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  1. That was one hell of a day out. Chelsea here, Chelsea there...
  2. Shug

    Random Rumours

    Zidane to Chelsea for 2 years and then off to France for next World Cup?
  3. I was in an Irish bar in Chicago, having landed an hour before from UK, dropped bag at hotel and straight into bar next door. Full of yanks except for me sitting at the bar and another random English chap / Chels fan (also born in Fulham) sat next to me. The two is us stood there watching the shoot out and at the end went mental. The whole pub joined in and shots and beers started arriving in front of us, loads were sending drinks over, and for next hour were coming up to both of us saying they’d had a great time watching us during the game. Apparently we were up and down all the time, slapping each other, hugging, swearing, using weird language, etc. Had a US work colleague join me at half time and he couldn’t believe the emotions. Left the bar late that night, totally pi55ed (on a business trip and had stuck company Amex behind the bar on arrival, bill was massive but it went through on exes as client entertaining) and knackered having been up at 6am to fly from UK. Can’t even remember the other guys name, just a fellow Chelsea lad who like me did a lot of games in the early 80s. Good on ya fella!
  4. Spot on. although after defeat all the victim stories will reappear
  5. Watch the utd players trying for a pen now, just to even it up.
  6. Jones should have seen red. Definite DOGSO. Ref doesn’t know the laws of the game Nice pen though
  7. Been “injured” for weeks, must have been after he did something to pi55 Conte off.
  8. Didn’t get why we bought him or Berkley, neither have got anywhere near playing really...
  9. And we all know he’ll be starting. Really must have pictures of Antonio shagging a donkey or something... how else does he start every week? just hope he doesn’t get any goal assists for utd
  10. Hope so. In Munch we still had big personalities and fighters though, Super Frank, Ashley Cole and of course Drogba
  11. Bakajoko? Come on, Utd can manage enough assists on their own without his help
  12. Getting all tearful seeing those pictures of Drogba. Oh how we need a decent centre forward now, and some midfielders, and some bollocks... odds on Bakajoko starts at Wembley...
  13. Used to watch the Robins all the time, sponsored players etc., as you say loads of old Chels there. Remember a pre-season there a few years back against Millwall. Sat there with a couple of mates before kick off and loads of Millwall walked in, some of their youth quite vocal as presumably Carshalton were a non league outfit. I was in shorts with CFC tat on right calf, not a word from any of them. Was great there, even in the dodgy days with Graham Roberts as manager and Keith Dublin as captain. But then Dipre took over and not long after banned a few people I knew over a fabricated incident and it all went toxic. Not been there for over five years now. Shame as only ten minutes walk from home
  14. Seriously strong straps on that blue bikini top...
  15. Now that was one hell of a day out.... Had tickets but mad scrum to get in. Lads everywhere. Great day
  16. Pretty sure I got sent a Chelsea watch a couple of times for being in the official supporters club or for season ticket renewals. A plastic one in the mid 70s with the original crest in the middle and one in the early 90s with the new ‘ken bates’ lion in the early 80s, a more sofisicated version with a metal strap.
  17. Used to shop in there too. They also sold off all the used tennis balls form Wimbledon after the tennis every year I had the Bonetti kit and those silly little green cotton gloves

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