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  1. You can't fall asleep , we play a friendly tomorrow. Our loan army and under 18s will play, but still, it's real football.
  2. Are there more siblings than Reece and Lauren? If so, sign them up if they're footballers, sign me up if they're accountants.
  3. I remember he was adamant women had no business being a football commentator. Other than that I can't remember any unpleasantness until he flew off the handle completely as Maltablue. His reincarnation as Something Cat made Yorkleyblue seem like a choirboy.
  4. Marina is probably able to work on more than one negotiation at a time.
  5. That will be difficult, his account has been banned. The club had better make @TomCFC85 a happy bunny now and sign anyone he wants. As long as it's not S
  6. When we picked straws, who came out as the sucker who has to console @TomCFC85 this transfer window?
  7. I thought we already had France's next great young defender with Malang Sarr?
  8. Reminds me of names like a tourist destination, as in Let's go to the Keanu Reeves this summer! BTW the cheese can be sold at the megastore. Never underestimate diversification, Roman isn't going to be around forever, you know.
  9. This entire forum thrives on wishful thinking
  10. According to the club's website, a Chelsea Bibs v Chelsea No Bibs match was played instead, which ended 1-1. CHO scored for Bibs, Broja for No Bibs. No mention of the reason why the match against the local team was cancelled, let alone who might have tested positive if that was the reason.
  11. Now that we've won the CL in non-blue socks, I'm giving all socks except red ones a chance. This new and improved outlook will probably not last beyond October...
  12. Let's all rehearse our posts about that match: it's about gaining fitness, half our squad is still on holiday, awful pitch....errrm, what else? Jet lag is probably too much of a stretch
  13. The academy is a business model, and running a football club has become a business. Millions are pumped around, decisions are made based on money. A club is an employer for the players and for the staff. If it looks like the employer isn't going to give the employee what they want, they move on, and vice versa. This is how most people view their jobs and their employer-employee relationship. Add to this the fact that in the 21st century players have wisened up to the reality of their situation and - like the rest of us - are much more assertive and pro-active when it comes to their careers. Being 18 years old doesn't mean you can't have a clear picture of how you want to proceed for the next few years. Signing for a club like Palace or Leeds or whatever doesn't mean they're settling for mediocrity, it means that is a step they want to take to further their careers, not for the wisful thinking of supporters. It's only us supporters who don't see football as a business, and romaticise everything to do with the club, especially the so-called "one of our own" singing material. Supporters are emotionally invested in a club, and love to bandy around words like "loyalty" and "impatience". For those directly involved, it's their livelihoods.
  14. The chances of making it to the first team and getting a start regularly are very slim. Those young boys know how it works. This is not about what you think is a proper shot at first team football at Chelsea, this is about what they think is the best way for them to forge a career. And it's not about showing loyalty to the club. At whatever age they come to the academy (and by the way, kids from over the world are recruited into the academy, not all of them are London boys), they're being trained to become a footballer, and already at a very young age they can be released. I don't know the numbers, but you can be certain not all the 8 year olds are still at the club 10 years later. So talking about loyalty is silly, as this is a deal between club and kids: the club teaches and coaches, the kids get a shot at a career with decent or even extremely decent wages, no guarantees though. In return, the club gets either a player and don't have to spend millions of pounds, or they make a few million selling the player. All this moaning about academy players leaving is incomprehensible. This is how it's always been and nobody batted an eyelid before. So far we haven't sold our own little world class player and come to regret it bitterly. Just look at the recent names @Sexyfootball posted. What also puts things in perspective, are the Young POTY winners of the past year (yes, I had to google ) 2020 no award 2019 CHO. Still at the club, struggling to become a regular, not helped by injuries. 2018: Andreas Christensen. Still at the club, 1st team regular 2017 no award says my friend Google 2016 RLC. Still at the club, loads of opportunities in the 1st team, downhill after a dreadful injury. 2015 Kurt Zouma. Still at the club, 1st team regular. 2014 Lewis Baker. Officially still under contract, but on loan since 2015, a different club every season. 2013 Nathan Ake. After 3 loans finally left for Bournemouth, where he carved out an excellent career, and was even signed by City. Not a regular there however. Remember how he was hauled back from his loan at Bournemouth, only to sit on the bench? 2012 Lucas Piazon. I think he obediently showed up every pre-season, to be sent out on loan (7 clubs). Now sold to Braga. 2011 Josh McEachran. He's already 28! Loaned to 5 clubs, didn't impress, at least not consistently. Now at MK Dons. A decent-ish career, but always mentioned in discussions about wasted talent. 2010 entire under 18 team 2009 Michael Mancienne. Oh how we dreamed of his glorious future. Two longish loans, then a bit of a wanderer. Just came back from an American adventure and signed for Burton Albion. Well, you can look up the list if you're interested in the rest of the lot. There's JT for instance, but also Sam Dalla Bona. But you may catch my drift: the club got it pretty much spot on in their decisions who to keep, who to sell, and who to release. If they really think the next lad threatening to leave is our Ronaldo, then I'm sure they will move heaven and earth to keep him.
