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  1. Sadly he seems to be an injury prone player. Hope it doesn't get as bad as it was with RLC. Every time he goes down I'm afraid he won't get back up again.
  2. Didn't know the world of streams was completely dead. I pay more than I like to admit to receive all sports channels and non of them show Chelsea.
  3. Does this work for anyone? Or does anyone have a link that does work?
  4. There is no way we should spend 100m on Chiesa. We shouldn't spend money on hype. On the other hand, if someone wants to spend 150m on jorginho, bite their hand off.
  5. Can't believe we did it. My negativity paid off!! Have a great evening all, enjoy it. We all deserve it
  6. We're f**ked now. Silva is out and Werner is our striker
  7. You can't win a final if you don't take those chances
  8. Can really only see this going one way. Please prove me wrong boys
  9. When I rationally look at this game I just can't see a positive outcome for us. Jorginho has looked terrible of late, making a couple of errors directly leading to goals. Kovavic has looked rusty at best. I just hope Kante is fit and Jorginhos proves me wrong. Right now I'd be over the moon as an opposition fan seeing Jorginho in the starting line up. I don't even want to think about our attacking play and our sloppiness in front of goal. Thankfully, looking at football in a rational way is pointless, and anything can happen. COYB, make us proud.
  10. Fernandez has got to be one of the biggest cheats in world football
  11. There's no way we're going to win this. All we can do is hope Liverpool or leceister screw up
  12. Hit the f**king ball Werner. It's pretty important.
  13. Pulisic has been extremely disappointing of late. Shouldnt be near the starting 11
  14. Werner Comes out laughing and smiling. He's got absolutely no reason to smile.
  15. Really wouldn't surprise me if we bottle this, then bottle top 4 and then bottle the champions league. It's been a strange season but I haven't once felt we've been a really good side. If anything maybe we deserve credit for making it this far.
  16. We just don't have any goals in this team. For some reason Tuchel likes to play piss poor line ups as well
  17. God awful. Who the hell is designing these things. Hoe we get rid of Nike as soon as possible.
  18. I don't know how many times someone has side this lol
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