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  1. Liverpool will be happy it's still 0-0. City have looked great but haven't really created many clear cut chances. Second half should be good.
  2. the mysteries of VAR. if a goal is scored you can wind play back around 1 minute looking for a foul on a defender in the build up, but attacking teams don't get anything looked at if they don't put the ball in the net
  3. Superb strike from Chilwell - points are safe now and we deserve all 3 today
  4. that was a magnificent goal, what a pass from Barkley, what a cross from Azpi and a man there to finish - love it
  5. I'm going to the loo, usually that means we score
  6. that probably ends our chances of a winner, they'll just sit in now
  7. Lukaku was fouled in the lead up to Werner's effort - do we go back for a free kick to Chelsea?? Obviously not.
  8. we're being outplayed. TT better have something up his sleeve
  9. might be transferring my mood on to the team but we look a bit deflated - glad to see Mount on, might give us a spark
  10. no point in CHO looking for a freekick, this ref's not going to give us anything soft
  11. that's some stat. we're unbeaten in 43 league games when we are ahead at HT
  12. Werner - can't score with his feet, should just stick to headers. Come on Chelsea!!
  13. good to see us actually turn up in a first half, was beginning to worry a poor first half was becoming a habit
  14. such a shame if that's offside - beautiful from Rudi
  15. good chance for Southampton there, we need another goal
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