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  1. have to admit, that stadium is really impressive when it's empty
  2. Kepa runs 12 yards and goes down with cramp - what's that about?
  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. kind of feels like we haven't got started in this game - hoping we can bring it together second half
  5. we haven't got Lukaku into the game - just needing a slide-rule pass but it hasn't come off yet Come on Chelsea!!
  6. Ropey first half but much more like ourselves second half 14 clean sheets in 23 league games under TT
  7. great to have guys that love defending we concede so few goals - pretty incredible
  8. oh my - we're playing like a pre=season friendly. need a change (or even 2 at HT) - what would Jose do??
  9. can't say I enjoy the game after an international break - always run the risk that the guys just aren't back in the groove
  10. Saul's having a nightmare - TT should do him a favour and make a change at HT
  11. we need to stem this from Villa - just too easy to move through our midfield. I'd get Saul off at HT
  12. don't mind predicting the wrong first scorer - what a great finish ladies and gentlemen - we have a striker!!
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