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  1. Good luck @Eight Times, I bet most of us here desperately want the next name change for you
  2. @axman2526 I also have us losing 2-1, Pulisic scoring in the 32nd minute. Here's hoping for a continuation of wrong predictions... Take my 3-1 win against Arsenal as the latest shining example
  3. Ah, of course Thank goodness, I'm merely old and decrepit, being a FKW is much, much worse.
  4. Right! If they drag out the perished in a helicopter crash thing, so can we. And we got dibs on it, too.
  5. I'll probably regret asking: FKW? When I google I get specific kindney support food for cats. And although we're talking about @Munkworth here, it somehow doesn't seem the right explanation
  6. Clean your mouth out with soap! Even if we wore red I wouldn't say a thing like that! Kids today...
  7. I'm trying to keep myself from sitting on the sofa, catatonic from fear, by cycling back and forth to the local waste collection site. And no, not just for fun, but to actually getting rid of broken down electronics collected through the years. This has been followed by a visit to the DIY store, which I hate even more than Ikea, for some paint colour samples. Still five and a half hours to go. I'm still fwightened. I need booze.
  8. I thought the only quadruplets in our squad were the Kantés, but we seem to have more. Only Ziyech is a single
  9. Can't @axman2526 watch the preview and tell us to avoid it or not?
  10. @Munkworth Thank you for the heads up. I've acquired 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's. Do you think it will be enough for just me, it's a final after all 🤔 Just the thought of losing 2 FA cup finals back to back, and another final in 2 weeks, makes me want to slip into a medically induced coma until 2023
  11. Out of disappointment I will not vote. That'll teach them!
  12. A lot more thought and self-belief go into this than just nilly-willy predicting 6-0 losses 😳
  13. You clearly are not familiar with the power of counterjinxing. Ask @The Rising Sun to tell to you how good I am at that. I was having great results with my gloomy predictions until I dropped the ball for the Arsenal match That loss is on me.... FA Cup final: 1-0 loss Leicester home: 1-1 draw Villa away: 2-2 draw CL final: 3-1 loss
  14. Oh poor man... you know who you're asking, right? You'll know we're f**ked when you keep reading posts about socks or breakfast elements.
  15. It's definitely yellow. I'm very sharp in those matters. Like @Munkworth I would prefer ablue trim, and I fear blue socks are too much to hope for, but I like that it's pretty outspoken. Our light blue away kit of this season is a bit too feeble for my taste.
  16. Dark blue seats, excellent. Home away from home... ...which isn't necessarily always a good thing
  17. Still don't like the shirt, but I'll get used to it. I've warmed to our little pink number aftter all. I do like the video, though, it's more imiginative than just lining up a few players in a catwalk situation.
  18. Ahhh I can remember the time I struggled to pick our MOTM because every player had been great... Good times.
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