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  1. I've never wanted someone to be so wrong in my life
  2. I have to give myself a peptalk to endure the final 10 or so minutes.
  3. I don't get the James for CHO swap. Edit: CHO's knee on ice. Aha.
  4. Well, that was unimpressive. But at least it's 0-0.
  5. Oh come on, why do we keep giving the ball away in our final third
  6. I liked our energy in the first 10 or so minutes, but now it's slowing down again.
  7. If that was a handball by CHO, it was a handball before him by that f**king Manc.
  8. What's with those silly backheels? Two going wrong now.
  9. Having the giggles: the studio commentator just mentioned Debby Abraham is not in the squad
  10. We need the magical toilet breaks to make our players score though....
  11. Time for Zyech to step up, or f**king Ajax can have him back 1-1, Giroud scoring to put us level. Very pleased with myself I resisted naming Werner as our goalscrorer
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