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  1. I had to google that 😁 We didn't have a whip long enough for today's social distancing rules, either the Dutch (you know it as Belgium) ones, or the UK ones. We've decided to wait til the next piss-up.
  2. OK, question from a non-native English speaker: was muppet a derogatory word before The Muppet Show, or has it become one since? Where is Moi when you need her....
  3. Dicky and I are big friends and hugged it out via pm!
  4. Thanks Dicky, you're right, I've replied to your message. In addition: I'm absolutely not accusing anybody in this thread of racism. I used the comparison with racism to show how to try and change a mindset: for instance ask people to substitute 'woman' for 'black' or 'jew', they see the argument from a different angle, and hopefully understand a bit better why I resent certain language. Well, that's the theory anyway Anyway, about selling Bakayoko....
  5. Come on Dicky, et tu in the way of what aboutisms? But I'd be happy to explain (also to Evissy) how the Carlo thing works: football is still very much perceived to be "a man's thing". You don't want to know how many times men said to me: I didn't expect a woman to like football. I've given up on telling them why I like football, instead I tease them (although they don't realise that, which makes that more funny somehow) that I'm just in it for the bare legs. Inevitably the question is asked who I think is the best looking footballer, so I say Carlo. That has become very much a running gag in the several incarnations of this forum. And about the Granovaskaia comments not being derogatory, "certainly not compared to many other things that have been said about women" is rather disingenious. It's in the category "Can't I pay a compliment anymore these days". Again: when is the last time you complimented a man on his looks, when looks were not the subject at all? And when "other people say worse things" makes a solid defence of sexist language? Do you use that when it concerns a racist remark? As in: very racist is bad, a bit racist is therefore okay?
  6. This is why progress against sexism (and racism, and antisemitism, and homophobia, and transphobia) is so slow. Not only because of those that are outright sexist (or racist, etc.) still get a platform, but also because some people still deny, ignore, belittle it, or explain it away as innocent (“It’s just my opinion/a joke and I mean no harm”). And a comment on this behaviour elicits no moment of introspection whatsoever, only a defense of their remark.
  7. What about-ism. Also, the forums where the looks of Roman Abramovich or Warren Buffet are discussed on the first page are probably few and far between.
  8. The point is that a thread about a woman's business acumen mentions her looks after 4 posts. That never happens when it's about a man's business qualities. And it gets defended by innocently claiming nothing bad has been said. To get a feeling for how that can be viewed, read this (commenting on female looks isnt'mentioned in this article, but it gives you an idea how it can be classified): https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20180406-the-tiny-ways-youre-offensive---and-you-dont-even-know-it
  9. Now I'm singing Baka's and Kante's song...
  10. We're going to stockpile Germans? Schürrle is stil playing somewhere, isn't he?
  11. His Roma switch hasn't been confirmed yet, has it?
  12. Are we twins? I even fear the worst when we play a friendly against a pub team from Nothing Here on the Whatever.
  13. I'm less and less interested in other teams as well, although when carnage is predicted with only 7 players per team left on the pitch, I watch I won't be bothererd with renewing my subscription to my football channel until Sunday, that's ll save me about 2 euros, yessirree! Thinking of investing it.
  14. Not until Sunday, silly boy.
  15. Oh Reece, yes, good call. This is going to be more complicated than I thought. I forgot, can we cast a vote for Young POTY?
  16. The non-essential part was essential Oh lordie, we do need football back, don't we
  17. Aahhhhh football is back Well, sort of, it's not Sunday yet after all...
  18. He is number 2 on my present list. Should he deliver us the FA Cup and 4th place, then my POTY vote will be for him.
  19. The remainder of the season feels like an entire new season to me (but to be honest without the excitement and anticipation), so yeah, it's all open for now.
  20. If this season the Player of the Season award is still goung to be handed out, I'm leaning towards voting for Kova.
  21. Hence the non-essential bit
  22. Oh, I read your posts. And I read self pity if not white anger. And I see that you acknowledge the existence of racism (without condemning it btw), but only as a general concept. When it actually happens to individuals, you deny it's a racial incident. You, as a white person, tell people of colour that their perception doesn't count, because someone didn't mean to be racist. You're so laughable, it's pathetic. I'm done with you, don't expect any more replies crom me on your blinkered posts. That's what you want, isn't it, live in your own aggrieved little bubble.
  23. Again you try to reason racism away. The fact that your nasty experience happened to you doesn' t automatically preclude racism in Brutos' experience. You use false logic. He told us what the police said: he fit the description. He 's black. Were you arrested because of your skin colour? What are the chances of it happening to you again? I'd say fairly minimal. What are the chances of it happening again to Brutos? Fairly substantial, because there is a history of racial profiling by the police. And why are articles racist? Because millions of black people would flag it as racist. Something isn't not racist because a white bloke like you says it isn't. It's gow it's perceived in the context of so much more, that's what counts. Nothing childish about that.
  24. I disagree anybody has randomly accused of being racist, or that people have not discussed it in a sensible way. On the whole posts in this thread have been very sensible. And you cling to Brutos' story as example why not everything that happens to a person of colour is due to racism, on the sole argument that it has happened to you as well and much worse too. I'm sorry this has happened to Brutos, and I'm sorry it has happened to you. But telling your story is a classic diversion, it's 'what about-ism'. What happened to Brutos happens to many black men, it's practically par for the course. Because of race it's exactly why it happened to him, and to thousands of black men. It's not for nothing the expression "driving while black" has been coined. You say there needs to be a reason to accuse people of racism. There is. Their behaviour and their talk are systematically experienced as racist by people of colour. Not once, but again and again, their entire lives. And then they have to explain their feelings, because some people don't believe them. Racism brings nothing but misery.

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