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  1. we're a bit sluggish trying to play out through this press, looks like if we're going to do that, we need to move the ball more quickly
  2. City's press is something. We'll have to adapt for a while.
  3. my bad - of course, I was quoting a US commentator
  4. they've not conceded a PL goal yet and we've only conceded one from a penalty - I should have predicted 0-0
  5. very happy we came through that - it could easily have gone either way, such an open game Come on Chelsea - Man City next!!
  6. that was some penalty from Reece James - cool as a cucumber
  7. Love Kepa's attitude on pens now, he looks convinced he's going to save them.
  8. I've mixed feelings about the League Cup. I want us to win everything going but really does feel we've bigger fish to fry and this "B" team is a mish-mash of players at different stages of development. It'd be interesting to know how important TT thinks these games are for individual player's development.
  9. would this go straight to pens or is there extra time?
  10. Villa have had some chances in this game, I know we have too but they could easily have scored 3-4
  11. we're looking a bit shell-shocked now - need to get a grip of this again
  12. does look as though Kepa's confidence is building - that's a good thing
  13. have to admit, that stadium is really impressive when it's empty
  14. Kepa runs 12 yards and goes down with cramp - what's that about?
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