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  1. SFL just has to put this quote from Jose’s presser on joining them, on the dressing room wall instead of his Pre-match talk 

    "I really like this squad and looking to the young players there is not one manager in the world that doesn't like to play young players and to help young players develop.

    "There is not one. The problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that is below you is not good enough to produce these players so I look to our history and you see that the Academy is always giving the talents that the first team need.”


    Pretty sure our youngsters will respond

  2. 12 hours ago, erskblue said:

    programme cover for Chelsea v Newcastle United, Saturday, 5th Dec 1970

    1-0 us in front of 39,413 spectators .  Keith Weller the scorer in the 36th min.

    .Liked the programme cover of the 'Cat' Peter Bonetti and the great Gordon Banks  shaking hands.

    And the ref looks like Roy Chubby Brown (without the flying helmet)


  3. 13 hours ago, Boyne said:

    And as for Saturday morning pictures in 1970 it cost a shilling (5p) to get in as a kid.

    You paid to get into Saturday morning pictures?

    At Fulham Broadway, thought one kid paid then hit the emergency exit at the back and everyone piled in before the commissionaire could work out where they had gone.

    Wagon wheels were defo larger then as well.

  4. On 16/07/2019 at 06:03, erskblue said:

    My sons shake their heads in complete disbelief, when they see or read of the conditions in football stadiums that supporters had to put up with back in ,say,the mid 1980s.

    They are amazed that so many people actually paid to go along and put up with these conditions. Also the policing etc.

    Yeah it was bad. Even at home games walking to the ground, if you even half stepped into the road plod would start pushing you. They loved a fight as much as the fans.

    Away matches were where plod really took the p1ss, especially Yorkshire. They were animals.

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