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  1. If only I understood what Germans have to do with Lampard
  2. We're alright, we're alright! My Spotify playlist of 500 or so songs on shuffle just played One Step Beyond. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is. Phew, panic over. Prepare for another FLM, Frank Lampard Masterclass.
  3. Valerie

    Nathan Ake

    Hopefully we're aiming a bit higher than just 'decent'
  4. I didn't realise Oh alright, let's take 3rd spot then, let's go crazy. We've jinxed it now, Munk
  5. Same here. At the start of the season I expected top 6. Fifth would be an improvement on that, but now we can even get 4th and CL. Might as well try, right
  6. Lampard gets a longer honeymoon period than other managers have, yes. But perhaps you should read more carefully. Regularly posters have pointed to last season's Derby, have questioned Lampard's defensive tactics and training methods, and have suggested getting in a specialised defensive coach.
  7. If that happens, I really want to get back to my office and look innocently at my colleagues ranting about the foulness of Russian money
  8. Petr finishing instead of stopping, all this new fashioned stuff....
  9. Something along the line that Chelsea signed 2 German players, in Werner and Havertz, which is good for Chelsea, but also for the Germany set-up, as the youth system is very good. And still Havertz hasn't signed yet. It wouldn't surprise me if he waited until we're qualified for the CL.
  10. Pretty much official, is that the same as a bit pregnant? You're being very enthousiastic, that's admirable, but until we see the obligatory photos of Havertz with a pen in his hand and holding up a Chelsea shirt, it's NOT official. And the others are right, will you please get rid of the childish avatar? Kepa is a Chelsea player, whatever the one-star reviews say about him.
  11. He is now, thank modness.
  12. Actually, I've read it more often and not necessarily about CHO. We see a player in short flashes during a match taking an hour and a half, let's say twice a week. In CHO's case we've seen even less of him than that. His colleagues see him practically every day for hours. We don't how everybody behaves during training and when the players relax. That impact you're referring to is just the impact on you. You can't speak for others, especially not his fellow players, no matter how many handbooks you're waving about. There is no comparing the way you view CHO to how his colleagues view him. And labelling him as a grumpy teenager (only because he's not smiling enough to your liking), and concluding he is therefore not giving enough on the pitch is completely unfounded.
  13. And yet some people here think it matters Something to do with a "wrong attitude".
  14. So what is it No snake transformation for me, thank you very much.
  15. Yes Among my best football memories, a match when the whole Bridge (minus a few intruders) sang Jorginho's name by the way. Thank you for making me feel better We dust ourselves off, and proceed to win to clinch a CL spot.
  16. Yesyes, but has anyone seen him smile?
  17. Or a troll, who didn't post his brave opinions when we were winning the FA Cup semi final.
  18. I have that idiot on ignore, but I see he's back after we lose, not having posted his trolling hatred of Super Frankie Lampard when we decisively beat ManU last Sunday. Another one who should donate to the forum in thanks for the freedom he's been given to spout his poison.
  19. It's going to take everything we've got to get us through the remaining matches of the season, istn't it I want to beat this lot more than anything right now (and then obviously go on to beat the next lot...).
  20. Oh absolutely, what is rumoured (or not) in whatever form of media is the absolute and only truth
  21. Can we just agree that working hard in training is very important in the pursuit of a starting position? Sheez.

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