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  1. I am so sorry I realise I bear some resposibility for this.
  2. BTW did you ever find out the name of the player with number 3 on his back, you not knowing because you started to support Chelsea only last month?
  3. This is ridiculous. Come on, make up your f**king minds! At least it's in our favour.
  4. You chaps take note of the 'Hair transplant in Turkey' ads on the boards
  5. Are we sure there are only 10 field players from West Ham on the pitch? It looks like more.
  6. Twelve minutes in and I'm already used to the new sponsor logo Nice kit.
  7. Everton 2 Leicester 1 FT Excellent opportunity for us to leapfrog into third. Which most likely means that we won't
  8. I like Adidas better altogether. Great ad campaigns for our kits as well, I still cherish the one where the players were covered in blue paint.
  9. Has it been 17 years, goodness. Well, we all said he would be bored quickly
  10. Now the players wear an long sleeved undershirt, when was that decided anyway!? I really don't want to see them wear a red undershirt with that horrid third kit (alledgedly, but please god, no).
  11. 2-0 Everton after a penalty. Never thought I'd say this, but come on Everton!
  12. Everton a goal up against Leicester from a goal (silly celebration included) by Richarlison.
  13. Three is so much better than 3. I like the shirt though, it's tidy, with the inevitable frilly detail (the chevron) not very visible. Proper collar too.
  14. Anyone practicung to pronounce his name should not follow the example of the farewell video. Us Dutch pronounce that last -ch as in loch, whereas it's originally a Moroccan name and should end with -sh. Or so I'm told.
  15. I was raging when I couldn't find a channel showing the match, then realised it's tomorrow. I blame Coco.
  16. Valerie

    Timo Werner

    You should become a moderator and help out the present mods
  17. The survey was for this season (2019-2020).
  18. With the exception of a few good moments, that wasn't very impressive. On to the semis though, so I'll take it
  19. This is not good for me. Four mins extra stress.

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