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  1. Then don't claim Abraham was defended by everyone after he missed that penalty, when he wasn't, not here and especially not on social meedya. As the slogan goes, there will be haters, as Mount is showing in his turn.
  2. I love choral music in the English tradition.
  3. Remember his season on loan at Ajax? He exasperated my Ajax supporting colleagues, one match being great, another being invisible. I don't think he's set the world alight on a consistent basis anywhere.
  4. No, he wasn't. I remember posts accusing him of arrogance, being unfocused and overhyped. It was a minority, but let's not pretend all forum members rallied behind Abraham without any exception.
  5. Quincy Promes?! I did not see that coming
  6. Well, Mount does have a cute hairdo... Sorry, I meant of course I don't think that!
  7. We are, what...4 matches (in 2 competitions) into the season? Give a young lad new to English football time to learn and to adapt.
  8. I agree with you on the backroom staff thing: I'm firmly in favour of having devil's advocates around a leader. Of course, I say this without knowing how Lampard and his staff interact, or how Lampard deals with people trying to get a dissenting opinion across.
  9. Not in my book, I've seen plenty of Brutos' posts I agree with... And please don't say I'm a f**kwit too 😳 Oh, Dicky, has it come to this between us
  10. And just think: Marina signing for the sake of signing? That does not seem very realistic.
  11. As long as it's not @Liam's brothers, some of you may know and completely understand my intransigence on that one.
  12. Do you mean @Brutos? If you do, I respectfully disagree, he's no f**kwit.
  13. Abraham wasn't really warmly embraced....
  14. A lot of supporters don't even know what the Carabao Cup is I for one persist in callung it the League Cup. Anyhow, good warming up match for Mendy. I couldn't watch it, so I can only go on the comments here. Despite the real result (minus the penalties I mean), he may give our defense the boost it needs. Wonder whether he'll get a start this weekend!
  15. For once we're in total agreement !
  16. f**k national teams, here I was thinking this is about what's best for Chelsea
  17. We f**ked up big time in the first half, but we pulled together and managed a draw, with 3 academy goals, too. Improvement from last season, I'd say, for still managing to get a point.
  18. Without going into the rights or wrongs of Thatcher/80s UK politics (which would probably be unwelcome anyway coming from a non-Brit like myself), reading the last few posts, it just hit me - quite late - how far back this polarisation of UK politics and society actually goes. Has it even ever been any different...?
  19. I'm in a good mood, so I refuse to believe this. f**k that Scouser scum. Believe. @axman2526, believe!
  20. Nonono, be strict and say he has to spell correctly in one go!
  21. What's wrong with someone finding employment elsewhere? Lamptey thought his career - HIS career, this is not not about your precious feelings - would be better off at another club. We switch jobs, why wouldn't he, when his contract ended?
  22. Any tips on where I can watch this in Athens? Please don't dispatch me to one of those faux Irish pubs...
  23. For some new 'stickies' I've just switched my VPN connection to the UK, and have been rewarded by an advert Stop Dog Urine Stains Now. So it really pays off
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