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  1. It's Chalolaba now, according to my commentator
  2. Thank goodness I'm not into sports myself, I probably would have bought it out of love for the club What a great incentive to stay lazy.
  3. BTW what is that Blue Fuel on the head rests of the dugout seats? What did I miss?
  4. There was a one hour programme entirely dedicated to it. I preferred it over a Man United match.
  5. The pandas are shy, they probably switched off the light. Hopefully baby pandas soon!
  6. Time to check on those pandas, I'll keep you informed.
  7. I think they're talking together, the length of the contract is probably an issue.
  8. With Gilmour in the squad that's becoming confusing, I thought for a minute he was warming up
  9. Ffs, don't look so disgruntled, Willian, you're the one who put it in the wall.
  10. This corner is going to show how we trained. Edit: so far, so good, luckily Watford are crap.
  11. If he is, I won't miss his nerve-wrecking penalties. Some goalie is bound to figure out how to deal with the little hop.
  12. Ooh, app match centre off and running! My good friend Jason Cundy present as well
  13. The match is getting in the way of the nature documentary I'm watching: the sex life of a panda is very complicated No wonder so few cubs are born. Still, might as well watch the match, these pandas won't be ready until the water break in the second half.
  14. Are you concerned RIP will develop an alledged obsesssion with you, you being so childish and all?
  15. Wouldn't you if you had to look at Dier's new haircut all day?
  16. You obviously weren't around during the rumoured transfer of Hudson-Odoi to Bayern, or the times when Christensen didn't cover himself with defensive glory, or when Mount broke the lockdown rules. Need I go on? Kepa got slated for refusing to be subbed off, and Lampard prabably clipped his ear for it. It was highly unprofessional, he made a mistake. But we have no idea what he's like as a person, so deducing he is "this arrogant piece of work" is quite a stretch. Can we just focus on his performance?
  17. Should we fail to qualify for the CL, waving the money in his face may persuade him to sign for us, instead of staying with Ajax and CL football next season.

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