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  1. At its presentation the club said the shirt was designed in consultation with the sponsors.
  2. When I was in the megastore last month there were only a few shirts still availabe. The salesperson told me it was a limited edition, so he didn't expect them to become available again. He advised me to check the Nike website. I just bought a women's shirt on sale from the Nike site. You know, retail therapy
  3. Typical for what exactly? All teams and all players at every level are in the same situation, why fret about this.
  4. Should be moist though. When in my childhood money was getting tight, my mum bought black pudding for a main. I don't know it was due to her cooking or to the butcher's way of making it, it was bonedry. Awful. I've hated it for decades after.
  5. That looks and sounds disgusting, which means it probably tastes fantastic. I'm more a black pudding gal myself, though.
  6. Just as I thought: you have no clear inside knowlegde of the club, and are just guessing, as @kiwi1691 also established.
  7. Not really. Care to elaborate?
  8. Oh I don't know, headbutting a colleague sounds very appealing to me.
  9. Our salvation? Liverpool not the champions or at least a tainted winner (in more ways than one )? Oh let me dream...
  10. Silver lining Can't imagine it's much fun for the players.
  11. I've completely lost all understanding of this thread. That's probably a good thing Any sightings of Jorginho's mum recently?
  12. My calculation says 115, but that doesn't make it less joyful
  13. He may have only seemed kind and caring because I couldn't fully decipher his Yorkshire accent He's going to kick me down the Fulham Road next time we meet, isn't he
  14. Chelsea FC's 115th birthday tomorrow. What a nice prezzie we gave ourselves!
  15. Yorkley is ferocious in defending Chelsea FC and doesn't mince words when he thinks someone is talking bollox. That may not be everyone's cup of tea, but at least he can't be confused for a shallow JCL Oh and BTW I've had the pleasure of meeting Yorkley and he's one of the kindest, caring person I know. Anyway, on topic again. I find it hard to contain my excitement after last week's results. Overturning the Bayern result is probably a bridge too far, but give or take a wobble here and there - hopely minor - I'm optimistically upgrading my prediction for ending the season in 6th position to 5th.
  16. A goalkeeper good at crosses must be a diagoallista.
  17. That's the nicest thing you ever said about me 😍
  18. Talking about Gilmour's father: this is an adorable father and son pic
  19. That's my point: I already have forgotten about him after his departure! Had he stayed he would have been first name on the sheet for our defence in its present state

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