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  1. Oh god, it's worse than I thought, I wish you hadn't said that...
  2. I can't believe someone was born in a year that starts with 20 who plays senior professional football at my club
  3. But...but...he's Kepa's hair guru!
  4. Thank goodness it's only an orange, I was afraid you'd post a photo of Trump.
  5. My advice to myself is Stay clear of men in red pants. In football I've extended this to Loathe every team in red.
  6. This is taking a disturbing turn... This is still the CL final 2021 thread, isn't it, not the Silence of the Lamb thread
  7. I didn't get the option to use paypal as a guest. I suppose I have to continue to slip @Mod Stark a tenner now and then for my special privileges
  8. Finally confirmation we really, really won: my commemorative mug arrived today
  9. Neither do they, probably. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/jun/08/daniel-levy-the-common-denominator-in-tottenhams-endless-managerial-farce
  10. France is I think many people's favourite. It's mine anyway, and hopefully Oranje get eleminated at the first opportunity, so we'll be free from the usual sickening orange-themed muck and commercials. Honestly, it's cringe-worthy. Come on North Macedonia, you can do it!
  11. Nah. Where are the stars for winning the Premier League (and its predecessor)?!
  12. Nobody has even mentioned Zaha yet, somehow I feel bereft
  13. Now we know why the club pulled out of the Super league plans: no room on the wall.
  14. I had to google that, and now I know what it means , I feel a bit like a Spurs supporter
  15. Any reports on a Cudicini clone? Asking for a friend... I think we can conclude that Tuchel is letting the American market down big time by not starting Pulicic every match. Thankfully Matt Miazga may get his umpteenth shot at impressing the manager during the pre-season and save US soccer.
  16. This is about as highly entertaining as a pundit can be! Although he's more a supporter than a pundit, which makes it even better. If watching this doesn't make you smile broadly, get measured up for your coffin.
  17. Ryan Bertrand released by Southampton, somehow I missed that earlier. Hopefully he won't have any problems finding a new club. Our list is very modest compared to that of other clubs, but in view of the many unfamiliar names, those are mainly loanees or academy graduates.
  18. There's a fine calf in those socks, that's all we care about in life... If we can't buy a top goal scorer, this is a good option, especially if Abraham goes on loan or gets sold.
  19. When he's actually been sold, you can claim your victory, until then 'reports out of London' are nothing more than just rumours.
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