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  1. Oh Plok....you have still much to learn. It's so easy to argue that ours was the biggest story
  2. The .8 part of 2.8 goals would have been Michy's contribution to the match had he been in the squad
  3. It would be so like Chelsea to lose points against West Ham and Watford after a big win
  4. To be honest I felt our win had more to do with luck than with how we played It could have gone either way. Pleased as punch it went ours, don't get me wrong Top 4 for this season would exceed my expectation. Should we lose out on a CL ticket, I will still be happy with this season, and I can't wait for the next one with our new players.
  5. I put a celebrating Pulisic up as my Whatsapp picture and then slept very well, only our win matters
  6. I did not expect this result during the first 30 minutes.
  7. Spanish and French enclave forming on the pitch Oh no, Robbie Fowler being video interviewed on Dutch tv, gross!
  8. This is agony, blow the whistle FFS Finally! Three huge points!
  9. I thought I would be spared the scouse angle, but now my Dutch commentator is droning on.
  10. This is such weird match. I'm not sure I'm enjoying it to be honest
  11. Some fresh legs in midfield would be start.
  12. Yes, give Sterling time and space, it's the polite thing to do.
  13. So unfair. He was clearly on camera after his foul.
  14. For a minute I thought we were going to concede immediately.
  15. Why didn't the club play a recording of The Liquidator with the crowd clapping and chanting? It sounded so flat now.
  16. Not a good moment yesterday. I thought upon hearing Lamptey's name: Where do I know this name from again?
  17. Very young still. As managers are seldomly appointed for life or until retirement, I wonder where we will see him after Chelsea.
  18. Brought to you by fully healthy West Ham supporters

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