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  1. Used to buy loads of stuff in that little shop. Remember the old guy running it getting the shirts down in packets from the shelves behind the counter. Much more character than the megastore.
  2. Yep, remember that game, was in the Riverside stand. Loads of Chelsea everywhere. Not often someone scores a hat trick and ends up in the losing side
  3. Found these in a box in the attic at the weekend. Apols if wrong way up, IT not my strong point
  4. Couldn't wee Pat get any tighter shorts? His hair looks great too!
  5. Love the boots in prev photo, proper black ones, none of these rainbow jobs they all wear today...
  6. My dad was born (1933) and brought up in Seaton Street in the world's end, always said it was total slum housing then...
  7. light and bitter when I started going to Chels, in the Lord Palmerston. Basically as you got about a pint and a bit for the same price. Then Hofmeister, and various other dodgy lagers. Was only 16 or 17 when started going to the pub before games, turned up half cut at quite a few in the late 70s.
  8. Loved that goal, and presume only Mrs Neville had heard that orgasmic cry before...

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