  15. I would guess they will get more time at a mid-table club where they have a contract for at least 3 years, than at Chelsea or during a 1 season loan, where the manager isn't much interested in playing a youngster (think Ampadu at Leipzig). If you doubt they will get decent playing time at a mid-table club, then you can count of them getting even less time at Chelsea.
  16. Chelsea also has an impatient, trigger-happy owner. Abramovich has shown he does not tolerate below-par results, he's not going to allow a manager 3 years of mid-table performances to bed in academy graduates. Managers know this very well and will not want to start with 4 of 5 unproven teenagers. Lampard's first year coincided with our transfer ban, that's the only time academy players - most of whom had had a good season on loan the previous year - were used regularly (but even then Pulisic had come in, having been bought and loaned back earlier). And now only Mount and to a lesser degree James are regular starters. That shows how hard it is and how much time it takes to be a regular in a high level club like Chelsea. Youngsters leaving us now are impatient to the extent that they want to play. A professional football career last about 15 years, they're not going to be fringe players or go from one loan after another for a quarter of that time. They know how it works at Chelsea: the club will always try and get the best players at every position. If there's a player better than you and suited to the system being used, you're not playing. Better go elsewhere, to a mid-rable club and play every week.
  17. Or a player like Guehi decided - perhaps looked at guys like Izzy Brown, who at 24 has had at least 5 different loan clubs - that the route he's taking is better for him. With the stability of a 5 year contract he can get PL experience, with every chance of playing more than at Chelsea or at a club he would be loaned to for one season. If he goes on to be the best defender since JT or Thiago Silva, he'll move on to a bigger team, getting to play in the CL, selected for the England squad...hell, give him the Ballon d'Or now we're at it. And you bet the academy players are discussing this among themselves, and with the lads who have gone on loan after loan. Some will decide to stay on and go on loan or potter about at Cobham hoping for a domestic cup match or a nasty wave of injuries, and some will assertively chose a different path. The fact that supporters want them to be good enough (or better than the likes of Zappacosta and Drinkwater) doesn't mean that they are or will be. But I suppose we'll have the same discussion every time a youngster leaves and a few supporters decide they know all the ins and outs and therefore can heap criticism on the player or the club.
  18. Aahhhh, 22 years of staring dreamily into space. No wonder my life is going nowhere
  19. Having spent years in the academy, the club probably has a better idea than us supportersof which player has the required level of talent and commitment to make it into the first team. And those supporters claim they would happily accept bad results if this is the result of blooding our own youngsters into the first team. Except of course when that is exactly what happens. The club can make a wrong assessment of course. You just don't know how a player develops. Sometimes players are well served by playing elsewhere for a few years. But just think: how many times have we bought back an academy player? Not often. On the other hand, how many times has a prospect left the club, never to be heard of again? Most of the time.
  20. Why do you assume that it's not? Now that it's reported a few academy players have left or are supposedly looking to leave, there has been a lot of handwringing about this. No idea why. Chelsea is a club with high asperations, and as with other high level clubs, the number of academy players making it into the first team and actually establishing themselves as regular starters, is very low. If we were to give every youngster who has managed their way from the under 8s to the development squad a cast-iron opportunity "to prove themselves", squad places we need for high quality, proven professionals (you know, to win that silverware we all want) would be taken up by more kids than is now the case. And for what, 30 minutes in a League cup match? Or we'd have even more players out on loan than we already have. It's only the supporters who have the romantic dream of having at least 5 academy players being a Mr. Chelsea, and demand patience of them. Why would the want-aways put their careers practically on hold for one or more seasons for the uncertainty of being on the fringe of the first squad? Or to go on loan after loan after loan until they're well into their twenties? We can't blame them for their desire to play regular football. They may have a soft spot for Chelsea having developed them, but this is a tough profession. They know the chance of them making it into the elite is extremely small. So they chose to play for a "lesser club" and when they're good enough they go on to bigger things. When they're not, they continue to make their living outside of the spotlights of Premier League title contenders or the Champions League. After investing in them, the club makes money out of them. This is how it's always been. If it were otherwise, we never would have bought Cech, Lampard, Drogba, Makalele, Kanté, you name them. We would also be in a much lower league.
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