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  1. Online at the club store, or other websites.
  2. That is not as romantic as I put it
  3. Not if it's as light blue as the away shirt from a few years back, you had to really squint to see it had a toch of blue. Or was that just my eyes getting older
  4. A solid wall wouldn't go amiss at times
  5. Absolutely essential I like it, although yellow would have been a good choice as well, as long as it's not white again. A stripe like that enlivens the kit.
  6. He told me in confidence he's strictly a milky tea man only.
  7. The doodled 3 and those slashes make me dizzy
  8. It had better be an amazing kit, as Tuesday is my birthday, I want a nice present from the club. On top of the 3 points I mean
  9. I liked the way he muscled his way through. Barkleyyyyy! Brilliant player, such football IQ
  10. How many times has Pulisic been fouled now, this is ridiculous.
  11. Kante off injured. He's really crocked this season.
  12. That Barkley cross didn't even land near Mount.
  13. I saw white fluffy things in something barn-like and I was hoping that wasn't your house

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