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  1. 1 hour ago, Sindre said:

    It's been reported we have tried to sell him but no-one wants him.

    That would surprise me. He hasn't had a good season, but he still has a lot to offer, if not to us, then to a few other European clubs.

  2. 1 minute ago, SlantyTown said:

    I think a bit of blood boiled needlessly on both sides. We are all Chelsea fans and it's completely fine to have a difference of opinion without being a twat to each other. 

    I have donated to the forum. Long may we all argue.

    I do hope you're right with your prediction.



    Of course I'm right :hiding:

  3. 10 minutes ago, SlantyTown said:

    No-one has an issue with the clique, nor does anyone have an issue with people making friends and acquaintances. I can help explain my post if you're struggling to understand.

    Also, I will gladly donate to the forum. Aside from a few insufferable members it's generally a nice community.

    Declan Rice (sorry Declan) rates only a 3/10 on my beauty scale too. (Just to bring it all back on topic).

    There are people having an issue with "the clique", although perhaps not you, and I struggle to understand this notion of a clique. Some of us were members of this forum previous incarnations, it doesn't mean we are sworn buddies agreeing on everything, and sticking up for each other no matter what. Some of us have met, that probably makes a person more friendly and tolerant, I'll give you that.

    But we - recent and not so recent yet loyal members - look forward to your donation. Seriously, the forum needs it. We need continuation of our '48 hours fix' for what's left of this transfer window.

    Not that it applies to Rice, my bold prediction is he's not coming to Chelsea in 2020 :wink:

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