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  1. Black boots, too. Back to basics after all those gharish colours.
  2. I'm not sure if I have unleashed my inner Willian lately, or Willian has unleashed his inner Val
  3. I totally agree with Leboeuf: if Jorghino hadn't 10 other players in his team, he would be nowhere.
  4. How exciting! Well, it is in the off season, you know.
  5. Let me write the definitive post of this thread (best to get it out of the way early): f**k 'em all.
  6. I feel the same way. Problem is, Mason himself probably doesn't
  7. I'm skeptical too. Haaland is probably one of those players who think Barcelona and Real are the be-all and end-all in football.
  8. Worse is he's inexperienced at the highest level
  9. I'm hiding behind the sofa no matter what when Jorginho takes a penalty
  10. @Scott Harris said it much better than I can. About England's bright future: they are probably more Belgium than France, especially if Southgate stays on
  11. f**k the haters. They have no idea what they're talking about. I bet if you ask them to substantiate their case they wouldn't be able to bring forward one single sensible argument.
  12. I'm sure @Munkworth has that gif "Why not both" handy
  13. I refer to my earlier post on the matter.
  14. Rio is a prick, so I ignored him. You probably haven't seen Raphael van der Vaart lately, he's totally bloated
  15. I'm unhappy to say Mount was about the worst culprit, he actually yanked the medal off even before it reached his neck.
  16. You mean he looks like your average non-athlete?
  17. My commiserations to the England supporting forum members. I supported Italy (I can't possibly support a team that has Kane, Maguire, Grealish and Henderson in it), but during the first half I really thought England had Italy figured out and knew how to stifle them. In the second half however England were practically inviting Italy to score, and I was actually surprised that regular time ended at 1-1. England's play went back in time: just give the ball a mean kick and see what happens. The choice of penalty kickers was baffling. Why not pick players who had had more gametime. Rashford was terribly unlucky, it took a lot of balls to take the penalty like that. If he had scored he would have been hailed the ice cold hero Jorginho was for the Italy-Spain shoot-out. And Saka and Sancho... WTF! They were barely warmed up, hardly had a look at the ball and then have to take a penalty with the weight of the nation on them. I can only feel dreadfully sorry for them. Very odd too that Sterling didn't take a penalty, but if this was because he didn't feel confident, you can only respect that. Happy for Jorginho and Emerson, sad for Mount, James and Chilwell.
  18. Agreed, I can't stand it when players do that. The disappointment must be huge, but by taking off the medal they also take away the accomplishments and the hard work they can be proud of. I can understand it when the players who didn't get any minutes do it in these circumstances though.
  19. It was gratifying to see that Grealish finally had a reason to roll around the pitch.
  20. You dare to post that without the support of a photo ?
  21. What a fine piece of analysis, he'll either be invisible, brilliant or avarage
  22. You can't, I've tried over and over again, so a 132% fail rate (now that we're talking statistics).
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