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  1. I'm sure Flo will model it for you if you ask him nicely.
  2. I'm starting to get used to seeing it in the club's app, and next step will probably be that it’s growing on me. That reminds me that I need to find a discounted third kit of last season, I've become a fan
  3. Good luck Oli, thanks for all the goals!
  4. I had no idea Arsenal players had to wear bullet-proof vests against their own supporters
  5. No. I make a point of not discussing prats like Maguire
  6. Good. I hate green kits, but to be fair, some players blend into the background no matter what they're wearing. With socks it's a slippery slope. Before you know it, UEFA gets involved and bans blue socks. Something big is at stake here!
  7. Right, right So what team was the surprise package of the Euros? For me it were two: England and Denmark. On and off for about 25 years I've put money on England to win it, always to lose my bet. I gave up in the end. Reaching the final almost broke the mould of failure. Almost... Denmark rose above itself after a dreadful start and a traumatising event with their teammate. I honestly wonder they would have made the quarter finals if Eriksen hadn't collapsed. Realisticly they shouldn't even have progressed from the group stage.
  8. I do have nice fatty parts, kind of like Willian and Hazard at the start of preseason training, I can't blame her.
  9. Ohhhh! Mine looks up to me with nothing but love, I see it clearly.
  10. I did not see that coming. Most of us had high hopes for him, but probably the club on balance felt it was better to sell him. Palace ain't exactly Barcelona (although Barcelona ain't exactly Barcelona anymore these days), so perhaps we've been rating him too high? It's nice to dream about a steady progression of academy players to the first squad, but let's be honest: how probable is that in view of the high level of the competitions we participate in? At the end of the day, the club, the supporters, want to reach as high as possible and win silverware, and we can only do that with a good mix of experience and promise. Not all our academy graduates can deliver, and we're not doing so badly all things considered. Besides, sometimes the assessment can be wrong, both in keeping and in selling, plus there are impactful injuries to be considered (think RLC). Dreams are not reality.
  11. That's harsh. Can't we say cats have a strong opinion of Munkie? Poor fella has already been called a tosser by Malta Blue incarnate
  12. Bad news: Kepa has already abandoned all grooming lessons from Oli
  13. Which parts of Tammy and CHO have been offered ?
  14. Black boots, too. Back to basics after all those gharish colours.
  15. I'm not sure if I have unleashed my inner Willian lately, or Willian has unleashed his inner Val
  16. I totally agree with Leboeuf: if Jorghino hadn't 10 other players in his team, he would be nowhere.
  17. How exciting! Well, it is in the off season, you know.
  18. Let me write the definitive post of this thread (best to get it out of the way early): f**k 'em all.
  19. I feel the same way. Problem is, Mason himself probably doesn't
  20. I'm skeptical too. Haaland is probably one of those players who think Barcelona and Real are the be-all and end-all in football.
  21. Worse is he's inexperienced at the highest level
  22. I'm hiding behind the sofa no matter what when Jorginho takes a penalty
  23. @Scott Harris said it much better than I can. About England's bright future: they are probably more Belgium than France, especially if Southgate stays on
  24. f**k the haters. They have no idea what they're talking about. I bet if you ask them to substantiate their case they wouldn't be able to bring forward one single sensible argument.
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