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  1. Because we want to enjoy football, and the club to do well and compete for prizes, we're spoilt ?
  2. Not me. A closed chapter. Thanks for the memories, Chelsea FC are making new ones.
  3. Poor bloke. He always gets injured at pivotal moments, doesn't he.
  4. With you there. I'm warming to him more and more.
  5. More than I do To be honest, I have no idea how much they have in the bank, but they must be in the top 3 of Dutch clubs money-wise. Plus the club was reasonably successful in the CL last season, that may have been a nice little earner. In general though, transfer fees in the Netherlands are modest.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks "morons" with this picture?
  7. Personal terms, as in home security in scouserland?
  8. In this case.... mmmmm, probably better not But in general that is a very profound observation.
  9. Totally true, however, these are men :-)
  10. I've been wondering about that too. They look ridiculous.
  11. BTW how is your recovery going?
  12. Bloody builders, can't ever rely on them. Perhaps during the next international break.
  13. I'm surprised JT posts so many pictures of his kids. If I were in his place I would shield them from publicity - even my own publicity - as much as possible.
  14. From Instagram I understand it involves being on a yacht a lot. Are his kids free from school already?
  15. I wish you hadn't said that, I can't stand Tom Cruise.
  16. Just saw the beginning of an episode of Celebrity Masterchef. I didn't know any of the contestants. Programme makers have worked their way through all the lists it seems, they're now at the Z-list celebrities.
  17. Whatever the results, at least we'll be entertained by Conte :-)
  18. 49 days til the start of the season = 49 days of silly trolling.

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