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  1. I agree. He played that part unbelievably well
  2. Agreed, Messi a couple of years ago was insanely quick off the mark.
  3. Couple of my thoughts regarding Ziyech. A lot has been said about his attitude and arrogance over the past years that he's been playing in the Eredivisie. Personally I think we could do with a bit more arrogance in our team. It's all been too nice and too soft with us for a while now. Unfortunately Ziyech also gets into it with fans and managers sometimes, so hopefully that doesn't happen with us and his attitude pans out in our advantage instead, and is just what we need. About his playing style, he absolutely hates it when things get physical. He likes time and space on the ball to pick out a pass. Getting manhandled visually ruffles his feathers and takes him out of games. I'm very interested to see how he's going to handle this in the premier league. The stories coming out of him and Ajax is that he's carefully planned his future, so presumably he's thought about this. Personally I'm not so sure. He'll be 27 in two weeks, and he's been wanting a big transfer for a while now. I'm not sure if any of the other big teams were in for him, so it wouldn't surprise me if he just said yes to us because he wants to play for a top side. Hopefully people aren't expecting Ziyech to be the next Sala, Mane, Sane or even Willian etc. When it comes to speed, dribbling or technical ability he doesn't come close Willian, that's just not his game. He's had his best season playing as a right winger. But not in the traditional sense. He's more of a playmaker that likes to sit on the wing and drift inside. I'm extremely happy we've found a top class (in potential) right back in Reece James. He's there to provide space for Ziyech, and to reach the back line to whip crosses in. I think that partnership could work really well. Ziyech can also play more centrally, as a cam for example. But I'm hoping he takes up that spot as a playmaker on the right wing. Lastly, for 3 seasons Ziyech has been the player with the most possession loss in the Eredivisie. I think this is just something we're going to have to accept. He plays a high risk game, but that's also his strength. He looks to play it forward and he's constantly looking for goals and assists. We've been dittering around box since before Sarri, and it's been driving most of us mad. Hopefully Ziyech will be a player who gets us forward quicker, and someone who can break the deadlock with that great left foot of his. All in all it's a gamble, just like any other transfer. But for 40m I think he's definitely worth a punt.
  4. Great corner from James! He needs to take them all.
  5. As a center back in the premier league you should enjoy the physical part of the game, not shy away from it. Christensen does not have what it takes to be a top class cb, at least not in my view.
  6. Saw someone on Twitter post CHO has been struggling with his hamstring lately. Said to miss the game tonight.
  7. Very curious to see how he will do. Hopefully people aren't expecting a conventional winger, he's more of a playmaker on the wing. He gets upset and angry when teams get physical against him. He doesn't like to be manhandled. Hopefully that's just an Ajax thing and it can be coached out of him.
  8. Can't be long. Obviously a troll and not a funny one. Guys like him ruin forums. Utter w**ker.
  9. Well Willy made a save so if kepa was in goal there's about a 55% chance we'd we behind right now
  10. Even though things aren't going as well as they were a couple of months ago I'm still enjoying this first season under Frank. We might me underperforming slightly at the moment, but I believe we were overachieving before. Our entire squad (including Frank and Jody) will learn from this. We shouldn't forget that even though Frank is experienced as a player in the premier league, being the manager is a whole different matter. He had a decent season at Derby, but suddenly he has to manage champions league games and big players. A lot has been said about Kante and whether or not he should be starting. I for one don't blame lamps for 'shoehorning' one of the world's best players into the side. He knows we'll need Kante at his best if we want to challenge for the major honors. With a bit of patience and backing from the fans I believe Frank will figure it all out, and we'll be much better next season. We just need to make sure we scrape through this difficult period so we can make top 4.
  11. I don't like to say it does really look like we need a new goalkeeper. Does anyone know if he was any better in Spain? I know next to nothing about Bulka, except that he looked very good in pre season under Sarri. I fully understand we went out and bought a goalkeeper. But it hindsight that is starting to look like a costly mistake.
  12. Bit of hazard magic wouldn't have gone amiss here.
  13. That's more like it Christensen. Show them who's boss
  14. Jesus Christ we're God awful at home. This is painful to watch.

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