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  1. my wife says if it hit his thigh and then his arm he should never have been sent off so that's it then
  2. maybe we should have got Kepa on for the penalty
  3. that was the issue - better comms / composure and Mendy would have gathered it . although it's easy to say that not so easy in the heat of the moment
  4. TT making the point that Liverpool should have had several cards before that
  5. Interesting that at our goal their defensive match up with Lukaku was Firmino
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great goal Come on Chelsea!!!!!!!
  7. I find Russians and the Portugese always like Chelsea
  8. I've had to move to a Spanish commentary - couldn't bear it any longer
  9. Hard one to call. I think we're better than them in most positions. Home advantage might level it up, could see it being a tight 1-1 but hoping for a Chelsea win. Come on Chelsea!
  10. can't see Arsenal getting back into this now looks like their title challenge is over early
  11. We can beat them but it's never wise to bet against Liverpool at home. First real test of the season.
  12. Alonso is having a great start to the season. He gets a bit of flak on here but he is a very cultured footballer.
  13. Deserved win. Can see good things coming with Lukaku up front. Come on Chelsea!!
  14. still a bit wasteful in front of goal - we could have buried this lot with the opportunities we've had
  15. Impressive. They came after us when it went to 2-0 but we're a solid unit now (and European Champions!)
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