it could have been much worse. We never even look like we could pull off a draw, let alone a win. And the other teams may look beatablbe, it's not necessarily by us. Hopefully we will sign 2 or 3 players more, and with Zyech and Werner they need to settle into the team. And if we won't sign more, we still have that dreadful defense. Our youngsters have gained experience, but they have not (yet?) become worldbeaters. So give it a few years, then I will share your sunny outlook. Then again, I even think we will be bullied in a friendly against Little Whingeing United, so I'm not the most optimistic person out there
  2. Excellent, our result times two The referee looks crushed btw, that's his special UEFA bonus gone
  3. So anyway, it's 7-2 now. I feel much better now about our result.
  4. I don't have any love for Messi, and Suarez is a nasty piece of work. Neuer has an unpleasant demeanour, I agree, but it's the entitlement of Bayern I can't stand. And now Bayern are 4-1 up, 30 minutes played! At least it isn't boring What kind of match is this! I'm starting to think we didn't do so badly against them after all
  5. 1-1 already. I can't decide which team I want to win, both are equally disagreeable.
  6. Are you sure? I vaguely remember a player (not sure who) getting a medal after leaving the club midseason.
  7. RLC and Mikel spring to mind
  8. I dunno, a spelling disaster waiting to happen.
  9. What does Kalou have to do with this 🤔
  10. Aww, that's so sweet, put it on a card for him! Next season everybody is matchfit and healthy, not this namby-pamby I got a booboo stuff.
  11. I had to google 'snus' Some sharp eyes here.
  12. How the omission of one word can change the meaning of a sentence.... I forgot the bold "not" in my original post
  13. It's certainly true that a good player is automatically a good coach or manager. But your fear of what hapoens if it doesn't work out applies to all managers, former player or not. You just never know. I was hugely optimistic when we signed Scolari, an experienced manager. Talk about ending in tears...
  14. You're asking @coco, right, not me?
  15. @coco what time is kick-off?
  16. That's what I"ve been thinking from the start. Not the defense angle of it, but generally who is the main assistent. I can't say Jody has not been doing a good job, and I have no knowledge about the dynamic between Frank and Jody, but in management one should have a no.2 who questions decisions and comes up with new ideas. That may be a friend, but in most cases it is not. And while it's a supporter's dream to have former players as staff members, an outsider's view may also bring something new.
  17. I read Alex Sandro is one of the 8 or thereabouts Juve players Pirlo wants to sell....
  18. Weeeeeell, there have been a few people in this thread who were - let's say - less than charitable, and went pretty far in expressing their negative thoughts on Willian.
  19. Didn't that rumour go around a year or so ago too? Perhaps we're about to find out Baka is eminently suitable for PSG's playing style. Perhaps not.
  20. What do you think, has our defence improved?
  21. You all know we're going to draw Juventus next season, don't you.
  22. Is the ginger kid a defender by any chance? If he is, find him and sign him.

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