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    We need to die in a season when we have a marvellous kit. That may not be as easy as it sounds
  2. Aha !! Expect Jamie Cumming as our number one goalkeeper!
  3. How do you know we're not?
  4. What was their body language when they were 18, 19? Is there a moment in an established player's career when he says: Right, I've proven myself now, so I can have a questionable body language because I'm so fantastic? Just wondering
  5. A couple of matches into the restart a few people here remarked on how the young players didn't seem to have come out of the lockdown as well as the experienced players. I wonder if the kids hadn't realised how much work is involved in keeping yourself fit with limited room to work with. After all, they've probably been bouncing around and playing football since they were three, and assumed their bodies would stay fit as they had always done. The oldies know better... Anyway, this fitness issue, the come-back from injury, and having caught the virus, perhaps with a tinge of not working as hard as he should, could be the mix of elements that's stopping Lampard from giving him more minutes.
  6. Plus, apart from the unnecessarily conceded penalty, we didn't make costly mistakes, neither did we give ManU many chances. All that combined gave us a much deserved win. Let's not pretend that we wouldn't have won without those De Gea mistakes. Sometimes that is what the result is hanging on, but not this one.
  7. We must do everything to keep this virus going
  8. Apparently he doesn't smile and doesn't run like a headless chicken. He needs to step up, I fully agree with that, but to ascribe personality traits to him based on a subjective view how a "properly motivated" player should look, is a bit silly.
  9. Same with Ash: work your socks off for Chelsea, do well, and we are willing to overlook the indiscretion of having been an Arsenal player.
  10. Agreed. I stand by my post in some other thread that we rise above ourselves in matches we don't expect to win (and then proceed to lose against relegation fodder, but that's for another day on the shrink's sofa )
  11. Really? Wow, I hadn't realised. That's a stat to cuddle
  12. Well, our keeper made fewer mistakes, so we can still celebrate in our wet knickers
  13. Where is that w**ker Mr. President now, the one whose only contribution to the forum is slagging off Lampard....
  14. One Step Beyond! Oh for a crowd of Blues supporters...
  15. Great little pass from Tammy, crap finish by CHO

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