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  1. Voting for the club's Player of the Year award is now open. As most will probably vote for Hazard, I voted JT :-)
  2. Much obliged, Robdog. I didn't know the song yet, and now I've been singing it, sotto voce, all day. At work :-)
  3. Slightly off topic: can we vote yet for the Chelsea Player of the Year? I just can't seem to find it on the club's website, only how to book tickets for the event.
  4. We've seen one or two similar bed sheets about Lampard
  5. Oooooh thanks Joe! I had completely missed that. Oh Carlo...(sigh) An Italian-Irish accent, now I'm jelly.
  6. When a couple of colleagues said that to me, I just went "Uh-huh... and WHO has that cup?" That was enough :-)
  7. I couldn't watch the Moscow penalties, and I had to force myself to watch the Munich penalties. Through my fingers, from behind the couch, but I did watch. I chose wisely
  8. The German comment is funny (although I seem to hear something about Drogba that is totally unacceptable, hopefully I heard it wrong), especially the endlessly repeated "Bitte, bitte" The best part is the Chelsea roar in another part of the stadium, and the Bayern silence
  9. Hidden under the scab. It was a unanimous decision of the group not to pursue the matter after the scab dropped off. Presumably. Ahhh, those were the days...
  10. I remember getting shown a 3-day old tattoo: it was one big scab. Gross.
  11. Did someone hack the BBC site? Come on mods, own up!
  12. The comments on the article are something else too...
  13. When I see that pile of players at the end, it's a miracle nobody got hurt. And I love how the players tear off screaming in different directions after Drogba's penalty. Aahhhh, it never gets boring, does it! Or predictable even :-)
  14. I'd like to think that's Balotelli for whatever club he has ever signed for. But it's probably Torres, yeah :-(
  15. He "helped Chelsea lift the Champions League, the Europa Leage and the FA Cup." , Not: he helped Chelsea WIN the CL, EL, etc. That's lethal :-)
  16. I don't hold any grudge towards Torres, I only feel sorry for someone who must feel awful about losing his skill and the support of his home crowd. Despite all the big BIG bucks, it must be a horrible experience to realise you're no longer good at your job, but unable to hide in anonimity, as us underpaid grafters can do if we're sh*t at our jobs.
  17. Read on a Dutch news site that Zola has been announced as the new manager of Cagliari. Once again, he's coming home :-)
  18. Oh no, not this again. We've been through this many, many times. Please don't dredge it up from the gutters, I'm begging you. But that title would be nice :-)
  19. Something of a failure, something of a career crossroads, give the writer a Nobel Prize for literature! In the meantime, I will stick my head in the sand and hum something of a mantra: He. Will. Not. Come. Back. And repeat.
  20. I'll write Torres to tell him Chicago isn't a half bad city to stay for some time :-)
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