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  1. I have a Champions League mug. And nil points again, without the comfort of a Chelsea win
  2. Damn it, people! You had ONE JOB while I sat on a plane: get me some points here. And what's the result: both the club and I are empty-handed
  3. What did I miss? Not Malta being back in a different disguise, surely?
  4. Better get my prediction in early, in case I forget mid-transfer to the airport. Chelsea 1-1 Man City Lukaku 67'
  5. I'm never ever cynical, but the Bitter One in me agrees with you.
  6. @Mod Stark please ban @Salato for getting one perfect prediction and being top of the leaderboard for weeks probably because of it. This obviously has nothing to do with my annoying zero points this week, I'm looking at the greater good here.
  7. That had me laugh out loud here with my 3rd cocktail of the late afternoon/early evening in me
  8. OMG for a minute I misinterpreted the Christensen is done bit
  9. So our former players need to keep an eye on our fixtures list?!
  10. No, another way is to pay for the ad-free version, right @Mod Stark ?
  11. Soooo errrm that's the octodruple? Well, why not. Werner to shine in this one!
  12. Yes, elated 😉 I should have known we would win this comfortably, as I saw a store of our glorious sponsor in Bologna before the match! I even took a photo, but phone says no when I want to post it here.
  13. I can inform everyone that Italian bars - no matter how they advertise themselves as showing EPL matches - only show Italian matches. I've seen Tammy in the pooring rain gesturing like prime Jorginho, but not a minute of Chelse. Oh well.
  14. OK, you're as horrible at predictions as I am and I love you for it!
  15. It takes a special kind of commitment to the club to get it so wrong and jinx it for oneself, not mentioning any names here Still, it's 3 points to CFC that counts...
  16. Oh bloody hell, and Son is fit to start too! I'm changing my prediction to a Spurs 1-1 Chelsea, Son, 52'.
  17. I see many of you follow my policy for this season: Lukaku to score first. Unless he goes the way of Morata of course...
  18. I don't know who that is, but I'm worried there might be causal link.
  19. That puts a damper on today. Not fortunate enough to have seen him play, but my god, do I know of the legend.
  20. A prime opportunity to teach them The Blue Way Of Life @goose !
  21. At the airport awaiting my flight to Bologna. Apparently it's going to rain this afternoon, so that's a splendid reason to find the inevitable Irish pub to see if they have the match on.
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