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  1. That's a shame. Probably means the initial assessment was wrong?
  2. I wish he looked a little less like him and played a little more like him
  3. Absolutely devastating news.
  4. People talking about Sarri's motivational skills, I'm not sure that should be an issue. We're taking about a European final here, a f**king European final. If the players aren't up for this they can piss off for all I care.
  5. This spurs team is so sh*t. How can a player like wanyama be a starter at this level?
  6. Not looking good for the Rams. Was afraid this was going to happen.
  7. All or nothing for Lampard today. Probably needs a win against WBA to make the play offs since Middlesbrough are playing Rotherham. Come on Derby!!
  8. Never a foul and an own goal. Very unlucky for the rest of the world.
  9. Never a foul and an own goal. Very unlucky for the rest of the world.
  10. I must say I've been a bit underwhelmed by Kepa. But then again, it took De Gea a while to adjust to the premier league as well. We definitely have bigger problems in our squad than Kepa.
  11. Sarri has said RLC got a back cramp yesterday and asked for the substitution. It's a real shame he keeps having these back issues. An injury free loftus cheek with regular game time would be a sight to behold.
  12. Pedro you idiot, stand up. We were attacking ffs
  13. Did that Giroud control remind anyone else of Lampards goal against Bayern Munich in the CL? Chest control in the turn was almost identical. Finishing of course was not.
  14. We must be the worst team in the world at taking corners. Absolutely shocking.
  15. Can't believe there are Ronaldo fan boys who doubt Messi's qualities. Both of them are absolute freaks.
  16. Azpiliqueta has turned to absolute sh*t. Not the same player he used to be.
  17. Don't think that matters for us. We don't plan, we usually chase someone for three quarters of the window and then just panick buy anyway.

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